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Sổ Lưu Niệm (Scrapbook) là một tính năng độc quyền của Don't Starve Together, được giới thiệu trong bản mở rộng From Beyond, cập nhật Terrors Below. Nó là một bộ sưu tập những vật phẩm và sinh vật mà người chơi đã phát hiện trước đó, chứa các chi tiết như Máu, sát thương, chiến lợi phẩm, lương thực và những chỉ số mà chúng cung cấp cũng như những trích dẫn kiểm tra từ từng nhân vật có thể chơi được.

Sổ Lưu Niệm có thể được mở khóa hoàn toàn bằng lệnh này;



To write a creature to the Scrapbook, you must either examine it or kill it.

Image Meaning Value
Health Icon.png Health [int]
Damage Icon.png Damage [int]
Rotting Icon.png Perish Time [int] Days
Lunar Aligned Icon.png Lunar Aligned Lunar Aligned
Shadow Aligned Icon.png Shadow Aligned Shadow Aligned
Sanity Icon.png Sanity Aura Quite Scary
Emits Light Icon.png Emits Light Emits Light


To write a giant (boss) to the Scrapbook, you must either examine it or kill it.

Image Meaning Value
Health Icon.png Health [int]
Damage Icon.png Damage [int]
Lunar Aligned Icon.png Lunar Aligned Lunar Aligned
Shadow Aligned Icon.png Shadow Aligned Shadow Aligned
Sanity Icon.png Sanity Aura Quite Scary|Very Scary


To write an item to the Scrapbook, you must examine it.

Image Meaning Value Additional Information Additional Value
Stack Icon.png Stack Size [int] items
Damage Icon.png Damage [int] Planar Damage Range +[int] Planar Damage +[int] Range
Armor Icon.png Armor [int] Absorbs Planar Defense [int]% +[int] Planar Defense
Water Resiston Icon.png Water Resiston Stops [int]%
Freezing Resistance Icon.png Freezing Resistance [int]
Overheating Resistance Icon.png Overheating Resistance [int]
Dischargeability Icon.png Discharge Rate (Light Sources Filter.png|Light Bulb.png|Glow Berry.png|Nightmare Fuel.png|Shadow Magic Filter.png) [int] Days
Durability Icon.png Uses [int] Uses Use Type Scythe|Dig|Hammer|Mine|Chop|Net|Play
Rotting Icon.png Perish Time [int] Days
Wears Out Icon.png Wears out [int] Days
Sewing Icon.png Repaired By Sewing
Sanity Icon.png Sanity Aura +[int]/sec
Food Type Icon.png Mob Food Type Roughage|Elemental|Gears|Horrible
Hunger Icon.png Hunger Restores for Mob +[int]
Health Icon.png Health Restores for Mob +[int]
Sanity Icon.png Sanity Restores for Mob +[int]
Fuel Value Icon.png Fuel Value (Light Sources Filter.png|Light Bulb.png|Glow Berry.png|Nightmare Fuel.png) [int]
Oar Speed Icon.png Max Speed [int] Force [int]
Lure Radius Icon.png Lure Radius [int] Lure Charm Bonus Range [int] [int]
Cast Range Icon.png Cast Range [int] Accuracy [int]


To write an item to the Scrapbook, you must examine it.

Image Meaning Value Additional Information Additional Value
Stack Icon.png Stack Size [int] items
Food Type Icon.png Mob Food Type Veggie|Meat|Goodies|Seeds|Horrible
Hunger Icon.png Hunger Restores +[int]
Health Icon.png Health Restores +[int]
Sanity Icon.png Sanity Restores +[int]
Fuel Value Icon.png Fuel Value (Light Sources Filter.png|Light Bulb.png|Glow Berry.png) [int]
Rotting Icon.png Perish Time [int] Days
Emits Light Icon.png Emits Light Emits Light
Lure Radius Icon.png Lure Radius [int] Lure Charm Bonus Range [int] [int]

Additional Information


Mobs Information Mobs Information
Things can be stored in Chester much like a treasure chest.
Hutch base.png
Things can be stored in Hutch much like a treasure chest.
Watch out for an aggressive mating season.

