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I am one heck of a scientist.


Wilson's quotes are spoken when the player examines an in-game item or object. The player can alt-click items and objects to examine them.

Due to the amount of text catalogued, this page only contains Wilson's quotes for items found in Shipwrecked. For items exclusive to other expansions, see the pages listed above.

Gramophone.png Sounds

Wilson drowning (Shipwrecked icon.png).

Icon Tools.pngTools

  • Machete.pngMachete- "I like the cut of this blade."
  • Luxury Machete.pngLuxury Machete- "Hack in style!"

Icon Light.pngLights

  • Chiminea.pngChiminea (all stages)- "Take that, wind!"
  • Bottle Lantern.pngBottle Lantern- "A bottle full of sunshine."
  • Boat Torch.pngBoat Torch- "This'll keep my hands free."
  • Boat Lantern.pngBoat Lantern- "This will do wonders for my night-vision!"
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (upon being built)- "This fire pit is a conductor for even more... fire."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (high)- "Good thing it's contained!"
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (normal)- "This is my best invention yet."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (low)- "The fire's getting a bit low."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (embers)- "I should put something on the fire before it goes out."
  • Obsidian Fire Pit.pngObsidian Fire Pit (out)- "At least I can start it up again.
  • Tar Lamp.pngTar Lamp- "That's a real slick lamp."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (upon being built)- "Science protects my fires out here."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (high)- "I'm glad we're surrounded by water."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (normal)-"As cozy as it gets."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (low)- "It's getting low."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (embers)- "Better put something on it before it goes out."
  • Buoyant Chiminea.pngBuoyant Chiminea (out)- "It finally went out."

Icon Survival.pngSurvival

  • Thatch Pack.pngThatch Pack- "I call it a thatchel."
  • Booty Bag.pngBooty Bag- "I can keep my booty in here."
  • Sea Sack.pngSea Sack- "I hate when food has that not-so-fresh taste."
  • Tropical Fan.pngTropical Fan- "Down to bring my temperature down."
  • Silly Monkey Ball.pngSilly Monkey Ball- "I have a strange desire to name it after myself."[1]
  • Tropical Parasol.pngTropical Parasol- "My hair looks good wet... it's when it dries that's the problem."
  • Anti Venom.pngAnti Venom- "Tastes horrible!"
  • Palm Leaf Hut.pngPalm Leaf Hut Burnt.pngPalm Leaf Hut (normal, burning, and burnt)- "Shade, sweet shade."

Icon Food.pngFood

  • Mussel Stick.pngMussel Stick- "I'm really going to stick it to those mussels."
  • Mussel Bed.pngMussel Bed- "I should find a good spot for these."
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (empty)- "I need to find some fish eggs for this."
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (growing)- "The fish babies haven't hatched yet."
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (one fish)- "There's a fish!"
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (two fish)- "The fish are still multiplying."
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (three fish)- "This has been a successful fish experiment!"
  • Fish Farm.pngFish Farm (four fish)- "I'd better start harvesting these!"

Icon Science.pngScience

  • Sea Lab.pngSea Lab- "For sea science!"
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000- "It's putting along!"
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (high)- "It's running great!"
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (medium)- "It's putting along."
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (low)- "It seems to be slowing down."
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (very low)- "I can hear it sputtering."
  • Ice Maker 3000.pngIce Maker 3000 (out)- "It needs more fuel."
  • Quacken Drill.pngQuacken Drill- "I can get more tar if I used this at sea."

Icon Fight.pngFight

  • Poison Spear.pngPoison Spear- "Now it's extra deadly."
  • Poison Dart.pngPoison Dart- "The pointy end goes that way."
  • Coconade.pngCoconade- "I'll need to light it first."
  • Coconade.pngCoconade (lit)- "This seems dangerous."
  • Spear Gun.pngSpear Gun Spear.pngSpear Gun Poison.pngSpear Gun Obsidian.pngSpear Gun (empty), Spear Gun, Poison Spear Gun, Obsidian Spear Gun- "Science takes care of me."
  • Cutlass Supreme.pngCutlass Supreme- "I hope this sword doesn't start to smell..."
  • Horned Helmet.pngHorned Helmet- "Nice and dry. This helmet will protect me from the elements."
  • Seashell Suit.pngSeashell Suit- "Arts and crafts!"
  • Limestone Suit.pngLimestone Suit- "I'm sure this will hold up great!"
  • Cactus Armor.pngCactus Armor- "The best defense is a good offense."

