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Besides the playable and non-playable characters, various minor characters appear or are mentioned throughout the supplemental material of the Don't Starve franchise.

Angeline and other members of Warly's family

Angeline with her son in Taste of Home.

Maman Angeline is Warly's mother. She first appeared in the animated short Taste of Home.

Promotional image for Warly's debut and Taste of Home.

Warly's Compendium entry explains that as she got older, Angeline started losing her memory. Because of this, Warly abandoned his career as a sous chef in Paris to take care of her.

It is implied in a promotional image for Taste of Home that she taught a young Warly how to fish.

Warly has several examination quotes in Don't Starve Together mentioning Angeline:

  • Iridescent Gem- "It glimmers like maman's eyes."
  • Anchor Figure- "I think Maman would like this."
  • End Table (wilted)- "I hope Maman Angeline is eating well without me."
  • Codex Umbra- "Maman used to keep a journal, before her memory went."
  • Plum Pudding- "Just like maman used to make."
  • Celestial Altar- "You know how to get me home to maman?"
  • Gestalt- "Can you... get me home to dear Maman?"
  • Soprano Shell Bell- "Maman had a lovely seashell collection."

Warly also mentions his Nana in two quotes. The first is for Seafood Gumbo in Shipwrecked and Don't Starve Together: "Incredible! Just like Nana used to make!" The other is for Shark Fin Soup in Shipwrecked: "I used Nana's secret recipe."

Other members of Warly's family are pictured in the promotional image for Taste of Home, including who is likely Warly's father as well as several silhouetted figures.

Blueprint.png Gallery

"Another of your kind"

During The Gorge event, Mumsy has a chance to say, "Another of your kind passed through here once."

Charlie and Winona's parents

Winona's family photograph in Next of Kin.

Charlie and Winona's parents were shown in a photograph in the animated short Next of Kin.

Misters Abernethy & Parker

Misters Abernethy & Parker - owners of a traveling circus. They invited Wolfgang to be the highlight of their circus. After a number of revelations about the power of Wolfgang, their circus was criticized. It's known that at least two clowns and two acrobats, a magician, a bear on a unicycle, a trainer with a lion, a circus elephant, trained monkeys, a strongman named Wolfgang, and possibly flamingos performed in their circus.

Aunt Velma

When nearsighted, Wagstaff has a chance to say "Theoretically, it could be my Aunt Velma." This is also a reference to the Scooby-Doo franchise's running gag involving Velma Dinkley losing her glasses and looking for them frantically, while complaining of not being able to see without them.

Curio Collector's family and others

The Curio Collector's Boss is mentioned in a quote that may appear when idling at the Trade Inn interface: "I've always been a loner, me. Tha boss mostly lets me alone, which suits me fine."

Nox Helm
Resplendent Nox Helm

Two more idle quotes involve his nox, one referring to his past mule, Shadow:

  • "My wagon's pulled by a nox. 'Es a good 'un, but 'e can't hold a candle to my old mule, Shadow."
  • "What's a nox? Well, I don't know as I can rightly describe it. It's kinda like an ox, but not."

The nox is also referenced in the names of two helmets in The Forge event: Nox Helm and the Resplendent Nox Helm. The word "nox" is Latin for night.

The Curio Collector's father is mentioned in one of his quotes during the A feastin' pair of birds minigame added during the Don't Starve Together Winter's Feast 2019 event: "My ol' pops taught me this game. Try to remember and match pairs."

The Curio Collector's "mouths to feed" were first mentioned in one of his game over quotes for the Ravin' Wrapper Raiders minigame added during the Don't Starve Together Hallowed Nights 2019 event: "Thanks for helpin', but I can't give you a better trade. I've got mouths to feed, ya'know."

They were mentioned again in a quote for when the Curio Collector gives the player another guess for the A feastin' pair of birds minigame: "I've got mouths to feed. Tha birds will have to find their own feast."


Gatekeeper is a title given to the survivors by Battlemaster Pugna during The Forge event. Pugna associates the Gatekeepers with serving "The Throne," referring them also as the Throne's lapdogs.

Pugna quotes introduced in the 2017 version of The Forge:

  • Introduction- "Gatekeepers? Ha! Have you come to return us to the Throne?"
  • Round 2 Banter- "Give the Gatekeepers no quarter!"
  • Round 4 End / Round 5 Intro- "Know this, Gatekeepers: Once you are dead, we will activate the Gateway. We'll return to the hub and destroy the Throne. We will end this, once and for all.",
  • Round 5 Banter, part 1- "The Gatekeepers must not take the Forge!"
  • Round 5 Banter, part 2- "Why are the Gatekeepers still not dead?!"
  • Victory- "Please. No more, Gatekeepers. We surrender."