Feed and care for one of these beasts, and maybe you can saddle them.

Bernie Active.png
A powerful friend when Willow's mind approaches insanity.
Sensitive to vapours, they tend to die when monstrous poisons are detected nearby.
Polly Roger.png
Polly Roger
Gathers loot nearby.
Ever played "Whack-A-Mole"? What a great game.
Powder Monkey.png
Powder Monkey
Best keep a bribe handy for these freebooters.
Nurse Spider.png
Nurse Spider
Emits powerful spider-healing flatulence when threatened.


Item Information Item Information Item Information
Abigail's Flower.png
Abigail's Flower
Used by Wendy to call her Ghostly sister Abigail.
Accursed Trinket.png
Accursed Trinket
Seems like it takes some special magic to get rid of these wonky things.
Beekeeper Hat.png
Beekeeper Hat
The protection this hat offers only really works on Bees and Bee-like creatures.
Bee Queen Crown.png
Bee Queen Crown
Makes scary things around you relaxing instead.
Bone Armor.png
Bone Armor
Every 5 seconds, one incoming hit will be completely ignored.
Bone Helm.png
Bone Helm
Wearing this will drive you instantly insane; even the shadows will tolerate you.
Bramble Husk.png
Bramble Husk
This thorny husk deals its damage when attacked.
Dreadstone Armor.png
Dreadstone Armor
This armor slowly repairs itself.
Dreadstone Helm.png
Dreadstone Helm
This helm slowly repairs itself.
Eye Mask.png
Eye Mask
Feed this hungry eye to restore it.
Marble Suit.png
Marble Suit
This armor is durable but heavy, and slows its wearer.
Night Armor.png
Night Armor
This armor blocks damage, but has a nasty habit of driving its wearer insane.
Wrapped in the scales of the Dragonfly, it makes you immune to fire.
Snurtle Shell Armor.png
Snurtle Shell Armor
One can tuck inside this hard shell to survive any assault.
Thulecite Crown.png
Thulecite Crown
Frequently, hits on this crown will cause it to create an impenetrable barrier for a short time.
Void Cowl.png
Void Cowl
Damage from Shadow Planar damage weapons will ramp up with consecutive hits if you can keep attacking.

Getting hit will break this damage chain.