Icon Structures.pngStructures

  • Sand Castle.pngSand Castle- "Look what I made!"
  • Sand Castle Sand.pngSand Castle (sand)- "It's a sandcastle, in the sand!"
  • Wildbore House Build.pngWildbore House Burnt.pngWildbore House (normal, burning, and burnt)- "What a bore-ing house."
  • Prime Ape Hut Build.pngPrime Ape Hut (normal, burning, and burnt)- "Here be evil."
  • Limestone Wall.pngLimestone Wall (held)- "These would do more good if I placed them."
  • LimestoneWallStructure.pngLimestone Wall- "Sturdy."
  • Dragoon Den.pngDragoon Den- "Even goons gotta sleep."
  • Sandbag.pngSandbag (held)- "Sand technology on the go."
  • Sand Bag Structure.pngSandbag- "Keeps the water at bay."
  • Seaworthy.pngSeaworthy (Vanilla or ROG world)- "Ahoy!"
  • Seaworthy.pngSeaworthy (SW world)- "It's broken."
  • Buoy.pngBuoy- "Awww yaaaaa Buoy!"
  • Sea Chest.pngSea Chest- "Watertight, just like all my theories."
  • Ballphin Palace Build.pngBallphin Palace- "The place where the ballphins roost."
  • Sea Wall.pngSea Wall (held)- "I have to build it in the water."
  • Sea Wall Build.pngSea Wall- "I shelled out for the good stuff."

Icon Refine.pngRefine

  • Cloth.pngCloth- "Soft cloth made from hard root!"
  • Limestone.pngLimestone- "Looks like a useful building material."
  • Empty Bottle.pngEmpty Bottle- "Just an empty bottle."
  • Coral Nubbin.pngCoral Nubbin- "I want nubbin to do with that."

Icon Magic.pngMagic

  • Piratihatitator.pngPiratihatitator- "It's twisting my tongue."
  • Prestihatitator Burnt.pngPiratihatitator (burnt)- "Fire doesn't really solve naming issues..."
  • Dripple Pipes.pngDripple Pipes- "Is it dripping...?"

Icon Dress.pngDress

  • Brain of Thought.pngBrain of Thought- "Two brains means double the ideas!"
  • Snakeskin Hat.pngSnakeskin Hat- "Should repel the rain."
  • Snakeskin Jacket.pngSnakeskin Jacket- "How fashionable!"
  • Blubber Suit.pngBlubber Suit- "Well, it's something."
  • Windbreaker.pngWindbreaker- "The wind doesn't stand a chance!"
  • Tar Suit.pngTar Suit- "I'll pitch a fit if I have to wear that."
  • Particulate Purifier.pngParticulate Purifier- "Sucks all the stink out."
  • Sleek Hat.pngSleek Hat- "It really cuts through the air!"
  • Shark Tooth Crown.pngShark Tooth Crown- "What a dangerous looking hat."
  • Dumbrella.pngDumbrella- "The second umbrella keeps the first umbrella dry."

Icon Nautical.pngNautical

  • Log Raft.pngLog Raft- "This looks... boat-like..."
  • Raft.pngRaft- "This looks... adequate..."
  • Row Boat.pngRow Boat- "It runs on elbow grease."
  • Cargo Boat.pngCargo Boat- "It has room for all my stuff!"
  • Armored Boat.pngArmored Boat- "That is one durable boat."
  • Encrusted Boat.pngEncrusted Boat- "A mere shell of a ship."
  • The 'Sea Legs'.pngThe "Sea Legs"- "A vessel fit for a scallywag."
  • Boat Repair Kit.pngBoat Repair Kit- "This will add some float to my boat."
  • Thatch Sail.pngThatch Sail- "This should really transform my boating experience."
  • Cloth Sail.pngCloth Sail- "That wind isn't getting away now!"
  • Snakeskin Sail.pngSnakeskin Sail- "Scale it and sail it!"
  • Feather Lite Sail.pngFeather Lite Sail- "It's feather-light!"
  • Iron Wind.pngIron Wind- "This is how a scientist should travel."
  • Boat Cannon.pngBoat Cannon- "The only thing better than a boat is a boat with a cannon."
  • Quackering Ram.pngQuackering Ram- "Does my ingenuity know no bounds?!"
  • Sea Trap.pngSea Trap (held and placed)- "For the deadliest catch."
  • Sea Yard.pngSea Yard (off)- "It's not in shipshape right now."
  • Sea Yard.pngSea Yard (on)- "For keeping my ships in tiptop shape!"
  • Sea Yard.pngSea Yard (out of fuel)- "I'll need to refill that soon."
  • Tar Extractor.pngTar Extractor (off)- "I have to turn it on."
  • Tar Extractor.pngTar Extractor (on)- "It's running smoothly."
  • Tar Extractor.pngTar Extractor (out of fuel)- "I need to refuel that."
  • Trawl Net.pngTrawl Net- "Nothing but net."
  • Trawl Net Detached.pngTrawl Net (detached)- "It's bulging with potential!"
  • Trawl Net Sinking.pngTrawl Net (sinking)- "I think it's sinking."
  • Trawl Net Sinking.pngTrawl Net (sinking soon)- "It is definitely sinking."
  • Spyglass.pngSpyglass- "I spy with my little eye..."
  • Super Spyglass.pngSuper Spyglass- "I can see forever!"
  • Captain Hat.pngCaptain Hat- "The proper boating attire!"
  • Pirate Hat.pngPirate Hat- "Fit for a cutthroat scallywag. Or me."
  • Lucky Hat.pngLucky Hat- "Does it make me look scurvy... I mean scary!?"
  • Life Jacket.pngLife Jacket- "Keeps me afloat without my boat!"

