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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Shadow Rift.png Shadow Rift
Acid Rain is a weather phenomenon added in Don't Starve Together. It replaces normal rainfall in the Caves during Shadow Rift activity.

Acid Rain is a more dangerous weather condition compared to normal rain due to scarce protective equipment and its strong negative impact on the environment. During such rain, the places where the drops come into contact with the ground smoke, showing the harmful corrosive effect of the acid. Unlike regular rain, Acid Rain does not cause Wetness.

The only biomes where it doesn't rain are: Lunar Grotto and Ancient Archive.

Acid Rain takes away the durability of certain equipped items, accelerates the deterioration of perishable items including food, and causes damage to the player if they don't have appropriate protection. The negative effect depends on the strength of the rain and is dealt every 1.5 seconds:

  • Deals up to 3 damage to the character (negated by 100% water resistance).
  • Removes .07% freshness from perishable items held in inventory (negated by 100% water resistance, or keeping such items in containers such as a Backpack).
  • Reduces durability of equipped Water Resistant Armor (such as the Football Helmet) by 3 hp.
  • Reduces the durability of equipped Water Resistant clothing by 3 seconds (excluding the Umbralla, which gets repaired by acid rain while held instead).

Some creatures gets debuffs and buffs during tha acid rain:

Mobs Attack Damage Takes Physical Damage Move Speed
Damaged Bishop.pngDamaged Rook.pngDamaged Knight.pngSplumonkey.pngBaby Tentacle.pngTreeguard.pngBunnyman.png -15% +25% -15%
Fugu Hutch.pngSpider.pngSpider Warrior.pngCave Spider.pngSpitter.pngDangling Depth Dweller.pngShattered Spider.pngSea Strider.pngNurse Spider.png +50% -25% +15%
Depths Worm.pngShadow Splumonkey.pngTentacle.pngBatilisk.png +50% +25% +25%

Acid Rain also empowers Batilisks, speeding them up by 25%, increasing their damage by 50%, and changing the loot to Batilisk Wing (50%), Guano (30%), Monster Meat (20%), and Nitre (20%). If a player has Nitre in his inventory, then by hitting the player they will knock it out of him. They will also start eating Nitre. Every half day while it's raining, Batilisks will descend from the ceilings towards you if you have Nitre in your inventory. Their number depends on the nitre in the player’s inventory.

Nitre Number on inventary Batilisks on raid
0-1 0
2-3 2
4-5 3
20 6

Also, if Rock Lobster gets caught in the Acid Rain its will shrink in size and become weaker. After the rain stops, they will slowly return.

Another property is causing underground Ponds to become covered with Nitre Formations, and 3 to 4 units of Nitre can be mined from them.

All Mushtrees will have a slight change in animation. You will be able to see how the acid eats them away. In this state, the mushrooms that fall out of them will be slightly spoiled

Prototype.png Tips

  • The best item to deal with Acid Rain is the Umbralla. It provides full protection and regenerates its own durability while held in hand during such rain, rather than being degraded faster like other water resistant gear. It can also be placed on the ground and activated for an area of effect of full protection while leaving your equipment slots free.
  • One effective way to avoid rain damage is to use Slimy Salve

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