Void Robe.png
Void Robe
Wearing this scary robe makes you not care about how scary everything around you is.
Bath Bomb.png
Bath Bomb
Makes a hot spring all warm, steamy, and glassy when dropped in.
Bel Canto of Courage.png
Bel Canto of Courage
Scary creatures seem about half as frightening when you're listening to this beautiful song.
Weaponized Warble.png
Weaponized Warble
Reduce wear on your weapons by 25% while listening.
Heartrending Ballad.png
Heartrending Ballad
Nearby friends will heal when fighting. Wigfrid will heal a little more too.
Clear Minded Cadenza.png
Clear Minded Cadenza
Nearby friends will gain sanity when fighting. Wigfrid will gain a little more too.
Fireproof Falsetto.png
Fireproof Falsetto
Reduce fire damage by 34%
Rude Interlude.png
Rude Interlude
Draw the attention of nearby enemies.
Startling Soliloquy.png
Startling Soliloquy
Panic nearby enemies.
Beefalo Bell.png
Beefalo Bell
Name and bond with one Beefalo at a time. Bonded Beefalo will follow the holder, even into caves and offline.
Berry Bush Item.pngBerry Bush 2.pngDug Juicy Berry Bush.pngBanana Bush Item.pngGrass Tuft Item.png
Berry Bush
Banana Bush
This needs some fertilizing after planting.
Bio Data.png
Bio Data
Data is used to craft Circuits for WX-78.
Bio Scanalyzer.png
Bio Scanalyzer
Chirps when interesting biological targets are nearby. Will chase and scan interesting biological targets while WX-78 is close. Drops Bio Data when finished.
Blue Moonlens.pngRed Moonlens.png
Purple Moonlens.pngGreen Moonlens.png
Orange Moonlens.pngYellow Moonlens.png
Always appears on the minimap, even in unexplored areas.
Boat Patch.png
Boat Patch
Plugs leaks on boats.
Booster Shot.png
Booster Shot
Restores lost "maximum health".
It looks like it plugs into something.
Circuit Extractor.png
Circuit Extractor
Removes installed Circuits from WX-78.
Clean Sweeper.png
Clean Sweeper
Cycles through the skins on in-world items.
Clockmaker's Tools.png
Clockmaker's Tools
Break pocket watches down into their original ingredients other than Nightmare Fuel.
Belt of Hunger.png
Belt of Hunger
Restores sanity over time and slows hunger drain by 40%.
Doll Mask.pngCracked Doll Mask.pngShattered Doll Mask.pngDoll Costume.pngQueen Mask.pngQueen Costume.pngBlacksmith Mask.pngBlacksmith Costume.pngKing Mask.pngKing Costume.pngMirror Mask.pngMirror Costume.pngFoll Mask.pngFool Costume.pngTree Mask.pngTree Costume.png
Costume piece used in stage plays.
Candy Bag.png
Candy Bag
A 14 slots container for holding Candies, Trinkets, and Decorations.
Chef Pouch.png
Chef Pouch
A 6 slots container that slows the spoiling of items inside.
Chilled Amulet.png
Chilled Amulet
Raises sanity while cooling the wearer.
Nightmare Amulet.png
Nightmare Amulet
Wearer becomes insane.
Life Giving Amulet.png
Life Giving Amulet
A Ghost that haunts this amulet will be revived.
Construction Amulet.png
Construction Amulet
Halves the cost of crafted items and raises sanity when worn.
The Lazy Forager.png
The Lazy Forager
Automatically picks up items nearby and puts them in your inventory. Also raises sanity when worn.
Emits light like a torch and gives a 20% speed boost while worn.
Hibearnation Vest.png
Hibearnation Vest
Hunger rate is slowed by 25% when worn.
Inflatable Vest.png
Inflatable Vest
Wearer will not suffer any drowning damage when they wash up on shore.
Insulated Pack.png
Insulated Pack
An 8 slots container that halves the speed of food spoiling inside.
A large 12 slots container that also slows the wearer by 20% when worn.
One-man Band.png
One-man Band
Wearing the One-Man Band is a sanity-lowering experience, but converts nearby pigmen and bunnymen to followers.
Seed Pack-It.png
Seed Pack-It
A 14 slots container that will only hold seeds, nuts, and beans. Spoilage is slowed by 50%.
Clout Snout.png
Clout Snout
Summons an Elite Pig.
A record of all the foods cooked and/or eaten, as well as the ingredients used to cook them.
Cratered Moonrock.png
Cratered Moonrock
Contains a gem-shaped socket.
The Lazy Explorer.png
The Lazy Explorer
When held, it increases speed by 25% and can teleport the user to visible locations at the cost of some sanity.
Deconstruction Staff.png
Deconstruction Staff
Turns crafted items and structures into their ingredient parts based on their remaining durability. Gem ingredients are not returned.
Star Caller's Staff.png
Star Caller's Staff
Creates a Dwarf Star.
Telelocator Staff.png
Telelocator Staff
Teleports targets to a random location or to a fueled Telelocator Focus.
Ice Staff.png
Ice Staff
Shoots freezing projectiles.
Fire Staff.png
Fire Staff
Shoots projectiles that ignite targets on fire.
Brightshade Armor.png
Brightshade Armor
Reflects damage back at Shadow Aligned enemies.
Brightshade Helm.png
Brightshade Helm
Glows in the dark and augments the Brightshade Staff with more projectile bounces.

Gives lunar weapons with Planar Damage a boost.