Icon Volcanic.png​Volcanic

  • Obsidian Machete.pngObsidian Machete- "It's hot to the touch."
  • Obsidian Axe.pngObsidian Axe- "A winning combination!"
  • Obsidian Spear.pngObsidian Spear- "This will leave a mark."
  • Obsidian Armor.pngObsidian Armor- "I'm a genius."
  • Obsidian Coconade.pngObsidian Coconade- "It's even bombier!"
  • Howling Conch.pngHowling Conch- "I can hear the wind trapped within."
  • Sail Stick.pngSail Stick- "There must be a scientific explanation for this."
  • Volcano Staff.pngVolcano Staff- "The label says 'Keep out of reach of children'."

Eyeplant.pngNature - Plants

  • Bamboo Patch.pngBamboo Patch- "Looks pretty sturdy."
  • Bamboo Patch.pngBamboo Patch (burning)- "Bye bye, bamboo."
  • Bamboo Patch Burnt.pngJungle Tree Burnt.pngViney Bush Burnt.pngPalm Tree.pngBamboo Patch, Jungle Tree, Viney Bush, and Snake Den (burnt) and Palm Tree (burning)- "I feel like I could have prevented that."
  • Jungle Tree.pngJungle Tree- "That tree needs a hair cut."
  • Jungle Tree.pngPalm Tree Burnt.pngJungle Tree (burning) and Palm Tree (burnt)- "What a waste of wood."
  • Viney Bush.pngViney Bush and Snake Den- "It's all viney!"
  • Viney Bush.pngViney Bush and Snake Den (burning)- "Whoops."
  • Bamboo Patch Stump.pngWithered Bamboo Patch.pngJungle Tree Stump.pngViney Bush Stump.pngPalm Tree Stump.pngBamboo Patch, Jungle Tree, Viney Bush, Snake Den, and Palm Tree (stump & withered)- "Take that, nature!"
  • Bamboo Patch Dug.pngBamboo Root- "I need to plant this."
  • Viney Bush Root.pngViney Bush Root- "I suppose I should pick it up."
  • Jungle Tree Sapling.pngJungle Tree Sapling- "It will grow into a nice jungle tree."
  • Jungle Tree Seed.pngJungle Tree Seed- "I can hear the hissing of tiny snakes."
  • Bamboo.pngBamboo- "Maybe I can bamboozle my enemies with this?"
  • Vine.pngVine- "Maybe I can tie stuff up with this."
  • Water Grass.pngGrass (water)- "I hope you're thirsty, grass."
  • Brainy Sprout.pngBrainy Sprout- "I wonder what it's plotting..."
  • Seaweed Planted.pngSeaweed- "Is that what passes for food around here?"
  • Mangrove Tree.pngMangrove- "I wonder if it's getting enough water?"
  • Mangrove Tree Burnt.pngMangrove (burnt)- "I wonder how that happened."
  • Palm Tree.pngPalm Tree- "How tropical."
  • Palm Tree Sapling.pngPalm Tree (sapling)- "It doesn't need my help to grow anymore."
  • Palm Leaf.pngPalm Leaf- "I'm fond of these fronds."
  • Regular Jungle Tree.pngRegular Jungle Tree- "Just like any other tree."
  • Plant.pngTidal Plant- "Look. A plant."

