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Icon Books.png This article may contain instructional language and subjective recommendations. Readers should read the content carefully, and follow accordingly.

Please note:

The information provided in this guide is considered by some to be an exploit. This guide is neither condoning nor convicting the use of Fire Farms. This guide is solely here to provide information. Should you chose to use a Fire Farm, or not use one is your decision. Consider yourself warned.

A typical Fire Farm setup.

What is a Fire Farm?

A fire farm is a type of structure using Stone Walls surrounded by Ice Flingomatics with a flamable material in the center. Typically Hay Walls. These surround the item you are farming. Eg: Pig House or Rabbit Hutch

There are alternate fire farms that are not surrounded by Stone Walls, typically used for mobs not immune to freezing.

There are also Butterfly fire farms, which use Flowers instead of Hay Walls.

How does it work?

Note: A fire farm will not work the same on Don't Starve Together. This is due to the changes in how fires start in DST.

A fire farm works due to the way fire damage is calculated, and how the flingomatics stop fire. Structures are damaged by fire, but due to it only being for on fire very short moment, no damage is actually done to the structure, but damage IS done to the mobs, so once extinguished it is able to relight again. Due to the high flammability of Hay Walls, and the density, the Flingomatics are unable to extinguish all the fire before more sprouts. In addition, no drops are damaged.

(Note: Adding too many, or too little will burn down the structures or extinguish the fire. In the picture provided, at least two Flingomatics are required to keep the fires burning, and four are required to extinguish the fire so you can pick up the drops.)

Why use a Fire Farm?

A fire farm can gather drops at an alarming rate. This makes it highly resource efficient if you have the gears to spare.

Why not use a Fire Farm?

There is deep discussion over whether a fire farm is an exploit, or a bug. Some consider it similar to using a mod, others consider it merely using the game's base to it's full potential. The 'meta' if you will. Others merely want the utility and speed it provides in gathering meat, and other such items.


The discussion on whether to use or not use a fire farm comes down to a person-by-person basis. If you chose to use one, then that is your choice as a player, the same as choosing to use mods is a player decision. This guide is merely to provide information on what a Fire Farm is.

The decision on if to use it is up to you.