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Glommer's Flower.png See also: Wetness

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Frog Rain

Rain is a type of weather that occurs somewhat randomly during summer in the base Don't Starve game and at an increased rate during the Spring season in the Don't Starve: Reign of Giants DLC . It has various effects on the game world and on the player's Sanity Meter.png. The chance of rain can be predicted by building a Rainometer, much like the Thermal Measurer measures temperature. Instead of rain during the Winter, it will snow, except during first and last days of winter.

Negative Effects

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Wetness

Wetness Meter.png

In the Reign of Giants DLC, rain causes wetness to the player. High wetness makes burnable items such as logs less useful, reduces sanity if the player wears wet wearable items, increases the spoilage rate of food, and adds a number of other additional effects to items in the world. Unlike the vanilla game however, the rain won't decrease one's sanity straight away, rather the wetness does as it gets higher. The chance of rain will change depending on the season, with Spring having very frequent rains while it rains in moderate amount during Summer and Autumn. Although it may seem like a minor change to the game, this new mechanic has caused starting the game in Spring to be difficult (especially while using WX-78), due to freezing and major sanity loss.

There is also a strong possibility of getting struck by lightning if there aren't any objects (trees, grass or any burnable item) or creatures in the vicinity, which will deal 10-20 damage to the player, depending on their wetness. This can be prevented by using a Rain Coat, Rain Hat or Eyebrella. Or strike any nearby object that can catch fire, such as Trees, Saplings, flammable structures, or even creatures. If structures or plants are too close together, such as in a Berry farm, lightning can quickly cause a devastating fire. Effects caused by lightning can easily be avoided by crafting a Lightning Rod.

In rain, fuel extinguishes faster (depending on precipitation rate):

  • Fire Pit up to 200% faster
  • Campfire up to 250% faster
  • Torch up to 150% faster
  • Willow's Lighter up to 100% faster.

Positive Effects

In rain, Farm crops grow up to 300% faster (depending on precipitation rate). Additionally, Mushrooms that have already been picked will only regrow after it rains. When it rains there are occasional lightning strikes that, if struck by when playing WX-78 , will give you a boost for up to 1 day. Birds spawn 4 times faster during rain.

Special Rain


In the Forest World, When the Global Temperature is below 5 (which usually only happens in Winter), Rain will be converted to Snow. Snow will not increase the Wetnees value, nor will it have any other effect on the player. It will cover the ground with a layer of snow instead of standing water, making it difficult to see the land. The snow will melt away during the summer or winter rains.

Frog Rain

During Spring Frogs can rain from the sky, announced by the raining sounds getting significantly louder.

Acid Rain

In the Cave World, if a Shadow Rift exists, Rain will be converted to Acid Rain.

Precipitation trend

Precipitation in the Forest world and the Cave world do not affect each other, operate independently of each other, and the mechanism is exactly the same, except that rain in the forest world turns into snow in winter.

Rain value

The Rain value determines the beginning and end of rain in the world. The Rain value will continue to increase when there is no rain, rain begins when it reaches the upper limit of Rain value, and rain stops when it reaches the lower limit of Rain value. The Rain value will not exceed the Rain value upper limit or fall below the Rain value lower limit.

At the end of each rain, a new random value of the Rain value limit will be taken according to the current season.

Winter's Feast

During Winter's Feast, snowflakes in winter can have a variety of different shapes. Normal snowflakes have a 10% chance to be a winter snowflake, and there is a special snowflake in about every 20 to 30 winter snowflakes.

Frogs from frog rain will despawn once unloaded in DST.

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Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Occasionally rain will not stop but continue in a state of light drizzle. Wetness will remain at 1 and meat will not dry on racks. Waiting until winter or triggering a set piece that causes a season change might fix the issue. Sleeping in a tent, exiting and reloading, and entering and exiting caves does not appear to fix the problem.

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