Harp Statue.pngNature - Objects

  • Rabbit Hole.pngRabbit Hole Collapsed.pngCrabbit Den (normal and collapsed)- "They call a dug hole in the sand their home."
  • Mermhouse Fisher.pngFishermerm's Hut- "Doesn't smell very good."
  • Merm House Shipwrecked.pngMerm Hut- "Who would live here?"
  • Merm Hut Burnt.pngMerm Hut (burnt)- "Nothing to live in, now."
  • Shoal.pngShoal- "This area seems pretty fishy."
  • Wobster Den.pngWobster Den- "That Wascal is sleeping."
  • Coral Reef.pngCoral Reef- "The coral have formed a reef!"
  • Coral.pngCoral- "Living building material!"
  • Coral Larva.pngCoral Larva- "That's a baby coral reef."
  • Limpet Rock.pngWithered Limpet Rock.pngLimpet Rock (normal and withered)- "I could fill a pail with all those snails."
  • Limpet Rock Picked.pngLimpet Rock (picked)- "I can't fill a pail without snails."
  • Magma Pile.pngMagma Pile- "I can dig it."
  • Gold Magma Pile.pngMagma Pile (gold)- "I see a golden opportunity."
  • Krissure.pngKrissure- "Maybe I should stand back."
  • Steamer Trunk.pngSteamer Trunk- "It looks like a premier steamer trunk."
  • Sandy Pile.pngSandy Pile- "You better stay out of my shoes."
  • Sand.pngSand- "A handy pile of pocket sand."
  • Sharkitten den active.pngSharkitten Den- "Is that sand pile purring?"
  • Sharkitten den dormant.pngSharkitten Den (inactive)- "That is a rather large pile of sand."
  • Volcano.pngVolcano- "My scientific know-how tells me that's a perfectly safe mountain!"
  • Dragoon Egg.pngDragoon Egg- "Do I hear cracking?"
  • Suspicious Bubbles- "Something down there has bad breath."
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost its trail)- "I wonder where it went..."
  • Suspicious Bubbles (lost its trail, Monsoon Season)- "The water is too rough!"
  • Suspicious Bubbles (found)- "Follow those bubbles!"
  • Tar Slick.pngTar Slick- "There must be a way to get that tar out."
  • Tar.pngTar- "Do I have to hold it with my bare hands?"
  • Tar Trap.pngTar Trap- "Who's cleaning that up, I wonder?"
  • Tidal Pool.pngTidal Pool- "A pool left by the tides."
  • Lava Pool.pngLava Pool- "A bit hot for my tastes."
  • Mussel Farm4-1.pngMussels- "I wonder if they are from Brussels."
  • Mussel Farm4-1.pngMussel Stick.pngMussels (with stick)- "I really stuck it to them."
  • Slotmachine.pngSlot Machine- "I suppose I could linger for a moment or two..."
  • Electric Isosceles.pngElectric Isosceles- "Gives me an uneasy feeling."
  • Octopus Chest Build.pngOcto Chest- "I hope that thing is water proof."
  • Debris.pngDebris- "Part of a wrecked ship."
  • Crate.pngCrate- "There must be a way to open it."
  • Wildbore Head.pngPig Head Burnt.pngWildbore Head (normal and burnt)- "It smells as bad as it looks."
  • Seashell.pngSeashell (beached)- "Sea refuse."
  • Seashell.pngSeashell- "Maybe I could sell these."
  • Poison Hole.pngPoisonous Hole- "I think I'll stay away from that."
  • Gunpowder Barrel.pngGunpowder Barrel- "How original."
  • X Marks The Spot.pngX Marks the Spot- "Please be a good treasure!"
  • Rawling.pngRawling- "It's my buddy!"
  • Watery Grave.pngWatery Grave- "Sure, I could fish it out of there. But should I?"
  • Wreck Midship.pngWreck- "Poor little boat."
  • Wooden Thing Shipwrecked.pngWooden Platform Thing (all states)- "I think it's missing some parts."
  • Grassy Thing.pngGrassy Thing- "Wonder what this is used for."
  • Screw Thing.pngScrew Thing- "Looks like a part of something."
  • Wooden Potato Thing.pngWooden Potato Thing- "Seems like it was made with a purpose in mind."
  • Ring Thing Shipwrecked.pngRing Thing- "Looks like I could use this."

