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Butterfly Wings are a Food item dropped by killing Butterflies. They are a very reliable drop (98%), although there is a small chance of getting Butter instead (2%).

Eating Butterfly Wings will restore 8 Health, the same as a Spider Gland, and a little bit of Hunger. They can be used to create Butter Muffins in a Crock Pot. Butterfly Wings can be easily farmed by setting up a Butterfly Farm, with Beefalo in heat, Hounds, or even Catcoons in RoG.

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, Butterfly Wings can be acquired by destroying Tumbleweeds. Doing this will not provoke Krampus. Butterfly Wings can also be given to Catcoons to befriend them.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Butterfly Wings take on a blue appearance as do the tropical Butterflies they drop from.

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Filler can't be Meats or Mandrake

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  • Butterfly Wings are a good healing item during early game and in a pinch. They provide the same amount of healing as Spider Glands do. However, Butterfly Wings can be obtained easier, and with less risk. On the other hand, unlike Spider Glands, Butterfly Wings spoil over time, and are difficult to obtain during the Night or Winter. While the Spider Glands can be used to make Healing Salves, Butterfly Wings can be used to make Butter Muffins to heal same amount of additional hit points, however the latter requires a Crock Pot.
  • Even though it is dropped by an animal, it is not considered meat. This means it cannot be eaten by Wigfrid, but can be eaten by Wurt (this is probably due to the fact that butterflies are flying flowers and therefore a plant based food)

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