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I am one heck of a scientist.


Wilson's quotes are spoken when the player examines an in-game item or object. The player can alt-click items and objects to examine them.

Due to the amount of text catalogued, this page only contains Wilson's quotes for items found in Reign of Giants. For items exclusive to other expansions, see the pages listed above.

Icon Light.pngLights

  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit- "Sure beats darkness."
  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire (high)- "That fire is getting out of hand!"
  • Endothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire Pit (high)- "Good thing it's contained!"
  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (normal)- "Nice and comfy."
  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (low)- "The fire's getting a bit low."
  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire and Fire Pit (embers)- "I should put something on the fire before it goes out."
  • Endothermic Fire.pngEndothermic Fire (out)- "Well, that's over."
  • Endothermic Fire Pit.pngEndothermic Fire Pit (out)- "At least I can start it up again."
  • Moggles.pngMoggles- "A wretched stench but excellent visibility."

Icon Survival.pngSurvival

  • Insulated Pack.pngInsulated Pack- "The fur keeps the temperature inside stable."
  • Luxury Fan.pngLuxury Fan- "Down, to bring the temperature down."
  • Siesta Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to- "A nice place for an afternoon rest out of the heat."
  • Siesta Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (can't sleep)- "Night is for sleeping, not taking siestas."
  • Siesta Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (monsters)- "It's too dangerous right now!"
  • Siesta Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (hungry)- "I'm too hungry for a siesta!"
  • Siesta Lean-to.pngSiesta Lean-to (in cave)- "I don't think I could really relax down here."
  • Tent Burnt.pngTent (burnt)- "Nothing left to sleep in."
  • Siesta Lean-to Burnt.pngSiesta Lean-to (burnt)- "It won't provide much shade now."
  • Thermal Stone.pngThermal Stone- "I could manipulate its temperature."
  • Thermal Stone Stage 1.pngThermal Stone (frozen)- "It's colder than ice."
  • Thermal Stone.pngThermal Stone (cold)- "That's a cold stone."
  • Thermal Stone Stage 4.pngThermal Stone (warm)- "It's quite warm and cuddly... for a rock!"
  • Thermal Stone Stage 5.pngThermal Stone (hot)- "Nice and toasty hot!"
  • Pretty Parasol.pngPretty Parasol- "This will keep my hair moderately dry, at least."

Icon Food.pngFood

  • Crock Pot Burnt.pngCrock Pot (burnt)- "The pot got cooked."
  • Bee Box Burnt.pngBee Box (burnt)- "How did it get burned?!!"[1]
  • Farmplot Burnt.pngBasic and Improved Farm (burnt)- "I don't think anything will grow in a pile of ash."
  • Drying Rack.pngDrying Rack (drying in rain)- "Meat takes even longer to dry in rain."
  • Drying Rack Burnt.pngDrying Rack (burnt)- "The rack got dried."
  • Bucket-o-poop.pngBucket-o-poop- "That is definitely a bucket full of poop."

Icon Science.pngScience

  • Science Machine Burnt.pngScience Machine (burnt)- "It won't be doing much science now."
  • Alchemy Engine Burnt.pngAlchemy Engine (burnt)- "The extra science didn't keep it alive."
  • Thermal Measurer Burnt.pngThermal Measurer (burnt)- "Its measuring days are over."
  • Rainometer Burnt.pngRainometer (burnt)- "The measuring parts went up in a cloud of smoke."
  • Ice Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (off)- "All quiet on the flinging front."[2]
  • Ice Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (on)- "Fling on!"[3]
  • Ice Flingomatic.pngIce Flingomatic (low fuel)- "The fuel tank is getting a bit low."
  • Electrical Doodad.pngElectrical Doodad- "It's whirring with electricity."

Icon Fight.pngFight

  • Scalemail.pngScalemail- "Hot mail!"[4]
  • Morning Star.pngMorning Star- "It's electric!"[5]
  • Weather Pain.pngWeather Pain- "Spinning doom."

Icon Structures.pngStructures

  • Pig House Burnt.pngPig House (burnt)- "Not so fancy now, pig!"
  • Rabbit Hutch Burnt.pngRabbit Hutch (burnt)- "That's not a real roasted carrot."
  • Hay Wall Build.pngHay Wall (burnt)- "That won't do at all."
  • Wood Wall Build.pngWood Wall (burnt)- "Burnt!"
  • Chest Burnt.pngChest (burnt)- "That trunk was truncated."
  • Scaled Chest.pngScaled Chest- "Next best thing to a lockbox!"
  • Sign Burnt.pngSign (burnt)- "I can't read it any longer."