Obsidian Boulder.pngNature - Volcano

  • Obsidian Workbench.pngObsidian Workbench- "I feel inspired."
  • Coffee Plant.pngCoffee Plant- "This is a plant I could learn to love."
  • Coffee Plant Picked.pngCoffee Plant (picked)- "Maybe they'll grow back?"
  • Coffee Plant Withered.pngCoffee Plant (barren)- "I think it needs to be fertilized."
  • Coffee Plant Withered.pngCoffee Plant (withered)- "Looks malnourished."
  • Coffee Plant Dug.pngCoffee Plant (held)- "This belongs in the ground!"
  • Elephant Cactus.pngElephant Cactus- "That cactus seems abnormally pokey."
  • Withered Elephant Cactus.pngElephant Cactus (withered)- "Yikes! I could poke my eye out!"
  • Elephant Cactus Stump 2.pngElephant Cactus Stump- "It'll sprout more pokers again some day."
  • Elephant Cactus Dug.pngElephant Cactus (held)- "A portable poker plant."
  • Cactus Spike.pngCactus Spike- "I'm glad I didn't step on this."
  • Obsidian Boulder.pngObsidian Boulder- "Blast it! It won't be mined!"
  • Obsidian.pngObsidian- "It's a fire rock."
  • Charcoal Boulder.pngCharcoal Boulder- "Would need an awfully big stocking..."
  • Ash Tree.pngBurnt Ash Tree- "You look ashen."
  • Dragoon Saliva.pngDragoon Saliva- "It's SPITacularly disgusting!"
  • Woodlegs' Cage.pngWoodlegs' Cage- "That seems like an excessive amount of locks."
  • Woodlegs' Cage.pngWoodlegs (free)- "
  • Volcano Altar.pngVolcano Altar of Snackrifice- "It appears to be closed."
  • Volcano Altar.pngVolcano Altar of Snackrifice (active)- "The altar is open and ready to accept offerings!"
  • Volcano (exit)- "I can feel a cool breeze outside."

Grass Turf.pngTurfs

  • Snakeskin Rug.pngSnakeskin Rug- "Sssstyle ssssstatement."
  • Jungle Turf.pngJungle Turf- "Very gnarled ground."
  • Meadow Turf.pngMeadow Turf- "Meadow-y turf."
  • Magma Turf.pngMagma Turf- "Lava-y floor."
  • Tidal Marsh Turf.pngTidal Marsh Turf- "Marsh-y floor."
  • Ashy Turf.pngAshy Turf- "Ashy turf."
  • Volcano Turf.pngVolcano Turf- "Volcano-y turf."

Spider.pngMobs - Monsters

  • Crocodog.pngCrocodog- "I'd rather stay away from the business end of that jerk."
  • Yellow Crocodog.pngYellow Crocodog- "That looks like an experiment gone wrong."
  • Blue Crocodog.pngBlue Crocodog- "It's a dog-eat-me world out here."
  • Floaty Boaty Knight.pngFloaty Boaty Knight- "Get off the water you maniac!"
  • Flup.pngFlup- "Leave me alone!"
  • Eyeshot.pngEyeshot- "Eye see."
  • Pirate Ghost.pngPirate Ghost- "He met a terrible end. I will too if I don't get out of here."
  • Poison Mosquito.pngPoison Mosquito- "These blasted mosquitoes carry a terrible sickness."
  • Yellow Mosquito Sack.pngYellow Mosquito Sack- "Part of a yellow mosquito."
  • Snake.pngSnake- "I wonder if it'll sell me some oil?"
  • Poison Snake.pngPoison Snake- "Even worse than a common snake!"
  • Snakeskin.pngSnakeskin- "I'm intrigued AND repelled."
  • Spider Warrior (Venomous).pngSpider Warrior (venomous)- "Looks even meaner than usual."
  • Poison Spider Sleeping.pngSpider Warrior (venomous, sleeping)- "I should keep my distance."
  • Dead Spider Warrior (Venomous).pngSpider Warrior (venomous, dead)- "Good riddance!"
  • Sea Hound.pngSea Hound- "These things sure are persistent."
  • Stink Ray.pngStink Ray- "I think I'll keep my distance."
  • Swordfish.pngSwordfish- "I think this fish evolved to run me through."
  • White Whale.pngWhite Whale- "Looks like a fighter."
  • White Whale Carcass.pngWhite Whale Carcass- "I think bloating has begun..."
  • Dragoon.pngDragoon- "You're a quick one, aren't you?"

Pig.pngMobs - Neutral Animals

  • Blue Whale.pngBlue Whale- "This whale has emotional issues."
  • Blue Whale Carcass.pngBlue Whale Carcass (all stages)- "Gross. I think the bloating has begun."
  • Bottlenose Ballphin.pngBottlenose Ballphin- "Such a round, rubbery fellow."
  • Dorsal Fin.pngDorsal Fin- "Guess that house is FINished."
  • Jellyfish.pngJellyfish- "Science works in mysterious, blobby ways."
  • Jellyfish.pngJellyfish (held)- "Now this creature is pure science!"
  • Water Beefalo.pngWater Beefalo (normal, sleeping, and follower)- "These creatures seem reasonable."
  • Horn.pngHorn- "I grabbed the ox by the horn."
  • PrimeApe.pngPrime Ape- "Those things are going to be the end of me."
  • Wildbore.pngWildbore- "Looks aggressive."

