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Don't Starve Together is the sequel to Don't Starve, and features the requested multiplayer mechanics. It was originally scheduled to come out in Summer 2014,[1] though a specific date was not given. However, sign-ups for a limited-access, closed Beta were released. It came out on Mac and Linux after being finalized on Windows.

Starting December 15, 2014, Don't Starve Together Beta was in Steam Early Access, and on June 3, 2015, Don't Starve Together Early Access was released for free to owners of Don't Starve on Steam. It left early access and was fully released on April 21, 2016. Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together can be bought individually or as a bundle.

For detailed information on Don't Starve Together's update history, see Version History.


Don't Starve Together has multiple ways to play with others: LAN, network, and matchmaking play. Many items have been balanced or removed in order to keep the game fair. PvP are optional by the server operator. Dedicated, player-hosted and LAN servers are available, and chat is global or local depending on the server admin's preference. A type of server called "Friends Only" allows a server to be created whereby the only people who can join have to be on the hosting player's Steam friends list. Many console commands have changed or been removed for DST.

Game Modes

There are three game modes: Default, Forge and Gorge.

  • Default is the main game content of this game.
    • We survive together, we die together!
      • Survive through the seasons and protect yourself from the world.
      • Uncover ancient secrets hidden within the shadows.
      • Grow crops, catch fish, hunt for meat. Whatever you do, don't starve.
  • Forge Is a time-limited event mode, it's a 6-player co-op challenge in an arena, combat with exclusive enemy Mobs and Bosses.
    • Prove yourself to Battlemaster Pugna in this Gate Realm.
      • Enter the world through the Molten Gateway.
      • No hunger or sanity.
      • Use what you can find. No outside weapons in the Pit!
  • Gorge Is a time-limited event mode, it's a 3-player co-op challenge involving cooking, farming, and gathering ingredients.
    • Cook delicious dishes to appease the Eternal Gnaw in this Gate Realm.
      • Enter the world through the Mossy Gateway.
      • No nighttime.
      • Use what you can find to cook offerings for the altar!


New playstyles was added in A Little Drama and QOL update. They allow you to choose different modes for the game. There are 5 game modes in total: relaxed, endless, survival, wilderness, light out.

Relaxed Playstyle.png
  • Relaxed - "A more relaxed playstyle with less threats from the world." - The players will not die from starvation, freezing, overheating, or the darkness. Damage taken is reduced, and resurrection is always available via the Florid Postern (without maximum health penality).
Endless Playstyle.png
  • Endless - "A never-ending Don't Starve sandbox." - This mode is similar to the Survival mode, except that the world never resets, and Ghost players are able to resurrect themselves at the spawn portal when they die, as many times as they wish (although they'll get a maximum health penality from doing so).
Survival Playstyle.png
  • Survival - "The standard Don't Starve experience." - It is the default mode, intended to be a cooperative, more difficult, in which dead players become ghosts. When all players are dead, a 120-second timer starts, and if no players are revived in that time, the world resets.
Wilderness Playstyle.png
  • Wilderness - "It's wild and dangerous out there!" - Players spawn in random locations across the map. Players who die are returned to the character select screen, allowing them to respawn in a new random location as a new character, as if they joined the server for the first time : their map progress is wiped, their prototypes and blueprint recipes are unlearned, and their survived day counter is reset. The players can't resurrect, and touchstones don't exist (although their set pieces with pig heads will still be generated). The world never resets.
Light out Playstyle.png
  • Light out - "A dark twist on the standard Don't Starve experience." - This mode have the same settings as the Survival mode, except the night is permanent.


The dialogue box that appears when everyone has died.

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Ghost Characters

Ghost Players are a new feature that introduces the ability to live after death, although in a downgraded state. Whenever a player dies, a skeleton spawns at their death point. Their inventory is dropped, and they become a ghost. Upon death, WX-78 also loses their upgrades. Ghosts can Haunt items and structures, possibly setting objects on fire, or affecting them in some other way.

A ghost can be resurrected using a Touch Stone, Meat Effigy, Life Giving Amulet, or the Telltale Heart. Players may also resurrect through the Florid Postern or Celestial Portal if server operator enable the "Revive At Florid Postern" Customization . When the ghost re-spawns, their inventory will be empty and their hunger and sanity are set to the same as resurrection in the base game.

Being resurrected with the Telltale Heart or with the Florid Postern Portal also incurs a maximum health penalty on the player. Each resurrection adds 25% to the Health Meter.png penalty, which caps out at 75% (leaving the player with 25% of their maximum health). The health lost to this penalty can be restored by 25% using a Booster Shot.

