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An Armored Boat is a type of craftable Boat in the Shipwrecked DLC. It can be found in the Nautical Tab and requires an Alchemy Engine and 6 Boards, 3 Rope, and 10 Seashells to craft. It begins with 500 durability, which will deplete if damaged or as it is used. It can be repaired with the Boat Repair Kit or the Sea Yard. While moving, it loses Durability at a rate of 1 per 3.84 seconds, lasting a total of 4 Days.

The Armored Boat has 2 seconds of “hit immunity”, a period of time in which they will not trigger the hit state after being hit. This is the best out of all Boats. It is also tied with the Cargo Boat and Encrusted Boat for the best map reveal range of 2.5.

The Armored Boat is one of the boats with equipment slots, allowing the player to equip Sails, Boat Lanterns, Boat Cannons and Trawl Nets.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Destroying an Armored Boat with a Hammer yields 3 Boards, 2 Rope, and 5 Seashells regardless of its durability. Since Seashells are very common and easier to collect than Stingers, it can be more practical to craft a new Armored Boat rather than use Boat Repair Kits to repair heavy damage. Having a boat pre-crafted and ready to deploy as needed allows for even more flexibility.

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