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This is a guide on the Hamlet pig civilization economy, which pigs to sell to and which ones to not, their trades, and how to abuse it all for tens of hundreds of Oincs. There will be a Tier List at the end. The tiering is based on usefulness throughout the game, Oinc to item ratio, trading item accessibility, and the daily limit.

The Collector Pig

Collector Pig

The Collector Pig trades one Stinger, Silk, Mosquito Sack, Chitin, Flytrap Stalk, Venom Glands, Spider Gland, Lotus Flower, and any Trinket for 3 Oincs with no daily limit. You can find him in the Palace Town at the Sty' Oddities Emporium.

Judgement: Collector Pig

This dude is amazing. Most of the items he takes don't have a lot of uses or are very easy to find, with the exception of the Flytrap Stalk, Lotus Flower, and maybe the Spider Glands if you're Wormwood. So you'll probably have a lot of these. The collector pig gives 3 Oincs per trade, turning your almost useless items into lots of Oincs. I'd recommend building a house for them near your base for easy money.

Pros and Cons: Collector Pig

  • Great Oinc to Item Value (Pro)
  • Trades for a wide variety of items (Pro)
  • Trades for almost useless items and/or very common items (Pro)

Banker Pig

The Banker Pig trades one Gem of any color except purple for 10 Oincs as a Tenpiece Oinc. You can find him at any pig civilization in Pigg and Piglet's General Store and Swinesbury Mineral Exchange.

Judgement: Banker Pig

Do not use him unless desperate for Oincs. You don't find many gems in the early game until you find the Pinacle with the BFB, But you'll probably get one Blue gem, one Red gem, and one Purple gem. You can't sell him the Purple gem and you should probably save the Red and Blue gems for the Smelter and Sprinkler, respectively. You'd normally have quite a few gems by the 1st in-game year, but you'll already have much better sources of Oincs. But he can buy gems when you don't need them.

Pros and Cons: Banker Pig

  • Decent Oinc to Gem ratio (Pro)
  • Gems are sort of easily accessible in late game (Pro)
  • You'd have a MUCH better source of Oincs in late game (Con)
  • You'd constantly use gems for Life giving amulets, Ice Staves, and Magnifying Gasses due to their short lives (Con)
  • Buys gems that don't have a use (Pro)

Beautician Pig

The Beautician Pig trades any Feather except for Down Feathers once a day for 2 Oincs. You can find her at any pig civilization in the Curly Tails Mud Spa.

Judgement: Beautician Pig

The Beautician Pig, similar to the Banker Pig, is bad because by the time you have an easy source of Feathers you have a better source of Oincs. HOWEVER, unlike the Banker, you get a VERY low amount of Oincs. To make it even worse, the only really sustainable way to get Feathers is with Peagawks, but Peagawks are relatively rare, and you'd save 4 of the feathers for gas mask, leaving with you 3 feathers for 6 Oincs, 2 every day, and Peagawks regain 1 Feather per day (Con)

Pros and Cons: Beautician Pig

    • She gives a low amount of Oincs (Con)
    • She has a daily limit (Con)
    • No reliable source of feathers (Con)

Worker Pig

The Worker Pig trades 1 Board, Rope. Cut Stone, and/or Papyrus once every day for 2 Oincs. He lives in any pig civilization at The Tinkerer's Tower.

Judgement: Worker Pig

He's bad for all the same reasons as the Beautician Pig except for the access to trading resources.

Pros and Cons: Worker Pig

  • He gives you a low amount of Oincs (Con)
  • He has a daily limit (Con)
  • Easy access to trading resources (Pro)

Prof. Pig

Prof. Pig trades 1 Relic for one Tenpiece Oinc. He lives in any pig city at the Swinesbury Academy.

Judgement: Prof. Pig

Relics are very easy to find in early game so you can get mountains upon mountains of Oincs. But as you play the game, you'll find less and less Relics until they're all gone, making Prof. Pig useless. Relics are also found in the Deep Rainforest which is fairly dangerous, with Creeping Vines, Snaptooth SeedlingsMants, etc.

Pros and Cons: Prof. Pig

  • INSANE Oinc Value (Pro)
  • Impossible to access trading items in late game (Con)
  • Easy to access trading items in early game (Pro)
  • The place where you get Relics is dangerous (Con)

Hunter Pig

The Hunter Pig trades a Hound's Tooth or Stinger for 5 Oincs once a day. He lives in any pig city in a Town House or in the Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop at the Palace Pig City

Judgment: Hunter Pig

The Hunter Pig gives a pretty big amount of Oincs, but for some fairly rare items. He also becomes obsolete late game due to the Collector Pig. However, the fairly rare trading item status stays the same from early to late game and the trading items are fairly useless.

Pros and Cons: Hunter Pig

  • Fairly large amount of Oincs (Pro)
  • Item rarity stays the same throughout the game (Pro)
  • Fairly useless trading items (Pro)
  • Trading items are fairly rare (Con)
  • The Collector Pig makes him obsolete (Con)