Once there is a player ghost in the world, other players will suffer a continuous 3.3/min Sanity Meter.png sanity drain for each ghost (up to 10/min total).

Additional Content

Don't Starve Together includes almost all content of the base game and the Reign of Giants DLC. Some features from the Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs were also introduced over time. Additionally, several new entities were added to re-balance characters, giants, and seasonal mechanics for the multiplayer aspect of the game:

  • Tweaks/Changes to existing content
    • Captured small animals (Rabbits, Birds etc.) now starve to death if not fed. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Deerclops can now freeze opponents and has a smaller attack range. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Ghosts' attacks no longer ignore armor. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Many existing equippable items now offer differing amounts of water resistance. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Many existing items and structures are now flammable. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Both the Piggyback and Krampus Sack are waterproof (items inside don't become wet) and the Piggyback slows the player down less. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • The Umbrella and the Straw Hat now lose durability when equipped. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • The Thermal Stone and Ham Bat can now be cooled in an Ice Box or Snow Chester. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Lightning can now hit and damage the player. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Food ready to be harvested on Crock Pots and Drying Racks will start to spoil and some existing meals give warmth, or cool the player down when consumed. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • During Spring, flowers will spawn on their own, Bees will become aggressive, and Beefalo will be constantly in heat. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Many items and structures have new recipes and crafting tiers. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Bones can now be hammered for Bone Shards. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • When the player dies, a Skeleton will be left at that location with the player's items. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Weather effects now happen in Caves and Ruins too. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Many items considered non-renewable can be made renewable with Tumbleweeds. This includes Thulecite (requires Thulecite to begin with), Gems, Gears, and Graveyard Trinkets. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Trees now offer protection from overheating and rain. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Striking a Mob with a Torch or Lighter may set it on fire. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Beehives, Killer Bee Hives, Spider Dens, and Slurtle Mounds can be lit on fire directly using a Torch, Lighter, or Fire Staff. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Fertilizers and Ice Staves can be used to extinguish fires directly. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Feathers can now be used as fuel. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Glow Berries and Deerclops Eyeballs are now stackable. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • The Ham Bat now does less damage as it spoils. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Silks become tradable. Reign of Giants icon.png
    • Ground-pound attack no longer deals damage to the same target multiple times. Shipwrecked icon.png

A New Reign

A New Reign Release Poster.

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: A New Reign

A free DLC originally called Through the Ages was announced for Spring 2015, and contains new content specifically made for multiplayer, such as mounting Beefalo using saddles.[2] However, due to complications with implementing Cave biomes, Klei pushed back the release date. After the Caves made their way into DST and the game went out of Early Access, the DLC was once again announced, now under the name A New Reign, and was distributed through an ongoing series of updates.[3] Some of the features that are officially part of the DLC were incorporated into the game via update on December 23, 2015, much earlier than the Beta Launch of the DLC, August 11, 2016.

Return of Them

Return of Them Announcement Poster.

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Return of Them

Return of Them is an expansion to Don't Starve Together, styled similarly to A New Reign. It adds many new features including sailable waters, a new Lunar Island area with new biomes, new mobs, craftable items, and more. Its beta branch was both announced and launched on May 16, 2019.[4]


Don't Starve Together features Caves and Ruins, which must be toggled on via a tab in the Server Creation menu. The Caves and Ruins now share the same map level, since each map level requires a separate server.

Thermal Stones now have durability, intended to represent cracks formed as a result of heating and cooling. Armor has less durability (by 30%) and can no longer be multiplicatively stacked as before; the game now uses the better armor's absorption and then divides the damage absorbed between the two worn armors weighted by their absorption. The Pan Flute now has the ability to knock other players besides the user unconscious for a short time, if PVP is enabled.

Due to Gears being a less available resource, WX-78 now starts with 150 health, sanity, and hunger, but each set of gears provide less of an upgrade (still bringing it to 300/400/200 overall after 15 upgrades).

Maxwell now comes only with his Codex Umbra and 6 Nightmare Fuel. His Sanity boost has been reduced from 20/min to 6.67/min. The Shadow Tab was added, in which one can craft the Codex and different types of puppets. Puppets cost 2 Nightmare Fuel, a tool matching their action, and 20% (worker) or 35% (duelist) of Maxwell's maximum sanity.

