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Surviving in the volcano can be crazy, however paradoxically it is the safest place to be during volcanic eruptions in dry seasons. You are never obliged to enter the Volcano. In other seasons, you can travel and explore without complications, but the constant eruptions and the withered or burning of plants and farms in Dry Season can make you think it’s better to stay away from each structure, base and other important object or mob that can burn, be destroyed or die, making things like picking elephant cactus, coffee plants, mining obsidian, dragoon hearts, make crafts for the volcanic tab etc.

Into the volcano

The volcano biome is very hot. The closer you get to the center, the hotter it gets.

The first problem is the overheating. You should carry a Tropical Fan or Dumbrella and additionally prototype build an Endothermic Fire Pit, at least one Crock Pot, an Ice Maker 3000 a Siesta Lean-to or Palm Leaf Hut and an Ice Box.

The high temperature of the Volcanic biome makes farming without the Ice Flingomatic very difficult, since withering is automatic. Butterflies also don't come out of flowers and bees don't produce honey.

Always have ice ready (for eating and reducing temperature), a spear or better, a football helmet and log suit armor for battling the Dragoons while traveling, since the dropped Monster Meat can be converted into Meatballs easily.


  • If you want to dig up Coffee or the Elephant-Cacti, remember to do it in Dry season. If you do it in other seasons, remember to fertilize the plant with ash, otherwise you will permanently destroy it. Both Cacti and Coffee plants are non-renewable.
  • You will not find any sanity raising items in the volcano. Your best friend is thus Rawling.
  • Hail, rain and strong winds still appear inside volcano
    • However, flooding, poison mosquitoes, hound-attacks and the Sealnado do not appear, which means you can hide before these in the Volcano.
  • Using a Tropical fan will lower your Obsidian charges, dropping your luminity. Be careful with it and maybe carry an emergency torch.
  • Don't make your base directly at the entrance of the volcano, search an area without Dragoons and Lava Pools or very far away of them.
  • You can travel during Dry season normally. The warning from the Volcano gives you enough time to enter it and be safe from the eruption.
  • Two charcoal in an Ice maker 3000 make 3x Ice. Combined with a monster meat in a crock pot, you can make Meatballs.
  • The altar of snackrifice can increases until 4 day eruptions or reduces a 0.
  • Keep away from the Lava pool. It increases temperature very fast.
  • Attack one or two dragoons maximum at a time, more can be unmanageable and result in your death.
  • When dealing with dragoons, simply kite their charge and smash away.
  • Eating a Dragoon Heart makes you glow for 1 minute. Use it wisely. Luckily, Dragoons respawn and their Dens craftable.
  • Remember that the coffee and cacti can be fertilized ONLY with ash and ONLY grow on Volcano turf.
  • You can get the greatest amount of rocks, ashes, bones, monster meat and charcoal, as well as exclusively Obsidian from the Volcano than in any other biome.
  • Despite the volcano having a lot of light light you are still vulnerable to Charlie.
  • Learn recipes and gather resources for dishes that reduce temperature.