Den Decorating Set.png
Den Decorating Set
Bedazzle a Spider Den to pacify the spiders nearby. Bedazzled dens do not grow.
Desert Stone.png
Desert Stone
When another survivor is channeling a Lazy Deserter, use this to teleport to them.
On Tentacles.png
On Tentacles
Summon some unfriendly Tentacles nearby.
Birds of the World.png
Birds of the World
Summon up to 20 birds to land nearby.
The End is Nigh.png
The End is Nigh
Bring down over a dozen uncontrolled lightning strikes.
Sleepytime Stories.png
Sleepytime Stories
Puts creatures nearby to sleep.
Horticulture, Abridged.png
Horticulture, Abridged
Rapidly grow up to 10 nearby garden plants or fruiting bushes.
Horticulture, Expanded.png
Horticulture, Expanded
Rapidly grow up to 15 nearby garden plants or fruiting bushes.
Applied Silviculture.png
Applied Silviculture
Grow grass, saplings, and trees nearby, but grass will need to be fertilized again sooner.
The Angler's Survival Guide.png
The Angler's Survival Guide
Summon a school of Ocean Fish nearby.
Pyrokinetics Explained.png
Pyrokinetics Explained
Extinguishes all burning and smoldering fires nearby and creates or charges a Fiery Pen infused with that energy.
Overcoming Arachnophobia.png
Overcoming Arachnophobia
Create several turfs worth of Spider Webbing on the ground that slows creatures traveling on it. It will go away after 2 minutes.
Tempering Temperatures.png
Tempering Temperatures
Dries survivors nearby as well as setting their temperature to a nice 35 degrees.
Lux Aeterna.png
Lux Aeterna
Summons half a day of light to shine down. Will cause an earthquake in the caves.
Lux Aeterna Redux.png
Lux Aeterna Redux
Summons 2 days of light to shine down. Will cause an earthquake in the caves.
Practical Rain Rituals.png
Practical Rain Rituals
If it's raining, the rain will stop. If it's not raining, rain will start and also water nearby farm soil.
Lunar Grimoire.png
Lunar Grimoire
Sets the current moon stage to full.
Apicultural Notes.png
Apicultural Notes
Summons 2 Grumble Bee followers. Maximum 16 at a time.
The Everything Encyclopedia.png
The Everything Encyclopedia
Gives nearby survivors a crafting charge. Each charge lets them craft the next item one tech level higher than normal.
Coaching Whistle.png
Coaching Whistle
Toggles Wolfgang's coaching skill on and off.
Compost Wrap.png
Compost Wrap
Wormwood will heal 8 health plus 1 health/sec for 32 seconds. Wormwood will also bloom for 4 minutes.

This also works as good fertilizer for gardening.