Rabbit.pngMobs - Passive Animals

  • Bioluminescence.pngBioluminescence- "These make a soothing glow."
  • Crabbit.pngCrab (insanity).pngCrabbit and Beardling (normal and held)- "Don't get snappy with me, mister."
  • Shifting Sands.pngShifting Sands- "I wonder where that crabbit went?"
  • Dogfish.pngDogfish- "It has that wet-dog smell."
  • Sharkitten.pngSharkitten- "You have got to be kitten me."
  • Fishbone.pngFishbone- "Looks like something I want to carry around."
  • Ashes.pngFishbone (ashes)- "All that's left after the fire has done its job."
  • Packim Baggims.pngPackim Baggims- "I bet I could pack'im full of stuff."
  • Rainbow Jellyfish.pngRainbow Jellyfish- "A colorful blob of science."
  • Rainbow Jellyfish.pngRainbow Jellyfish (held)- "That's a lot of tendrils."
  • Parrot.pngParrot- "I find myself fresh out of crackers."
  • Parrot Pirate.pngParrot Pirate- "I try not to eat anything with a name."
  • Seagull.pngSeagull- "Shoo! Find some other land!"
  • Seagull.pngSeagull (in water)- "Shoo! Find some other water!"
  • Toucan.pngToucan- "I tou-can't catch him."
  • Cormorant.pngCormorant- "I bet it eats a lot of fish."
  • Doydoy.pngDoydoy- "I feel oddly protective of this dumb bird."
  • Doydoy Nest.pngDoydoy Nest- "It's for doydoy eggs, dummy."
  • Doydoy Feather.pngDoydoy Feather- "Soft AND endangered!"
  • Doydoy Egg.pngDoydoy Egg- "Maybe I should have let it hatch."
  • Doydoy Egg.pngHatching Doydoy Egg- "Oh well. I'm sure there are lots more!"
  • Baby Doydoy.pngBaby Doydoy- "What a cute little... thing."
  • Wobster.pngWobster- "What a Wascally Wobster."
  • Fishermerm.pngFishermerm- "You better not try anything fishy."

Spider Queen.pngMobs - Bosses

  • Palm Treeguard.pngPalm Treeguard- "Someone gimme a hand with this palm!"
  • Quacken.pngQuacken- "Now's not the time for me to be Quacken wise!"
  • Quacken Tentacle.pngQuacken Tentacle- "A beast that never sleeps."
  • Chest of the Depths.pngChest of the Depths- "To the victor, the spoils."
  • Quacken Beak.pngQuacken Beak- "I'd say I made the pecking order around here quite clear."
  • Sealnado.pngSealnado- "I thought it was oddly windy around here."
  • Sealnado.pngSealnado (failed attack)- "
  • Seal.pngSealnado (seal form)- "D'awww."
  • Turbine Blades.pngTurbine Blades- "Perhaps this powered the fury of that beastly storm?"
  • Magic Seal.pngMagic Seal- "This is a powerful artifact."
  • Tiger Shark.pngTiger Shark- "Well that's terrifying."
  • Eye of the Tiger Shark.pngEye of the Tiger Shark- "More eyes means better sight... right?"
  • Shark Gills.pngShark Gills- "I wish I had gills."

Abigail.pngMobs - Other

  • Wilbur.pngSoggy Monkey (Wilbur)- "He looks kind of regal."
  • Yaarctopus.pngYaarctopus- "I'm a sucker for this guy."

Meat.pngFood - Meats

  • Dead Dogfish.pngDead Dogfish- "Good dog."
  • Dead Swordfish.pngDead Swordfish- "I better not run with this."
  • Tropical Fish.pngTropical Fish- "What a tropical looking fish."
  • Dead Jellyfish.pngDead Jellyfish- "It lived a good life. Maybe."
  • Cooked Jellyfish.pngCooked Jellyfish- "It's all wriggly."
  • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish.pngDead Rainbow Jellyfish- "An electric shock will not revive it. I tried."
  • Cooked Rainbow Jellyfish.pngCooked Rainbow Jellyfish- "A colorful snack!"
  • Dried Jellyfish.pngDried Jellyfish- "I'd be a jerk not to eat this."
  • Raw Fish.pngRaw Fish- "A chunk of fish meat."
  • Tuna Can.png"Ballphin Free" Tuna- "Where did this can come from?"
  • Fish Steak.pngFish Steak- "Grilled to perfection."
  • Fish Morsel.pngFish Morsel- "A small bit of fish."
  • Cooked Fish Morsel.pngCooked Fish Morsel- "A small bit of cooked fish."
  • Limpets.pngLimpets- "Limpets Bizkets."
  • Cooked Limpets.pngCooked Limpets- "Escargotcha!"
  • Mussel.pngMussel- "Could use some flexing."
  • Cooked Mussel.pngCooked Mussel- "I cook a mean mussel."
  • Roe.pngRoe- "Fish babies."
  • Cooked Roe.pngCooked Roe- "Roe, sunny side up."
  • Neon Quattro.pngNeon Quattro- "It looks like a fish, but it feels clammy."
  • Cooked Neon Quattro.pngCooked Neon Quattro- "Fried fry."
  • Pierrot Fish.pngPierrot Fish- "This one's extra water repellent."
  • Cooked Pierrot Fish.pngCooked Pierrot Fish- "Gilled to perfection."
  • Purple Grouper.pngPurple Grouper- "Surf and turf, hold the turf."
  • Cooked Purple Grouper.pngCooked Purple Grouper- "That fish is fin-ished."
  • Shark Fin.pngShark Fin- "A sleek fin."
  • Dead Wobster.pngDead Wobster- "You should cook up nicely."
  • Cooked Wobster.pngDelicious Wobster- "I can't wait to eat you."
  • Fried Doydoy Egg.pngFried Doydoy Egg- "A controlled chemical reaction has made this egg matter more nutritious."
  • Bile-Covered Slop.pngBile-Covered Slop- "I'm not dissecting that."
  • Dragoon Heart.pngDragoon Heart- "Where the dragoon once stored its feelings."