Icon Magic.pngMagic

  • Meat Effigy Burnt.pngMeat Effigy (burnt)- "Not much use anymore."
  • Prestihatitator Burnt.pngPrestihatitator (burnt)- "Fire doesn't really solve naming issues..."
  • Shadow Manipulator Burnt.pngShadow Manipulator (burnt)- "Whatever it was, it's burnt now."
  • Old Bell.pngOld Bell- "Dingalingaling."

Icon Dress.pngDress

  • Cat Cap.pngCat Cap- "Ears hat!"
  • Fashion Melon.pngFashion Melon- "Let the juice run down your face."
  • Ice Cube.pngIce Cube- "Stay cool, boy."[6]
  • Rain Coat.pngRain Coat- "Keeps the rain where it ought to be. Outside my body."
  • Rain Hat.pngRain Hat- "It'll mess up my hair, but I'll stay nice and dry."
  • Summer Frest.pngSummer Frest- "Keep off, evil sun!"
  • Floral Shirt.pngFloral Shirt- "It's not lab-safe!"
  • Eyebrella.pngEyebrella- "It will watch over me."
  • Hibearnation Vest.pngHibearnation Vest- "Welcome to the hibernation station!"

Eyeplant.pngNature - Plants

  • Birchnut Tree.pngBirchnut Tree- "It's all leafy. Most of the time."
  • Birchnut Tree Stump.pngBirchnut Tree (stump)- "Take that, nature!"
  • Birchnut Tree.pngBirchnut Tree (burning)- "What a waste of wood."
  • Birchnut Tree Burnt.pngBirchnut Tree (burnt)- "I feel like I could have prevented that."
  • Birchnut.pngBirchnut- "There's definitely something inside there."
  • Birchnut Sapling.pngBirchnut Tree (sapling)- "It'll be a tree soon!"
  • Sapling Withered.pngSapling (withered)- "It might be okay if it cooled down."
  • Grass Tuft Withered.pngGrass Tuft (withered)- "It's not going to grow back while it's so hot."
  • Berry Bush Withered.pngBarren Berry Bush 2.pngBerry Bush (withered)- "Nothing will grow in this heat."
  • Withered Plant.pngPlant (withered)- "The heat killed it."
  • Cactus.pngCactus- "Sharp but delicious."
  • Cactus Picked.pngCactus (picked)- "Deflated, but still spiny."
  • Tumbleweed.pngTumbleweed- "Who knows what that tumbleweed has picked up."

Harp Statue.pngNature - Objects

  • Ice.pngIce- "Ice to meet you."
  • Mini Glacier.pngMini Glacier- "A very isolated glacier."
  • Mini Glacier Melted.pngMini Glacier (melted)- "Nothing useful until it freezes again."
  • Animal Track.pngAnimal Track (spring, lost trail)- "The wet ground won't hold a footprint."
  • Burrow.pngBurrow- "What a nice hole in the ground for a home!"
  • Rabbit Hole Collapsed.pngRabbit Hole (collapsed)- "The Kingdom of the Bunnymen is closed for the season."
  • Rundown House Burnt.pngRundown House (burnt)- "Nothing to live in, now."
  • Pig Head Burnt.pngMerm Head (burnt)- "Burnt merm flesh somehow smells even worse."
  • Pig Head Burnt.pngPig Head (burnt)- "Crispy."
  • Hollow Stump.pngHollow Stump- "It's a den in a stump."
  • Dead Hollow Stump.pngHollow Stump (empty)- "Its owner ran out of lives."
  • Glommer's Statue.pngGlommer's Statue- "I'm not sure what that's supposed to be."
  • Glommer's Statue Mined.pngGlommer's Statue (mined)- "I broke it. For science."
  • Skeleton.pngSkeleton (self)- "Better him than... wait a minute!"
  • Sunken Boat Burnt.pngSunken Boat (burnt)- "It's even less seaworthy than before."

Grass Turf.pngTurfs

  • Deciduous Turf.pngDeciduous Turf- "Yet another ground type."
  • Sandy Turf.pngSandy Turf- "Dirty turf."

Spider.pngMobs - Monsters

  • Varg.pngVarg- "You might be something to reckon with, big dog."
  • Poison Birchnut Tree.pngPoison Birchnut Tree- "It looks unhappy about me stealing those Birchnuts!"
  • Birchnutter.pngBirchnutter- "A mad little nut."

