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For entities and mob speeds, see Mobs.
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Player Speed is a statistic in the game which defines the speed a playable Character can move. Most characters have a base movement speed of 6, but some have different movement speeds, and some items and environmental effects can affect the player's movement speed. The effect of items and attachments is calculated by applying a multiplier to base movement speed. If a character has perks or disadvantages that affect movement speed (e.g. Wolfgang's different forms, WX-78's SYSTEM OVERLOAD, or Wilbur's different locomotion methods), any external speed modifier will be applied to the current value.

Gears Art.png Console Commands

In Don't Starve and any DLC, the player's movement speed can be modified through the following console command:


The "value" parameter has a maximum value of 40 and a minimum value of 1.[Verification Needed] Note that the speed used here does not correlate to the speed used when calculating movement speed.

In Don't Starve Together, the player can modify their character's movement speed through the following console command:


Character Base Movement Speed

Character (Ability) Base Movement Speed
Wilson Portrait.png

Willow Portrait.png Wolfgang Portrait.png Wendy Portrait.png WX-78 Portrait.png Wickerbottom Portrait.png Woodie Portrait.png Wes Portrait.png Waxwell Portrait.png Wagstaff Portrait.png Wigfrid Portrait.png Webber Portrait.png Walani Portrait.png Woodlegs Portrait.png Warly Portrait.png Wilba Portrait.png Winona Portrait.png Wortox Portrait.png Wurt Portrait.png

Wolfgang Portrait.png Wimpy form (Don't Starve icon.png)
Weremoose.png Moose form
5.4 (0.9x)
Wilbur Portrait.png Walking 5.5
Wormwood Portrait.png Bloom stage 1 6.36 (1.06x)
Werebeaver.png Beaver form 6.6 (1.1x)
Wormwood Portrait.png Bloom stage 2 6.78 (1.13x)
Wheeler Portrait.png 6.3 up to 7.02 (1.05x up to 1.17x)
Wormwood Portrait.png Bloom stage 3 7.2 (1.2x)
Wolfgang Portrait.png Mighty form (Don't Starve icon.png)
WX-78 Portrait.png Acceleration Circuit.png (Don't Starve Together icon.png)
WX-78 Portrait.png 1xSuper-Acceleration Circuit.png (Don't Starve Together icon.png)
7.5 (1.25x)
Wurt Portrait.png Walking in marsh tiles
Character when activating Living Artifact (Hamlet icon.png)
7.8 (1.3x)
Wilbur Portrait.png Running 8
Weregoose.png Goose form
WX-78 Portrait.png 2xSuper-Acceleration Circuit.png (Don't Starve Together icon.png)
8.4 (1.4x)
WX-78 Portrait.png SYSTEM OVERLOAD (Don't Starve icon.png)
WX-78 Portrait.png 3xSuper-Acceleration Circuit.png (Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Werewilba Portrait.png Werepig form
9 (1.5x)
Ghost character form (Don't Starve Together icon.png) 3.6

Coffee.png Food/Object Modifiers

There are some items, objects and foods that when equipped, walked on or eaten, increase or decrease speed. Many of them can stack, and some are mutually exclusive. See Calculating Movement Speed for more information on how they affect a character's speed.

Object Effect Type Duration
Thulecite Club +10% Hand Item While equipped
Magiluminescence +20% Chest Item 8 min (1 day)
Lazy Explorer +25% Hand Item While equipped
Walking Cane +25% Hand Item While equipped
Sleek Hat Shipwrecked icon.png +25% Hat Item 3 days
Roads, Cobblestones