It's not food fit for a person.
Steamed Twigs.pngBeefalo Treats.png
Steamed Twigs / Beefalo Treats
Snacks for Beefalo.
Revenant Restorative.png
Revenant Restorative
Raises Abigail's health regeneration from 1 to 3 health per second. Lasts 1 day.
Spectral Cure-All.png
Spectral Cure-All
Raises Abigail's health regeneration from 1 to 20 health per second. Lasts 30 seconds.
Unyielding Draught.png
Unyielding Draught
Doubles Abigail's shield duration from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. Lasts 1 day.
Nightshade Nostrum.png
Nightshade Nostrum
Abigail will deal her nighttime damage during the day and dusk. Lasts 1 day.
Vigor Mortis.png
Vigor Mortis
Abigail has a 75% speed boost for 1 day.
Distilled Vengeance.png
Distilled Vengeance
Doubles Abigail's shield duration from 0.5 seconds to 1 second. Attacking creatures also take 20 damage. Lasts 1 day.
Feather Pencil.png
Feather Pencil
Draws the closest item nearby onto a Mini Sign.
Creates a flash in the sky that can be seen by all survivors on the minimap.
Hostile Flare.png
Hostile Flare
Creates a flash in the sky that can be seen by all survivors on the minimap. This large flash will also draw the attention of some hostile creatures.
Garden Digamajig.png
Garden Digamajig
Digs up a tile and turns it into Farm Soil.
Can be put onto a Beefalo if it's willing.
War Saddle.png
War Saddle
Can be put onto a Beefalo if it's willing. Slower than a regular saddle, it also adds 16 damage to attacks made while riding.
Glossamer Saddle.png
Glossamer Saddle
Can be put onto a Beefalo if it's willing. Increases speed over a regular saddle.
Golden Belt.png
Golden Belt
Given to the Pig King to initiate a Wrestling Match.
Merry Berrysauce.pngBibingka.pngCabbage Rolls.pngFestive Fish Dish.pngGood Gravy.pngLatkes.pngLutefisk.pngMulled Punch.pngPanettone.pngPavlova.pngPickled Herring.pngPolish Cookies.pngPumpkin Pie.pngRoasted Turkey.pngStuffing.pngSweet Potato Casserole.pngTamales.pngTourtiere.png
Winter's Feast Food
Captures the spirit of food when this is put on a Winter's Feast Table. The more, the merrier.
Will explode for 200 damage when lit.
Improves vision in a storm. Will help locate mysterious holograms.
Balloon Hat.png
Balloon Hat
Protects from lightning strikes.
Beefalo Hat.png
Beefalo Hat
Makes the wearer friendly to Beefalo in heat.
Bush Hat.png
Bush Hat
Wearer can hide under the bush and will not be attacked by creatures as long as they didn't see the survivor hide.
Captain's Tricorn.png
Captain's Tricorn
Reduces collision damage and decay damage on boats by half.
Pirate's Bandana.png
Pirate's Bandana
Wearer will perform boat activities faster and uses half as much oar durability.
Polly Roger's Hat.png
Polly Roger's Hat
Polly Roger will fly down and follow the wearer, fetching nearby items.
Clever Disguise.png
Clever Disguise
Merm will treat the wearer like a merm.
Desert Goggles.png
Desert Goggles
Improves vision in a storm.
Enlightened Crown.png
Enlightened Crown
When sanity is above 85%, Attacking will summon a minor Gestalt that also attacks the target for 42 damage, but costs 1 sanity each attack.
It is a source of light when worn. Spores stored in the hat can alter its light color.
Fashion Melon.png
Fashion Melon
Wearer's wetness will slowly rise up to 33%
Feather Hat.png
Feather Hat
Roughly doubles the number of birds that will land near the wearer.
Blue Funcap.pngGreen Funcap.pngRed Funcap.png
Reduces hunger by 25%. Periodically Spawns Mushroom Spores.
Gardeneer Hat.png
Gardeneer Hat
Researching garden plants at different stages of growth adds to the Plant Registery.
Premier Gardeneer Hat.png
Premier Gardeneer Hat
Researching garden plants at different stages of growth adds to the Plant Registery.
Wearer can see the quantity of nutrients in farm soil.
Ice Cube.png
Ice Cube
Wearer's wetness will rapidly rises up to 50%. Slows the wearer by 10%.
Milkmade Hat.png
Milkmade Hat
Restores 3.9 Hunger every 5 seconds.
Miner Hat.png
Miner Hat
Provides light for nearly one day.
Allows wearer to view the world in a night vision mode that can see in the dark.
Pinetree Pioneer Hat.png
Pinetree Pioneer Hat
Walter's sanity loss due to damage is halved.
As a Merm, Wurt reverses the sanity loss into sanity gain.
Up to 10 Spiders nearby will follow the wearer, but creatures who attack spiders will also attack the wearer.