Dragon Fruit.pngFood - Fruits

  • Banana.pngBanana- "It's mushy."
  • Cooked Banana.pngCooked Banana- "Yum!"
  • Coconut.pngCoconut- "It requires a large nut hacker."
  • Halved Coconut.pngHalved Coconut- "When I click them together, they make horsey sounds!"[2]
  • Roasted Coconut.pngRoasted Coconut- "Now I just need a cake."
  • Coffee Beans.pngCoffee Beans- "They could use some roasting."
  • Cooked Coffee Beans.pngRoasted Coffee Beans- "Heat definitely improved them."

Carrot.pngFood - Vegetables

  • Seaweed.pngSeaweed- "A weed. Of the sea."
  • Roasted Seaweed.pngRoasted Seaweed- "Crispy."
  • Dried Seaweed.pngDried Seaweed- "Salty!"
  • Sweet Potato Planted.pngSweet Potato (planted)- "That's an odd looking carrot."
  • Sweet Potato.pngSweet Potato- "Looks yammy!"
  • Cooked Sweet Potato.pngCooked Sweet Potato- "Looks even yammier!"

Ratatouille.pngFood - Crock Pot

  • Banana Pop.pngBanana Pop- "No, not brain freeze! I need that for science!"
  • Bisque.pngBisque- "Cooking that sure kept me bisque-y!"
  • California Roll.pngCalifornia Roll- "But I don't have chopsticks."
  • Ceviche.pngCeviche- "Can I get a bigger bowl? This one looks a little shrimpy."
  • Coffee.pngCoffee- "Smells delicious and energizing!"
  • Jelly-O Pop.pngJelly-O Pop- "Jelly-O pop it right in my mouth!"
  • Lobster Bisque.pngLobster Bisque- "Could use more salt, but that's none of my bisque-ness."
  • Lobster Dinner.pngLobster Dinner- "If I eat it in the morning is it still dinner?"
  • Seafood Gumbo.pngSeafood Gumbo- "It's a jumbo seafood gumbo."
  • Shark Fin Soup.pngShark Fin Soup- "It's shark fin-ished!"
  • Surf 'n' Turf.pngSurf 'n' Turf- "It's perf!"
  • Fresh Fruit Crepes.pngFresh Fruit Crepes- "Sugary fruit! Part of a balanced breakfast."
  • Monster Tartare.pngMonster Tartare- "There's got to be something else to eat around here."
  • Mussel Bouillabaise.pngMussel Bouillabaise- "Imagine the experiments I could run on it!"
  • Sweet Potato Souffle.pngSweet Potato Souffle- "Sweet potato souffles are a rising trend."
  • Caviar.pngCaviar- "I never had it before I came here."
  • Tropical Bouillabaisse.pngTropical Bouillabaisse- "I seasoned it with a dash of science."

Rot.pngFood - Other

  • Blubber.pngBlubber- "Squishy."
  • Brainy Matter.pngBrainy Matter- "Food for thought."
  • Sweet Potato Seeds.pngSweet Potato Seeds- "My very own plant eggs."