And Stone Road Turf

+30% Object Walking over
Ice Cube -10% Hat Item 8 days
Limestone Suit Shipwrecked icon.png -10% Chest Item While equipped
Piggyback -20%[1] ( -10%[2]) Chest Item While equipped
Marble Suit -30% Chest Item While equipped
Sticky Webbing -40% Object Walking over
Antlion Sinkhole Don't Starve Together icon.png -70% Object Walking over
Honey Trail Don't Starve Together icon.png -60% Object Walking over
Roasted Coffee Beans Shipwrecked icon.png +5[3] Food 30 seconds
Coffee Shipwrecked icon.png +5[3] Food 4 minutes (1/2 day)
Tropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon.png +3[4] Food 30 seconds
Purple Grouper Shipwrecked icon.png +2[4] Food 30 seconds
Pierrot Fish Shipwrecked icon.png +1[4] Food 30 seconds
Tar Trap Shipwrecked icon.png -65% Object Walking over
Flood Shipwrecked icon.png -20% Object Walking over
Ink Patch Shipwrecked icon.png -70% Object Sailing over
Quackering Ram Shipwrecked icon.png +??? Boat Attachment One second after equipping it
Tea Hamlet icon.png +2.5[3] Food 2 minutes (1/4 day)
Iced Tea Hamlet icon.png +1.6[3] Food 80 seconds
Stalking Stick Hamlet icon.png +30% Hand Item 3 days
Heavy Fog Hamlet icon.png -40% up to -60% World Effect 3 minutes or until rain
Sandstorm Don't Starve Together icon.png -60% World Effect Walking inside it
Tin Suit Hamlet icon.png -20% Hat Item While equipped
Fancy Helmet Hamlet icon.png -20% Chest Item While equipped

Ice.png Total paralysis

There are a few mobs and effects that paralyze players completely, making it impossible to move while under the effect.

Mob Effect Time
Blue Hound Freeze 5 seconds or until attacked[5] or until death
Ewecus Mucus spit attack 10 seconds or when freed by a befriended Pigmen or another player
Sealnado Shipwrecked icon.png Caught in tornado attack 5-10 seconds
Deerclops Freeze 5 seconds or until attacked[5] or until death
Gaze from Pugalisk Freeze 5 seconds or until attacked[5] or until death
Jellyfish Shipwrecked icon.png Stunlock 2 seconds
Lightning Stunlock 2 seconds
Night Hands created by activating the Teleportato, Maxwell's Door or the Nightmare Throne Caught ???
Screaming of the Moose/Goose and the Queen Womant Stopped 0.5 seconds[6]
Bearger Sleep 10+ seconds or until attacked

Cloth Sail.png Boats and attachments

In the Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs, Boats have different speed base values. These values replace the base speed for characters, and any modifiers will be based on the boat's base speed instead of the character's. Unlike players, boats do not instantly reach top speed, but will instead accelerate slowly until that speed has been reached.

Boat Base Speed Attachments
Encrusted boat Shipwrecked icon.png 4 Yes
Log Raft Shipwrecked icon.png 4 No
Cork Bowl Canoe Hamlet icon.png 4 Yes
Raft 5 No
Cargo Boat 5 Yes
The Sea Legs Shipwrecked icon.png Woodlegs Portrait.png 6 No
Row Boat 6 Yes
Armoured Boat Shipwrecked icon.png 6 Yes
Surfboard Shipwrecked icon.png 6.5 No

Some boats have sail attachments. When equipped, these grant additional movement speed while the equipment still has durability.

Attachment Speed Boost Duration
Thatch Sail Shipwrecked icon.png +20% 2 days
Snakeskin Sail Shipwrecked icon.png +25% 4 days
Cloth Sail Shipwrecked icon.png +30% 3 days
Feather Lite Sail Shipwrecked icon.png +40% 2 days
Iron Wind Shipwrecked icon.png +50% 4 days
Trawl Net Shipwrecked icon.png Starts at 0%, penalty increases by approx. -2.8% for each item caught, up to -25% Until full or detached manually


There are other ways to modify speed with variable duration periods. Some methods require certain criteria and can either slow down or speed up the character.