Pig.pngMobs - Neutral Animals

  • Buzzard.pngBuzzard- "What a bizarre buzzard!"
  • Catcoon.pngCatcoon- "A playful little thing."
  • Cat Tail.pngCat Tail- "I think it's still swishing."
  • Volt Goat.pngVolt Goat- ""Baaaah" yourself!"
  • Charged Volt Goat.pngVolt Goat (charged)- "I don't think it liked being struck by lightning."
  • Volt Goat Horn.pngVolt Goat Horn- "It's like a miniature lightning rod."

Rabbit.pngMobs - Passive Animals

  • Redbird.pngRedbird- "Does that mean winter is gone?"
  • Glommer.pngGlommer (normal and sleeping)- "It's cute, in a gross kind of way."
  • Glommer's Flower.pngGlommer's Flower- "The petals shimmer in the light."
  • Dead Glommer's Flower.pngGlommer's Flower (Glommer dead)- "The petals droop and shimmer in the light."
  • Ashes.pngGlommer's Flower (ashes)- "The flower was consumed by fire when I teleported!"
  • Glommer's Wings.pngGlommer's Wings- "These would look awesome on a helmet!"
  • Glommer's Goop.pngGlommer's Goop- "This goop smells foul."
  • Depths Worm Burrowed.pngRaised Dirt (underground Moleworm)- "Something's under there, searching for minerals."
  • Moleworms.pngMoleworm (aboveground)- "I'd sure like to whack that mole... thing."
  • Moleworm.pngMoleworm (held)- "Nowhere left to dig, my friend."

Spider Queen.pngMobs - Bosses

  • Bearger.pngBearger- "What a bear of a badger."
  • Thick Fur.pngThick Fur- "A mat of thick fur."
  • Goose.pngMoose/Goose- "I don't exactly know what that thing is."
  • Goose Egg.pngEmpty Goose Nest.pngMoose/Goose Egg and Nest- "Its contents are like excited electrons trying to escape."
  • Mosling.pngMosling- "Aaah! You are definitely not an electron!"
  • Down Feather.pngDown Feather- "Fluffy!"
  • Dragonfly.pngDragonfly- "That's one fly dragon!"
  • Scales.pngScales- "They're still warm."
  • Lava Spit (hot)- "Hot spit!"
  • Lava Spit (cool)- "I like to call it "Basaliva"."

Abigail.pngMobs - Other

  • Bigfootprint.pngBigfoot- "That is one biiig foot."

Dragon Fruit.pngFood - Fruits

  • Watermelon.pngWatermelon- "Sticky sweet."
  • Grilled Watermelon.pngGrilled Watermelon- "Juicy and warm."

Carrot.pngFood - Vegetables

  • Cactus Flesh.pngCactus Flesh- "There are still some spines between me and a tasty meal."
  • Cooked Cactus Flesh.pngCooked Cactus Flesh- "Grilled fruit of the desert."
  • Cactus Flower.pngCactus Flower- "A pretty flower from a prickly plant."

Ratatouille.pngFood - Crock Pot

  • Flower Salad.pngFlower Salad- "A bowl of foliage."
  • Guacamole.pngGuacamole- "Avogadro's favorite dish."[7]
  • Ice Cream.pngIce Cream- "I scream for ice cream!"
  • Melonsicle.pngMelonsicle- "Cryogenic watermelon."
  • Spicy Chili.pngSpicy Chili- "Five alarm!"[8]
  • Trail Mix.pngTrail Mix- "A healthy, natural snack."

Rot.pngFood - Other

  • Roasted Birchnut.pngRoasted Birchnut- "Roasted to perfection."
  • Electric Milk.pngElectric Milk- "It's buzzing with tastiness!"
  • Watermelon Seeds.pngWatermelon Seeds- "It's a melon seed."

Trinkets.pngMisc Items

  • Webberskull.pngWebber's Skull- "Poor little guy. He deserves a proper funeral."
  • Bone Shards.pngBone Shards- "Bits of bone."
  • Old Bell.pngBlueprint (rare).pngOld Bell Blueprint- "There's SCIENCE afoot!"

Placeholder.png Trivia

  1. Reference to this scene from famous Nicholas Cage movie, The Wicker Man.
  2. May be a reference to Erich Maria Remarque's novel, All Quiet on the Western Front.
  3. May be a reference to the song "Dream On" by Aerosmith.
  4. May be a reference to outlook.com, formerly known as "Hotmail".
  5. May be a reference to the song "Electric Slide".
  6. Reference to "Cool" from the American musical West Side Story.
  7. Reference to Amadeo Avogadro, who first created the unit of measurement "moles" for describing the number of molecules of a substance in a sample.
  8. Reference to the Multiple-alarm fire categories used in the United States to indicate the level of a fire's severity and how many units are required to address it. Five-alarm is the most intense.