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Wilba starts with the Silver Necklace, which will prevent Wilba from turning into a Werepig when wearing, but will drain Sanity instead. However, after Wilba is already in Werepig form, she is unable to put on the necklace, so it cannot reverse the form once it has begun.

As Wilba is a pig princess, pigs will not panic or attack her for stealing, such as picking Grass or Flowers from farms. In addition, pigs will occasionally gift her basic resources (Twigs, Flint, Rocks, Grass, Logs and Seeds). She can do whatever she pleases in Pig Towns. This included hammering any buildings or structures. However, Royal Guards will still retaliate if she attacks them or a Pig Trader near them. Pigs in the base game will also give Wilba basic resources. In the Shipwrecked DLC, Wildbores will never attack Wilba if she is near them multiple times. Hammering their house makes them attempt to attack her, however.

Like Webber, she can eat monster meats (Monster Meat, Bean Bugs and Gummy Slugs, including cooked and dried variations) without receiving negative effects on health and sanity.



The Werewilba is the cursed form of Wilba. In this Werepig form, the special music "Werepig of London" will begin to play.

Wilba is able to turn into a Werepig during a Full Moon, Aporkalypse, or after eating two Monster Food items within half a day. Transforming into a Werepig restores health to full.

Wilba reverts back to her normal pig form after the Full Moon or Aporkalypse ends, also restoring health to full. If the transformation was induced by eating monster food, she will turn back after 1 Day. Each monster food eaten will extend the duration of the transformation by half a Day. Note that Gummy Slugs and Bean Bugs count as monster food and will turn Wilba into a Werepig. Eating Jellyfish (raw or cooked) won't turn Wilba into a Werepig. Upon returning to her normal form, Wilba will drop 2 Beard Hairs.

The Werewilba is able to chopdigmine, hammer and hack objects, and fight Mobs, but otherwise can't interact with objects in any other way. She has temporary night vision and as such is immune to the Night Monster. She can also heal herself by 0.5 Health Meter.png per second as long as she is not starving.

Her attack strength is equivalent to the damage of a Thulecite Club (59.5).

In contrast to Woodie's Werebeaver form:

  • She is still able to pick up, use, and craft items, while the Werebeaver cannot.
  • Werewilba is not immune to Poison, Rain and Hay Fever.
  • Werewilba keep her own state meter.
  • The Map is still available to her.


Wilba is afraid of the dark, and will lose Sanity at 1.5 times the normal rate in darkness. Coupled with her low maximum Sanity of 100, this makes it possible to quickly switch between sane and insane states.

Upon becoming a Werepig, her hand, body and head slots all become furs, which make her unable to equip items. She cannot ride Beefalo or Boats, either. As a Werepig, her Hunger drains 5 times as fast as in her normal form, draining from full to 0 in less than one Day. Werewilba is considered a Monster, causing Pigs and other friendly mobs to attack her on sight. Additionally, she cannot use structures like Campfires, Crock Pots, Farms, or Chests, hammering them instead. She cannot choose actions when multiple apply, and prioritizes destructive actions. For example, grown Bamboo can only be dug, not hacked, and Walls can only be hammered after being attacked and damaged to 0 health. Dying as werepig counts as proper player death, ending the game or consuming a resurrection item. The player always resurrects into Wilba's normal form.

Prototype.png Tips

  • In the early days, the easiest way to restore the sanity lost from darkness is to collect Flowers and Seashells while exploring.
  • Wilba in her werepig form isn't immune to Rain. She still get wetness in Rain or Fog and her fur can be wet, causing her to drain sanity over time.
  • Although Wilba's werepig form can get poisoned, her healing speed is faster than speed of health loss cause by poison. Poison makes her drain hunger a little slower, but also make her drain sanity over time.
  • Wilba's regeneration and hunger multipliers mean that when she is not starving, she is recovering 0.5 health while losing 0.78125 hunger per second. This means consuming a Radish which is 12.5 hunger will result in healing 8 health over time. Careful balancing of starving and regeneration can minimize food usage.
  • It takes 256 seconds to go from full Hunger (200 points) to starving while in the Werepig form. A full day of transformation lasts 480 seconds. To get through an entire transformation cycle without starving, Wilba needs to eat 375 Hunger points worth of food (30 radishes). Assuming she starts on a full stomach, this is 175 points (14 radishes).
  • However, as transforming back to Wilba restores all health, and starving at 0 Hunger reduces 1 Health per second, Wilba technically only needs to last 281 seconds and can starve for the remaining 199 and return to full health when transforming back. 281 seconds corresponds to 220 points of Hunger. However, this is inadvisable because starving at low health can easily kill Wilba from a surprise attack.
  • Wilba's werepig form can be insane, which means she can farm Nightmare Fuels. Her high attack, fast speed and the ability to heal herself allows her to easily fight Crawling Horror and Terrorbeak.
  • Werewilba requires less chops to chop down a tree, including Poison Birchnut Trees.
  • It is advised to prepare as much food as one can before playing as Wilba's werepig form. Wilba's werepig form can neither open Chester, Chest, Ice Box or any other containers, nor cook food in fire sources or Crock Pot. Eating some raw food still loses sanity.
  • As a Werepig, Wilba can still raise her "naughtiness" rating and cause Krampus to arrive.
  • Wilba will transform into a Werepig in the Caves, Ruins, Cave Cleft, Ancient Pig Ruins and Mant Hill during the Full Moon cycle or Aporkalypse. This means that Wilba will likely wake up to complete darkness.
  • The Slurper can still equip itself as an item in Wilba's Werepig form's fur, draining Hunger about 50 times faster than normal.
  • If the player wants to get an Old Bell in the Reign of Giants DLC, the best way is to wear the Silver Necklace.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The text that follows completing Adventure Mode as Wilba will use masculine pronouns.
  • When she is on a Boat, she will not turn into a Werepig. She will turn once she exits the Boat and a new phase of the Day begins.
    • In the beta branch, she will now drown if she turns into a Werepig on a boat.