Many mobs have had their health increased:

DST Health Rebalances
Enemy DS health DST health
Werepig 350 525
Pig Guard 300 600
Merm 250 500
MacTusk 150 300
Clockwork Knight 300 900
Clockwork Bishop 300 900
Clockwork Rook 300 900
Beefalo 500 1000
Koalefant 500 1000
Spider Warrior 200 400
Treeguard (small) 1400 2100
Treeguard (medium) 2000 3000
Treeguard (large) 2500 3750
Moose/Goose 3000 6000
Dragonfly 2750 27500
Bearger 3000 6000
Deerclops 2000 4000
Tallbird 400 800
Teenbird 300 600
Krampus 200 300
Spider Queen 1250 2500
Ancient Guardian 2500 10000
Slurtle 600 1200
Volt Goat 350 700
Buzzard 125 250
Cave Spider 150 225
Spitter 175 350
Big Tentacle 500 750
Rock Lobster 1500 3000
Mosling 350 525


Sleeping has been significantly changed. Normally, when going to sleep, the day would fast-forward to sunrise and replenish health and sanity at the cost of hunger upon waking up. However, when on a server, sleeping will not fast forward to sunrise but will instead leave the player unable to move and unaffected by the night monster. This will replenish health and sanity while draining hunger faster than normal over time; the rate at which will be dependent on what type of structure or item was used to sleep. When using a normal sleeping item, the player can wake themselves up by trying to move. If the player was put to sleep (pan flute, cooking a mandrake, etc.), they will reawaken after a small amount of time. The player will always wake up if hunger reaches 0.

Pausing the server

Server admins and local hosts can pause or un-pause the game via pause hotkey (P by default). There are also two auto pause option that can be toggled on and off that allowing auto pausing when players opening the menu (Esc by default), map or console window.

The console command


can stop the time in the server, and will pause the game to all players. However, the game behavior after that command may be unexpected, and trying the un-pause command


may cause the server to hang completely, forcing to close the game.

Favorite Food

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Food#Favorite Food

Characters now have a favorite food, which will provide 15 extra Hunger Meter.png when consumed by the player.


The Map has been modified to include a fog of war, preventing players to see changes to remote locations in the map. Each player's explored areas are tracked separately, however players can share their exploration with others using Map Scrolls.


Players communicate and express themselves through two chat modes: global chat (accessed via "Y" key by default) and local "whisper" chat (accessed via "U" key by default). Global chat is seen by all players, whether they are up on the Surface world or down inside Caves. Whispered messages, on the other hand, can only be seen by players who are in the vicinity of the speaker. Whispered chat looks the same as global chat, but the word "Whisper" is displayed before it.


Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Emotes

Emotes are used by entering their respective commands in chat, such as /happy, /angry, /no, /bonesaw, /dance, /facepalm, /joy, /kiss, /pose, /rude, /cry, /wave, /sit, and /squat. Each emote will trigger an animation by the player's character.

There are also unlockable emotes that are Event exclusive or can only be unlocked by completing Skin ensembles.


Attacking players, giving players items, and reviving ghosts is tracked by the game and can impact what other characters say about said player when inspecting them. For example, if Willow were to inspect a harmless Wilson she would say, "Hi (playername)!". But had he been attacking someone, she would say, "Why, (playername)... that fire in your eyes!" Or if a player has been reviving other players, she will say "(playername) won't leave anyone behind.".


Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Curio Cabinet

Wilson Guest of Honor Portrait.png

Curios are collectable items exclusive to Don't Starve Together that can be used to customize the appearance of players' Characters, profiles, chat messages and loading screens. There are seven different types of Curios which exist of various rarities: Skins, Belongings, Emotes, Emoticons, Portrait Frames, Profile Icons and Vignettes. Their purpose is to provide a stronger sense of individuality to players.

Curios are obtainable through randomly timed drops while playing the game, and when opening the game daily. Players can earn up to 15 Curios per week. The weekly reset occurs around 1pm PST every Thursday, right before Klei Entertainment's weekly Rhymes with Play Twitch broadcast. Some Curios are excluded from these drops and are only obtainable through special means. They can also be bought from Klei Entertainment directly by purchasing specific Curio Chests.

The Trade Inn interface can be used to exchange nine unwanted Skins or Belongings to an item of a higher rarity tier. Unwanted Curios can also be unraveled into Spools which can then be weaved into other items.

For Skins specifically, there are five different categories (Head Skins, Body Skins, Hands Skins, Legs Skins and Feet Skins) which can be combined freely to change the player character's appearance. Players can choose what Skins their character will wear in the Character Select screen and ingame by using a Wardrobe. Skins are entirely cosmetic only and do not have a function ingame, all of them are non-gender-specific.


Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Mods

Don't Starve Together supports mods, yet many of them that rewrite core Don't Starve code had to be updated to the new formats. In DST, there are three kinds of mods:

  • client-only, which are enabled by each player individually and used on any server. These usually make changes to the interface.
  • server-only, which must be enabled on the server, but no joining players need to download. These usually make small changes to game mechanics, such as changing the timing of things, or scaling creature stats.
  • all-clients, which all players on a server need to have. The Steam Workshop automatically handles downloading and enabling these for players when they join a server with an all-clients mod enabled. These mods can change almost anything about the game.

