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One of the simplest, and first farms a player can generally make is for Berry Bushes. In essence, simply digging up and moving Berry Bushes from across the world to their base. Once fertilized, this acts as a great farm for fillers in many Crock Pot recipes; the classic Meatballs being made with nothing but a Monster Meat and three Berries.

But we can do better than this. There are a few additions to this simple farm setup, the first of which is a Lightning Rod. This is vital for the farm, as Berry Bushes are incredibly flammable, and when packed tightly together, one unlucky lightning cast could be disastrous.

Using an Ice Flingomatic isn't necessarily essential, as it depends on if the player is using a 'Summer Base', as either the Oasis or in the Caves. The Constant wildfires during Summer are dreadful, so if you are planning on staying home during the season, ensure you have an Ice Flingomatic placed down too.

However, what makes the Incredible Inedible so special is the dual-functionality of the farm. While Gobblers appear to be an unlucky spawn to new players, as the turkey runs around eating all of their Berries, these creatures can be easily tricked and killed. Once spawned, if the Gobbler spots something edible on the floor nearby, it will instantly walk towards it in the hopes of a snack. This works in our favour, as we can place some simple Fences in-between it and the food on the floor.

Simple incredible inedible.png

While the designs can vary, in its most basic form, the Incredible Inedible is having Berry Bushes surrounding a food item on the floor with Fences around it. Creating a pen with a Lightning Rod and Powdercake with Berry Bushes around it is the most efficient design, as the picture (minus the Lightning Rod) shows. Ensure that you mainly harvest the Berries during the day, as Gobblers will instantly flee to another bush during dusk or night. The Gobblers will spawn, track the Powdercake, and walk into the fences. Free Berries and Drumsticks! You'll have virtually everything you need for a Turkey Dinner.