Does not work on Spiders spawned by a Spider Queen.
Turf-Raiser Helm.png
Turf-Raiser Helm
The wearer will dig up turf they are standing on and place turf when it is loaded with turf items.
Healing Glop.png
Healing Glop
Heals Webber for 8 Health and spiders in an area for 80 Health.
Healing Salve.png
Healing Salve
Heals 20 Health.
Honey Poultice.png
Honey Poultice
Heals 30 Health.
Scrapbook Page.png
Scrapbook Page
Adds missing information to your Scrapbook
Luxury Fan.png
Luxury Fan
Each use will put out fires, dry and cool survivors 50 degrees to as low as 2.5 degrees in an area.
Map Scroll.png
Map Scroll
Contains map data of the survivor who created it. Used to share map information.
Marble Bean.png
Marble Bean
Can be planted in the ground.
Message in a Bottle (DST).png
Message in a Bottle
Some messages are notes, some are maps to special locations.
This item creates light for its duration.
It does not break when its duration is finished and can be refuled.
Moon Caller's Staff.png
Moon Caller's Staff
Creates a polar light the cools survivors and gives light for 2 day.
Moon Rock Idol.png
Moon Rock Idol
When used at a Celestial Portal, the survivor can change to a different survivor.
Mosquito Sack.png
Mosquito Sack
Can be used to heal 8 health.
Mourning Glory.png
Mourning Glory
Used by Wendy to craft Ghostly Elixirs.
Festive Bauble.pngFestive Bauble 2.pngFestive Bauble 3.pngFestive Bauble 4.pngFestive Bauble 5.pngFestive Bauble 6.pngFestive Bauble 7.pngFestive Bauble 8.pngFestive Bauble Fancy.pngFestive Bauble Fancy.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 2.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 3.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 4.pngFestive Bauble 9.pngFestive Bauble 10.pngFestive Bauble 11.pngFestive Bauble 12.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 5.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 6.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 7.pngFestive Bauble Fancy 8.pngMagnificent Adornment Bearger.pngMagnificent Adornment Deerclops.pngMagnificent Adornment Gmoose.pngMagnificent Adornment Dragonfly.pngMagnificent Adornment BeeQueen.pngMagnificent Adornment Toadstool.pngMagnificent Adornment Antlion.pngMagnificent Adornment Fuelweaver.pngMagnificent Adornment Klaus.pngMagnificent Adornment Krampus.pngMagnificent Adornment Gem Deer Red.pngMagnificent Adornment Gem Deer Blue.pngMagnificent Adornment Malbatross.pngMagnificent Adornment Misery Toadstool.pngMagnificent Adornment Ancient Guardian.pngMagnificent Adornment Crab King Regular.pngMagnificent Adornment Crab King Pearl.pngMagnificent Adornment Celestial Champion 1.pngMagnificent Adornment Celestial Champion 2.pngMagnificent Adornment Celestial Champion 3.pngMagnificent Adornment Celestial Champion 4.pngMagnificent Adornment Wagstaff.pngMagnificent Adornment Retinazor.pngMagnificent Adornment Spazmatism.pngSentimental Adornment House.pngSentimental Adornment Pearl.pngChampion Adornment Grand Forge Boarrior.pngChampion Adornment Rhinocebros.pngChampion Adornment Infernal Swineclops.pngAppeasing Adornment Mumsy.pngAppeasing Adornment Billy.pngFestive Light.pngFestive Light 2.pngFestive Light 3.pngFestive Light 4.pngFestive Light 5.pngFestive Light 6.pngFestive Light 7.pngFestive Light 8.png
Can be hung in special trees grown in a Festive Tree Planter.
Sapling Item.pngSapling (Moon).pngPine Cone.pngTwiggy Tree Cone.png
Sapling|Pine Cone|Twiggy Tree Cone
Can be planted in the ground.
Pocket Scale.png
Pocket Scale
Used to measure the weight of Ocean Fish.
Ageless Watch.png
Ageless Watch
Rewinds Wanda's age 8 years. 2 minute cooldown.
Second Chance Watch.png
Second Chance Watch
Wanda can haunt the watch as a ghost to revive herself, breaking the watch. The watch can be used on a Survivor's skeleton to revive them at the skeleton. 4 minute cooldown.
Backstep Watch.png
Backstep Watch
Teleports Wanda to the location marked on the ground.
The younger wanda is, the further back in time the marked location will be. Wanda is invulnerable for a short time during the teleport.
2 second cooldown.
Backtrek Watch.png
Backtrek Watch
Used to mark a spot, and then used again to teleport to that spot.
8 minute cooldown. Even works between the Cave and the Forest.
Rift Watch.png
Rift Watch