Xbox Achievements

The Xbox One version of Don't Starve Together has 36 achievements.

Achievement Requirement
Not Dead Yet.jpg Not Dead Yet Survived 20 consecutive days. 15
Stayin' Alive.jpg Stayin' Alive Survived 35 consecutive days. 30
I Will Survive.jpg I Will Survive Survived 55 consecutive days. 30
I'm a Survivor.jpg I'm a Survivor Survived 70 consecutive days. 60
Bachelor of Science.jpg Bachelor of Science Built a Science Machine. 15
Master of Science.jpg Master of Science Built an Alchemy Machine. 15
Doctor of Science.jpg Doctor of Science Built a Shadow Manipulator. 15
Honorary Doctor of Science.jpg Honorary Doctor of Science Built a Prestihatinator [sic]. 15
Worming My Way In.jpg Worming My Way In Willingly jumped down a gross hole. 15
Make it Rain.jpg Make it Rain Struck a deal with a large porky monarch. 15
What a Lovely Day.jpg What a Lovely Day Grew a pretty flower. Aw. 30
Busy Bee.jpg Busy Bee Harvested some sweet, sweet honey from an overflowing beebox. 15
Quick and Thimble.jpg Quick and Thimble Demonstrated your formidable sewing skills. 15
Pig Pen.jpg Pig Pen Had six simultaneous pigman followers. What a party! 15
Tough Crowd.jpg Tough Crowd Had four simultaneous rock lobster followers. Snappy! 15
Not Your Momma.jpg Not Your Momma Witnessed the miracle of Tallbird motherhood. 30
Tree Whisperer.jpg Tree Whisperer Soothed an enraged tree. 15
Open Sesame.jpg Open Sesame Found a hole in the ground. Wow! 15
Quakin' in My Boots.jpg Quakin' in My Boots You felt the earth move under your feet and the sky tumblin' down. 15
Tentacle Express.jpg Tentacle Express Travelled in the exact opposite of style. 15
Turtling.jpg Turtling Wore Snurtle Shell Armor and a Shelmet at the same time. 15
We All Die Alone... Together!.jpg We All Die Alone... Together! Visited a public world. 15
If You Build It They Will Come.jpg If You Build It They Will Come Hosted a public world for 40 consecutive days. 30
A Giving Heart.jpg A Giving Heart Brought a friend back from the dead. 30
These Kids are our Future.jpg These Kids are our Future Give resources to a new player after establishing yourself for 20 days. 30
Express Yourself.jpg Express Yourself Showed everyone your true feelings with an emote. 15
Sunday Best.jpg Sunday Best Donned a fashionable character skin. 15
Shifty, but Thrifty.jpg Shifty, but Thrifty Crafted a new clothing item with the help of a mysterious Innkeeper. 15
Death Perception.jpg Death Perception Defeated a Deerclops. 30
Insecticide Regicide.jpg Insecticide Regicide Defeated a Spider Queen. 30
Ancient History.jpg Ancient History Defeated an Ancient Guardian. 30
Gone South.jpg Gone South Defeated a Moose. Or a Goose. Or both? 60
BEARserker!.jpg BEARserker! Defeated a Bearger. 60
No Fly Zone.jpg No Fly Zone Defeated a Dragonfly. 60
Beast of the Bottomless Stomach.jpg Beast of the Bottomless Stomach Domesticated a wild beefalo. 60
Defier of Odds.jpg Defier of Odds You filled your achievement case to brimming. 100

Cyclum Puzzles

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Cyclum Puzzles

With the official release of the game, a new comic was released in which one must complete a series of puzzles to keep following along. The story takes place right after the ending of the adventure mode, when Wilson frees Maxwell from the throne. It is revealed that Charlie saved Wilson from the throne and sent him back to the Wilderness, taking the throne for herself and thus becoming the main antagonist of Don't Starve Together.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The way Wilson creates the multiplayer portal (shown below) is similar to how he created Maxwell's Door, both of which bring people into the Constant. Silhouettes of Wendy, Wes, and Wolfgang can be seen in the portal.
    • The Cyclum Puzzles reveal that Maxwell assisted Wilson while creating the Jury-Rigged Portal, which was destroyed by Charlie right after being turned on and was replaced with the Florid Postern.
  • Winona is the first playable character exclusive to Don't Starve Together.
  • The main menu changes depending on in-game events and updates.

Blueprint.png Gallery