Pugna quotes introduced in the 2018 version of The Forge:

  • Round 7 Intro- "You have had many victories, Gatekeepers..."

In The Gorge event, Mumsy mentions the title only once when a player is nearby during an active round. She has a chance to ask "Are you... Gatekeepers, by chance?"

Genny and Voxola workers

Winona saving Genny in Next of Kin.
Genny and the Voxola workers watching the factory burn down.

Genny (short for Genevieve) and her fellow Voxola workers first appeared in the animated short Next of Kin. Genny is saved by Winona when a piece of the ceiling was about to fall on her. The other workers can be seen fleeing the Voxola factory after the explosion from Wagstaff's portal caused a fire to break out.

Genny was was named by DST writer Kris during Rhymes with Play #228.

Blueprint.png Gallery

George T. Witherstone and daughter

Witherstone as seen in C'est La Vie.
Witherstone's daughter as seen in C'est La Vie.

George T. Witherstone was first named in the third William Carter puzzle. Witherstone was a dealer of Dramatic Props and Magical Apparel, who sold magician's equipment to William Carter. When William failed to pay, Witherstone had someone threaten him through a note. This action is partly what motivated William into moving out West.

His first official appearance was in the animated short C'est La Vie, as shown by his monogram and business name on items in his apartment. The short reveals that Witherstone was about to be captured into the Constant by Maxwell, but by pure happenstance was knocked out of the portal by Wes. This allowed him to return home to his daughter who Wes was trying to help throughout the short by retrieving a lost doll for her.

As established by the animated short, Witherstone and his daughter lived at some point in an apartment in France. There is a passport with the word "America" on his table. He also owns a Phonograph and a photo of someone standing next to what resembles a Shadow Watcher.

Blueprint.png Gallery

Harold J. Rutherford

The fourth William Carter Puzzle image featuring in the top left the newspaper article that mentions Harold J. Rutherford.

Harold J. Rutherford has only been named in the fourth William Carter puzzle. He was mentioned in the newspaper article for the train crash that William Carter was involved in and is described as a "local businessman and railway investor".

Jack Carter and other family

Jack Carter in Wish You Were Here.

Jack Carter was first named in the William Carter Puzzles. He is the brother of William Carter, as well as the father of Wendy and Abigail Carter.

A postcard he sent to William is featured in the third William Carter Puzzle. It's shown through this postcard that before William moved to America, Jack immigrated there first and decided to move out West to California before the brothers had any chance to meet in New York City. In the fourth William Carter Puzzle there is a postcard addressed to Jack from William. It shows that at the time the postcard was written, Jack lived in Corona, CA.

William, You've finally come to America! How exciting! Has your show taken New York by storm yet? I fear we may have just missed each other - the city was too much for me, so I've gone west - It really is amazing out here - maybe you could visit sometime? Have you corresponded with mother lately? The post is dreadfully inconsistent out here, I can't believe she hasn't met the twins yet! Warmest regards, -Jack.
Jack Carter's Post Card

Jack appeared for the first time in the animated short Wish You Were Here where it's revealed that he looks nearly identical to William, implying that they are also twins. After Wendy's refresh update, Maxwell was given his first quote mentioning his brother for the final stage of Abigail's Flower: "...I wonder how my brother is doing."

Jack and William Carter's Mother was first mentioned in the third William Carter Puzzle. In Jack's postcard to William, he says: "Have you corresponded with mother lately? The post is dreadfully inconsistent out here, I can't believe she hasn't met the twins yet!"

Abigail and Wendy's Mother, and most likely Jack Carter's wife, is mentioned only in Wendy's examination quotes.

Wendy associates her mother with the color yellow in two quotes. The first is for the Yellow Gem ("It reminds me of my mother!"). The second is for the Yellow Moonlens in Don't Starve Together ("What color were mother's eyes?"). This also hints that her Mother’s eyes are yellow.

The 2019 Winter's Feast event added two more Wendy quotes about her mother and cooking. The first is for eating Holiday Cheer ("Abigail, it's like I can taste mother's cooking..."), and the second is for the Sweet Potato Casserole ("Oh Abigail, remember how mother would make this every year?).

Professor Mourire

Wendy's Nightstand Vignette.

