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This guide is intended to help players build land bases with the other seasons in mind.

Part 1: Compacting

The first prep for future seasons happens when you are about to settle down. Once you find a satisfactory island, pick a spot on the coast. Why the coast? Because then you have less to sandbag in order to protect your base. When you place down your first base structure, put it as close to the water as the game will let you. If done properly, you should have a bonus of chests openable from land and water. DO NOT do this with your Fire pit/Chiminea. Otherwise, those structures may be unusable. Instead, place your fire pit/chiminea in the middle of your base. the more you compact, the less flooring and sandbags are required.

Part 2: Flooring

Why do you need artificial flooring?.You need it to prevent puddles from spawning in your base during Monsoon season. You can make a piece of Wooden Flooring from one Board, and a piece of Snakeskin Rug for two Snakeskin and one Cloth. If your world is connected to RoG and/or Hamlet, you can import crafted Turfs from those worlds. Beard Hair Rug IS floodproof.

Part 3: Rainproof Gear

This is the first prep that effects both seasons. A Snakeskin Hat and Jacket, as well as a Palm Leaf Hut, are a must. wearing both snakeskin attire makes you immune to Wetness. the snakeskin also keeps you from being struck by Lightning. the palm leaf hut allows you to wear your Backpack at home, due to it's 100% water resistance. Do not do this as Webber, as you cannot also wear the Shamlet Mask. Use a Tar or Blubber Suit instead.

Part 4: Sandbags

What are sandbags for if you have flooring? Sandbags prevent puddles from spreading, flooring prevents puddles from starting. Sandbags are crafted with two cloth and two Sand. One cloth is three Bamboo. Either wall yourself in entirely and get out by Boat, or make a long and complicated hallway lined with sandbags and with flooring underneath. You may hammer your sandbags during dry season for easier mobility. this will yield sand, but no cloth, forcing you to collect that again.

What next?

You've prepared for two of the three major seasons, and you need the time of those seasons to prepare for the fourth, the Dry season. what can you do?

Part 1: Volcano

Find the volcano. It not only houses the Obsidian Workbench, which you should always find, but also Woodleg's cage if not already freed, and most importantly the Volcano Altar of Snackrifice. If fed the correct items, this structure will delay Volcanic Eruptions. The volcano also does not spawn puddles, so it could be an alternative way of dealing with that season. The easiest way to find the volcano is to find the Rainbow Jellyfish migration on a new moon and go the opposite way it is.

Part 2: Fight the Tiger Shark

In the monsoon season the tiger shark will return to it's Sharkitten Den and have babies. why is this important? The tiger shark and Sharkittens drop Shark Gills, gills make the Dumbrella, the dumbrella is like a Shipwrecked Eyebrella.

You're done! you should be able to survive one year in shipwrecked!