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She's... perfect.


The Extra-Adorable Lavae is a follower exclusive to Don't Starve Together. She has 250 health and can be hatched from the Lavae Egg. The Lavae will follow the tooth that dropped from the same egg as she spawned from. She will provide light, heat and allows food to be cooked on her bodydy, like a Campfire and Dwarf Star. The Extra-Adorable Lavae is smaller than the hostile Lavae, allowing them to be distinguished a little easier. Extra-Adorable Lavae is immune to fire.

Lavae eat Ashes and Charcoal and will starve if they don't eat enough. If a Lavae gets very hungry, she will set things on fire on her own so she can eat, ignoring the player. Like Smallbirds, Lavae will starve to death (after 2 days, or 16 real minutes) if they can't find anything to eat, so she must be constantly fed. Ashes and Charcoal both restore 18.75% each (6 clock segments, or 3 real minutes) of Lavae's hunger.

If a Lavae is frozen, it will turn into a rock and die after a while unless she is hit. She takes 3 hits from the Ice Staff to be frozen. Upon death, Lavae's Tooth will turn to Ashes. The Lavae will then become a Chilled Lavae.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Packing the Lavae Tooth in Bundling Wrap will also package the Extra-Adorable Lavae, halting her hunger depletion and loss of warmth, saving her from potential attackers until the bundling wrap is reopened.
  • Feeding the Lavae either charcoal or ash will heal her for 20 health each.
  • Lavae are very useful in Winter as they are essentially walking campfires, though they produce less light.
  • The heat Lavae radiate is enough to set objects on fire, so caution is advised.
  • Inspecting Lavae will tell where her hunger currently resides. (Ex: Webber says "It's my friend!" at 100%-76%, "Happy Lavae" at 75%-51%, "Poor hungry Lavae" at 51%-26%, and "It's starving!" under 26%)
  • The Lavae is one of the few companions that can follow the player between the Caves and the overworld.
  • The Scaled Furnace does not heat her.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name Lavae is a portmanteau of lava, and the plural of larva (larvae), a juvenile stage of some insects. The Extra-Adorable part of the name refers to this Lavae's specific smaller size.

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