Medium Criteria
Waves Shipwrecked icon.png Sailing in the same direction briefly increases speed by 25 (Surfboard), 20 (Encrusted Boat), or 5 (All Other Boats)

Sailing in the opposite direction damages the boat and reduces movement speed

Big Waves Shipwrecked icon.png Sailing in the same direction on a Surfboard briefly increases speed by 35

Sailing with any other boat damages the boat and reduces movement speed

Strong Winds Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png Walking or sailing in the same direction as the wind increases speed by +40%

Walking or sailing in the opposite direction reduces speed by -40%

Sail Stick Shipwrecked icon.png While held, controls the direction of Strong Winds when present
Howling Conch Shipwrecked icon.png On use, Strong Winds begin and last for half a day
Windbreaker Shipwrecked icon.png Prevents the player from being slowed by the wind

Walking Cane.png Calculating Movement Speed

When the game calculates the player's movement speed, it starts with the base movement speed for the character and first adds any flat additions to movement speed (such as the +3 modifier from WX-78's SYSTEM OVERLOAD, or the +5 modifier from Coffee). It then sums any percentage-based modifiers to speed from items or other effects (such as the +25% modifier from a Walking Cane, the -10% modifier from Wolfgang's wimpy form or the -30% modifier from a Marble Suit) and multiplies the above total by the multiplier.


Wilson is running down a Road while wearing a Football Helmet and a Marble Suit. He's holding a Walking Cane, and has recently eaten Coffee. Using info from the tables above, movement speed is calculated as follows:

  1. Flat movement speed is 6 (From Wilson's base speed) + 5 (From the Coffee) = 11
  2. Speed multiplier is 1 (Default) + 0.25 (+25% from Walking Cane) + 0.3 (+30% from the Road) - 0.3 (-30% from Marble Suit) = x1.25 or +25% (The Football Helmet has no effect on speed)
  3. Final Player Speed is 11 x 1.25 = 13.75, or 129% faster than without any modifiers

Don't Starve Together may calculate movement speed differently.[Verification Needed]

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If a player uses console commands to set the player's speed to a very high value, walking over NPCs can cause a game crash.[Verification Needed]
  • If a piece of armor breaks while the player is moving, the player may continue to slide in the direction they were moving until the damage animation ends. This also occurs if the player would otherwise be immune to stuns.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The fastest speed a player can have without console commands or exploits is about 45. This can be done while WX-78 is in SYSTEM OVERLOAD, is riding a Row Boat or Armored Boat equipped with an Iron Wind, is wearing a Sleek Hat and a Magiluminescence, is holding a Stalking Stick, has recently consumed Coffee, and Tropical Bouillabaisse, and is sailing into Strong Winds.
    • Without Strong Winds, this combination of bonuses results in a player speed of 38.25.
    • Additional speed can be gained by riding Waves and/or repeatedly equipping a Quackering Ram, although the burst nature of these speed boosts makes it difficult to ascertain exactly how much more of a bonus they provide.
    • If traveling over land using a Road or Cobblestones rather than by sea, the relevant bonuses above will still give you a 41.65 movement speed, or 34.85 without Strong Winds.
  • The slowest speed a player can have without console commands is 1.0368.[Verification Needed] This can be done as Wolfgang while in his wimpy form, if he is wearing a Marble Suit, while walking on a Sinkhole inside a Sandstorm.
  • Despite each character having their own base speed on land, when boarding a boat in Shipwrecked, the character's base movement speed will become that of the boat.
  • Changing the movement speed with the console by entering c_speed(value) to a value higher than 20, the player character can walk through the world's barriers and walk on water. Above 41, the game may crash.[Verification Needed]
  • Walking on lava or over water in the Shipwrecked DLC by using console commands will instantly kill the player.

Feather Pencil.png Additional Notes

  1. Only while playing Don't Starve.
  2. Only while playing in any DLC and in Don't Starve Together.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Roasted Coffee Beans, Coffee, Tea, and Iced Tea have mutually exclusive benefits - if one is consumed, a previously eaten alternative will no longer give benefits.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 The speed boost from Purple Groupers and Pierrot Fish will stack with each other, but do not stack with Tropical Bouillabaisse.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 If the player has stun immunity when they are frozen, such as from wearing the Vortex Cloak or from the force field produced by the Thulecite Crown, the player will still be frozen after being attacked.
  6. The stun effect from the Queen Womant can be avoided using Rabbit Earmuffs.