Guides/Surviving 101 With Wilson P. Higgsbury (And Other People)

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WPH: Ah, welcome, to Surviving 101 with me, Wilson! Today we will be having Willow join us!

W: Oh, hi.

WPH: We will be teaching you what to do when you first arrive in Maxwell's World! Willow, take it away!


Okay! Hello, dorks. I'm Willow, The Firestarter. As the science-y guy said, i'll be helping you survive for your first day. So, let's start. When you first wake up, you will want to start exploring. These are the key materials to gather first:





Got all that? Okay, now, here's the situation. You found some flint and twigs, and now you can craft either an axe or a pickaxe, but you only have enough materials for one of the two. Here's the question:

Which one should I craft first?

Your solution is here: If there are boulders nearby, craft a pickaxe! You can mine for more flint and get rocks! If there are no rocks nearby. explore and find some quick! After getting enough flint and twigs, craft your axe. Start chopping down some trees, but here's a word or two of advice:

Chop only, and only, the medium and large-sized trees. If you are desperate for wood, and all of the medium-large trees are chopped down, and the small ones are the only ones left, chop them down. Don't forget to replant the trees! (replant them by planting the pinecones)

However, you will need to plant your trees a bit far from your base.


Why? Because if you chop down one of the trees, there's a chance that a Treeguard could come alive and kill you. Yes, you heard me, KILL YOU. Don't plant them too close to eachother, either. (I am not saying that you should plant your trees a pond away from eachother, just don't plant them too close.) Anyways, next, craft a torch. By this time it should be night, so now you'll have to equip the torch. Survived? Yay! Anyways, now, explore a bit more, and find an appropriate base camp spot. (click here for more info of bases) Next, make a fire pit to mark your base. Then, go mining for more rocks and gold. After that, go to your base again, and make a Science Machine. Craft a backpack for additional storage. Now, make a crock pot.

A crock pot? What's that?

The crock pot is a little nifty foodmaker. You add food items into the Crock Pot and it makes a new food item out of all the food ingredients. All of the stats of the original foods are combined, making a powerful meal.

What do I need to make a crock pot?

Check this page.

How do I get charcoal? Or cut stone?

To get charcoal, light some trees on fire. Then, when the fire goes out, chop down the burnt trees. They should drop one charcoal. To make cut stone is easy. Just grab your stone and head over to the Science Machine. Then, prototype the Cut Stone, and bam! You have it.

Now, gather some more materials, and make an Alchemy Engine. You can now craft and do whatever you want! To get food, just make some traps and place them on rabbit holes. You're welcome, and that's it for my part. See ya!