Professor Mourire is a spirit medium whose advertisement is seen in an image of Wendy's nightstand that was originally posted with her character update in Don't Starve Together and was later made into a Vignette. Wendy became interested in spiritualists like Professor Mourire and others after the death of Abigail.

The name Mourire may come from the Old French word "mourir" which means "to die."

Shadow Wilson

Shadow Wilson as he appeared on the main menu.

Shadow Wilson is an entity that originally appeared on the main menu for Don't Starve. It would be seen on countdowns to the next update. It was made into a limited edition blind box figure.

Blueprint.png Gallery

Walani's family

Walani mentions her boss in two quotes:

Walani's quote for Dragoon Saliva mentions her brother: "My brother used to do the same thing."

Walter's mother

Walter mentions his mother in several quotes:

  • Glowcap (on)- "My mom loves collecting odd lamps... I hope she's doing alright."
  • Mothling- "Mom would never let me keep a pet bug this big!"
  • (Removed) Basic Farm/Improved Farm- "Mom never let me in her garden... not since the Slug Incident."
  • Wax Paper- "Mom used to use something like this for baking."
  • Leaky Teacup- "My mom would kill me if I cracked her fine china."
  • Gingerbread Cookie- "Mom made these every year."
  • Toma Root- "Mom had some tomato plants in our backyard."
  • Sewing Machine- "My mom has one of those! It looks a bit different, though."

Warly's coworkers

  • Deerclops- "I once had a saucier who looked like that."
  • Wet Goop- "I am thankful my sous chefs are not around to witness this abomination..."

Wilba's Father

Wilba mentions her father in quote for Silver Neclace: "PAPA GIVETH WILBA THIS FOR THE HAIRY TIMES". He is also mentioned in Wilba's perks description: "Carries her father's legacy".

Willow's caregivers

Willow and her caregivers in From the Ashes.

Willow's caregivers first appeared in the animated short From the Ashes. It was later explained in Willow's Compendium entry that they took over caring for Willow after she was orphaned at a young age.

Blueprint.png Gallery

Webber's family

Webber's family features prominently in his quotes. His father and mother appeared for the first time in the animated short Along Came A Spider. His grandfather appears in a photo in the same short.

Webber's father as seen in Along Came A Spider.
Webber's father as seen in Along Came A Spider.

Webber's father quotes:

  • Razor- "I watched my father use one of these."
  • Alchemy Engine- "Father used to work on something like that."
  • Cartographer's Desk- "Heh heh. I was never allowed in father's study."
  • Cartographer's Desk (burnt)- "That's probably why I wasn't allowed in father's study."
  • Top Hat- "Like father used to wear."
  • Ewelet- "Father taught me how to take care of goats!"
  • Steel Wool- "Scratchy, like father's beard!"
  • Volt Goat- "My father kept goats."
  • Tackle Receptacle- "Father used to take me fishing sometimes."
Webber's mother as seen in Along Came A Spider.
Webber's mother as seen in Along Came A Spider.

Webber's mother quotes:

  • Bucket-o-poop- "I saw mum use this in her gardens."
  • Potted Fern- "Mum would like this nice fern."
  • Potted Succulent- "I wonder if mum's ever seen one."
  • Sewing Kit- "Mum used to handle all of our sewing."
  • Winter Hat- "Mum always said I should take a cap with me."
  • Egg (cooked)- "Fried just like mum did."
  • Braised Eggplant- "Mum knew I liked it braised."
  • Powdercake- "Mum never let me have these."
  • Blueprint- "'Follow the instructions', mum always said."
  • Eating (stale food)- "Stale like mum's leftovers."
  • Trying to sleep on fire- "Mum always said 'Don't sleep in a burning building.'"
  • Potter's Wheel (material already present)- "Mom always said to finish my plate before seconds."
  • Oven- "Mom said I should be careful around the oven."
  • Salmon- "Mom said fish oil is good for our brain."
  • Professor and Usher- "Mom told me always to respect my elders."
  • Asparagus- "Mom said we should eat our vegetables."
  • Tenpiece Oinc- "Mom said we should always save for a rainy day."
  • Beaten Beater- "Mom had one of these."
  • Can't cook (generic)- "I don't want to. Mom always said the kitchen was dangerous!"
  • Failed to do something- "Mom told me never to do that."
  • Prepared dish (vegetable)- "Mom said we should always eat our vegetables."
  • Holiday Cheer- "It... reminds me of mom's cooking..."
  • End Table (empty)- "Reminds me of antique shopping with mother."
  • Turkey Dinner- "Like mother used to make before this happened!"
  • Marble Statue (bird bath type)- "I broke mother's vase once... she wasn't happy."
  • Eating Holiday Cheer- "It... reminds me of mom's cooking..."
  • Leafy Meatloaf- "Not quite how mother used to make it."
  • Soothing Tea- "Mother used to make tea for me... at least I think she did..."
Webber's grandfather as seen in Along Came A Spider.
Webber's grandfather as seen in Along Came A Spider.

