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Don't Starve Together is a game where you constantly die from ignorant mistakes. But that's ok, because every time you die, you can clean the slate and try again. Unless, of course, you are on someone else's server. In that case, you better enjoy spending your time as a ghost or find some way to survive on someone else's server.

#1: Survive!

Although this may seem like an obvious tip, survive! More importantly, survive by yourself! Someone else's base may be far away from the Florid Postern, so you may not be able to get there on Day 1. Instead, prove your worth out in the wilderness and eventually stumble across the base, or just make your own!

#2: You're not the Boss

Remember how you are in charge of every move you make? Well not any more, because this person probably knows more than you. When they tell you to leave the base and follow them, leave, because they are probably taking you to a better base.

#3: Check the Season

This may seem like an obvious one, but check the season of a server before you join. Don't join in Winter or Summer, because the temperature will kill you before you have time to make a proper base.

#4: Stay Close

To avoid constant death in a new server, stay close to experienced members. Unless they are going off to fight the Ancient Fuelweaver or something, they will most likely keep you close and protect you.

#5: Offer Your Services

Playing Wendy? Summon Abigail. Playing Wickerbottom? Read some books. Playing Maxwell? Summon some shadows. Play as a character who hasn't joined the server yet, and offer your unique services to both bolster your chances of surviving and make everyone think you're a good person to keep around.

#6: Practice Shadow Fighting

Shadows become hostile when your sanity gets below 15%, and they can be really dangerous. However, they can be really easy to kite one-on-one, so practice doing so to avoid being 'That guy who is always going insane and dying.'

#7: Hit the Restart Button

If everything is going the wrong way, suggest to the server owner that you rollback. The server can be rolled back in the case of arsonists, anarchists, or griefers. If the owner refuses, remember there is always a huge number of servers online, so choose another one of them, or just host your own!

#8: Summer Survival

Despite being a bad idea (it really is), Summer is still possible to survive through. During early/late summer, if you have a Whirly Fan, you can simply run in circles under trees to cool yourself down. It's possible to go through large areas of land if you find a tree every now and then. However, during the peak temperatures, you will need a Straw Hat to stop overheating, along with the Whirly Fan. You may need to just ask for help.

If you want to be the least of a nuisance as possible, gather some flint and gold to make a compass and ask which cardinal direction the base is from the spawn area.