Trinkets.pngMisc Items

  • Venom Gland.pngVenom Gland- "Only poison can cure poison."
  • Dubloons.pngDubloons- "I'm rich!"
  • Hail.pngHail- "Chilling."
  • Message in a Bottle.pngMessage in a Bottle- "Someone wrote me a note!"
  • Spoiled Fish.pngSpoiled Fish- "I'm not terribly curious about the smell."
  • Snake Oil.pngSnake Oil- "The label says 'Jay's Wondrous Snake Oil!'"
  • Harpoon.pngHarpoon- "I don't intend to harp on the issue."
  • Trident.pngTrident- "I wonder how old this artifact is?"
  • Peg Leg.pngPeg Leg- "I can perform amputations if anyone'd like to wear it for real."
  • Orange Soda.pngOrange Soda- "What is this substance?"
  • Voodoo Doll.pngVoodoo Doll- "This thing gives me the creeps..."
  • Ukulele.pngUkulele- "Incredible! This guitar has undergone shrinkification!"
  • License Plate.pngLicense Plate- "How did this get all the way out here?"
  • Ancient Vase.pngAncient Vase- "A relic of a bygone era!"
  • Brain Cloud Pill.pngBrain Cloud Pill- "Clouding of the brain... never heard of it..."
  • Wine Bottle Candle.pngWine Bottle Candle- "I'm sure someone would like this."
  • Broken AAC Device.pngBroken AAC Device- "Someone lost their words."
  • One True Earring.pngOne True Earring- "I wonder where the false one is?"
  • Old Boot.pngOld Boot- "Where's the other one?"
  • Sextant.pngSextant- "An instrument of some sort."
  • Toy Boat.pngToy Boat- "I ought to measure it to make sure it's to scale."
  • Soaked Candle.pngSoaked Candle- "Looks kinda soggy."
  • Sea Worther.pngSea Worther- "Scientific!"
  • Iron Key.pngIron Key- "That's a key."
  • Bone Key.pngBone Key- "Something somewhere must be locked."
  • Golden Key.pngGolden Key- "This key probably unlocks something."
  • Tarnished Crown.pngTarnished Crown- "It's oddly monkey-sized."


  • Volcano eruption warning- "That doesn't sound good."
  • Volcano eruption- "That can't be good."
  • Sea Hounds are coming- "I'm going to need a bigger boat..."[3]
  • Crocodogs are coming- "Did you hear that?"
  • Sealnado is coming- "That sounded big!"
  • Map border approaching- "Here there be monsters."[4]
  • Entering map border- "It would seem my future is foggy."
  • Exiting map border- "I think I felt something brush against my leg..."
  • Wave.pngRiding wave- "Weeeee!"
  • Boat losing durability- "I need to get to land!"
  • Boat leak- "I think I sprung a leak."
  • Boat sinking- "I seem to be sinking."
  • Trawl Net.pngTrawl Net full- "My net filled up!"
  • Crabbit escape- "I could've sworn it was right there..."
  • Message in a Bottle.pngWrong world- "This seems to point to points unknown."


  • Sand Bag Structure.pngSandbag- "This should keep the water out."
  • Trawl Net.pngTrawl Net- "I see no possible downsides to using this."
  • Seaworthy.pngSeaworthy (SW world)- "And so I sail away into the horizon..."
  • Joy of Volcanology.pngJoy of Volcanology- "The foreword just says "Hope you like dragoons.""
  • Coconut.pngCoconut- "That is a large nut."
  • Palm Tree Sapling.pngPalm Tree (sapling)- "It requires a large nut hacker."
  • Shoal.pngShoal- "I can't see the bottom!"
  • Volcano.pngVolcano- "That seems safe."
  • Seaworthy Old.pngMalfunctioning Novelty Ride- "It's broken."
  • Blue Whale Carcass.pngBlue Whale Carcass- "I think bloating has begun..."
  • Shifting Sands- "I wonder where that crab went?"
  • Yaarctopus.pngYaarctopus- "He seems open to trading."
  • Limpets.pngLimpets- "Maybe starving wouldn't be so bad..."
  • Wave.pngRiding wave- "Surf's up!"
  • Message in a Bottle.pngWrong world- "This map doesn't correlate to my current surroundings."
  • Speargun.pngSpeargun- "Oh, the science I could get up to with this!"
  • Poison Speargun.pngPoison Speargun- "Poison tipped."
  • Obsidian Speargun.pngObsidian Speargun- "Fire tipped."
  • Poison Mosquito.pngPoison Mosquito- "These blasted mosquitos carry a sickness."
  • Toucan.pngToucan (normal and held)- "What a show-off."

Placeholder.png Trivia

  1. Reference to the movie Cast Away, in which the main character makes a companion out of a volleyball and names it "Wilson".
  2. Reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which knights tap coconuts together to imitate the sound of horse hooves.
  3. Reference to the movie Jaws, in which a lead character says, "We're gonna need a bigger boat," while being stalked by a shark.
  4. Reference to old map making, in which mapmakers would mark "here be dragons" to signify unexplored areas.