Webber's grandfather quotes:

  • Fishing Rod- "I miss grandpa's fishing trips."
  • Rabbit Hutch- "Just like grandpa said, 'You live in what you eat.'"
  • Floral Shirt- "Grandpa's style, definitely."
  • Kingly Figure- "Reminds me of grandpa."
  • Clockwork Bishop- "You don't play by the chess rules that grandpa taught."
  • Tam o' Shanter- "Reminds me of grandpa."
  • Meatballs- "I used to make these with grandpa!"
  • Second-hand Dentures- "Just like grandpa wears!"
  • Gramophone- "It looks like grandpa's."
  • Wortox (reviver)- "Grandpa always said laughter was the best medicine!"

Whiskers is implied to be the name of a cat that Webber's grandfather owned.

  • Kittykit- "You look like grandpa's cat!"
  • Catcoon- "A bit more feral than grandpa's cat."
  • Cat Tail- "I always liked pulling Whiskers' tail."

Webber's grandmother quotes:

  • Creamy Potato Purée- "Just like grandma used to make!"
  • Empty Bottle- "It's like the jars grandma used for her preserves."
  • Crabby Hermit- "She reminds me of grandma... but meaner."

Wendy's hamster

Wendy mentions a pet hamster she had in her quote for the Year of the Carrat item Speed Gym: "I had a hamster once. It died."

Wheeler's grandmother

Wheeler mentions a grandmother in her quote for Plugged Sinkholes and Stone Slabs: "My Grandma taught me to always look under rocks." She also refers to her grandmother in an unimplemented quote for Blue Mushtree (webbed): "Mold and a lot of spiders. Reminds me of my Grandma's cellar."

Wickerbottom's family

Ms Wickerbottom's Cat
Ms Wickerbottom's Cat


  • Lucky Cat Jar- "What a positively adorable kitty cat. Sigh."
  • Kittykit- "Now it feels like home."


  • Frayed Yarn- "My grandmother used to knit."


  • Meaty Stew- "Not quite how mum used to make, but it smells great!"
  • Blubber Suit- "My mother would have been proud, I've put so much meat on my bones!"

Wolfgang's family

  • Garlic Powder- "Smells like mama used to make."
  • Mosquito- "Reminds me of uncle!"
  • Mosquito Sack- "Uncle did not have gut like this."

Woodie's family

  • Tam o' Shanter- "My granddad wore a hat like this."
  • Cooked Meat- "Just like my dear old ma used to make."
  • Ewecus- "Reminds me of momma!"

Woodlegs' family and others

  • Waffles- "Just like me mum used ta open from th' package."
  • Rawling- "Reminds me o'me old parrot."
  • Accomplishment completed- "If only me shipmates could see me now!"
  • Hot Pumpkin- "Me ships cook used to add a dash o' cinnamon."
  • Eye of the Tiger Shark- "Reminds me o' me ol' first mate, Wildeye Weston."

Wortox's mother and others

Wortox mentions his mother in his quote for the Lavae Tooth: "My mom still has mine somewhere."

He also mentions imp friends in his quote for the Maxwell Statue: "My old imp friends would like this, I think."

Wilson's nanny

Mumsy- "Reminds me of my old nanny."

Wilson's grandmother

Wilson mentions a grandmother in his quote for the Year of the Beefalo Victorian Blueprint item: "I think my grandmother wore something similar."

Wanda's baba

Wanda- "I'll never forget, baba used to bring these home for us on special occasions."

Eating Holiday Cheer- "I can't explain why, but it reminds me of baba's cooking."

The Ringmaster/Taxi driver

The Ringmaster
The Ringmaster as a Taxi Driver

He appeared in two animated shorts: in The Incredible Strongman as the Ringmaster and in Interference as a taxi driver.

In the first his appearance as the Ringmaster we can see him as Wolfgang's boss and the circus manager. After Wolfgang accidentally exposing his act's fraudulence and the following reputation loss, he was forced to find another job. In his second appearance that takes place approximately 10 years in the future, he is seen working as a frowning taxi driver, dropping Wilson off at his new home.