Used to mark a spot, and then used again to open a portal to that spot that lasts for 10 seconds.
Using the portal costs 20 Sanity.
The Rift Watch will become a Backtrek Watch after use.
Alarming Clock.png
Alarming Clock
When the fuel reaches 0, its damage drops to 27.
Portal Paraphernalia.png
Portal Paraphernalia
It will change the Florid Postern into the Celestial Portal construction project.
For shaving off beards and other hairy things.
Sea Sprout Starter.png
Sea Sprout Starter
Can be planted on Sea Stacks.
Sewing Kit.png
Sewing Kit
Restores up to 5 days of durability to items that can be repaired with the sewing kit.
Shadow Atrium.png
Shadow Atrium
A working heart that needs a new body.
Shadow Thurible.png
Shadow Thurible
Attracts Reanimated Skeletons to the holder.
Bat Decoration.pngCrow Decoration.pngDangling Depth Dweller Decoration.pngGhost Decoration.pngSpider Decoration.pngTentacle Decoration.png
Halloween Ornament
Can be put on Totally Normal Trees as decoration.
Shell Cluster.png
Shell Cluster
Can be mined for Shell Bells.
Shoo Box.png
Shoo Box
When used by webber, nearby aggressive spiders become passive and releases spiders following Webber.
Slurtle Slime.png
Slurtle Slime
Will explode for 50 damage when lit. Also fuels Lanterns and Miner Hats.
Wortox can eat these to heal 25 Health and lose 5 Sanity.
They can be released to heal all survivors nearby, max healing is 20 health which drops 2 points for each extra survivor to a minimum of 5 health.
He can also spend Souls to Soul Hop which teleports him.
If Wortox holds more than 20 Souls, he will release half and them and lose 20 Sanity.
Spectackler Box.png
Spectackler Box
A 15 slots container for holding Tackle.
Tackle Box.png
Tackle Box
A 6 slots container for holding Tackle.
Speedy Balloon.png
Speedy Balloon
When held, it increases movement speed by 30% which drops to 20% and then 10% as it decays.
If dropped on the ground before completely decaying, it will float into the air after 1.5 seconds and its location will appear on the minimap to all survivors.
Pine Cone.pngTwiggy Tree Cone.png
Pine Cone | Twiggy Tree Cone
Can be planted on the ground.
Spider Gland.png
Spider Gland
Heals 8 Health when used on survivors or creatures.
Eye Bone.png
Eye Bone
Summons Chester when picked up. Chester will follow the holder. While Chester is alive, the eye will be open.
Summons Hutch when picked up. Hutch will follow the holder. While Hutch is alive, Star-Sky will be alive.
Lunar Experiment.png
Lunar Experiment
Mutates some creatures and plants into their lunar mutated form.
Straw Roll.png
Straw Roll
Consumes 75 Hunger to gain 33 Sanity.
Fur Roll.png
Fur Roll
Consumes 75 Hunger to gain 50 Sanity and 30 Health. Warms the user to 40 degrees.
Sulfuric Crystals of Saltpeter.png
Sulfuric Experiment
Creates pretty sparkles when added to a fire..
Growth Formula Starter.png
Growth Formula Starter
Adds 8-32 Growth Formula nutrient to the ground depending in its fermentation level.
Will also trigger Wormwoods bloom for 1 to 4 minutes depending on fermentation level.
Sculpture Rooknose.pngSculpture Knighthead.pngSculpture Bishophead.png
Suspicious Marble
A piece of broken marble sculpture.
Telltale Heart.png
Telltale Heart
Gives the user 80 Sanity when given to a survivor's ghost.
The ghost will revive with a 25% max health penalty which can be recovered with a Booster Shot.
I sure hope no one opens it, or worse, corrupts it.
Thermal Stone Stage 3.png
Thermal Stone
Gains heat when near something hot, and cools near something cold.
It will warm or cool the holder depending on its temperature.
Thulecite Medallion.png
Thulecite Medallion
While in the Cave, it reveals the state of dark magic saturation.
Tillweed Salve.png
Tillweed Salve
Heals 8 Health and then 20 more Health over 1 minute.
Beefalo Horn.png
Beefalo Horn
Causes up to 5 nearby Beefalo to follow the blower for the day.
Pan Flute.png
Pan Flute
Puts nearby creatures to sleep.
Tooth Trap.png
Tooth Trap
After being planted on the ground, it will trigger when a creature walks near.
It needs to be reset after triggering. It can be picked up and moved.
Once set on the ground, it will trigger when appropriate sized creates move nearby, capturing them.
Collecting a captured trap will put the creature or loot in your inventory.
Traps can be baited with appropriate food.
Tree Jam.png
Tree Jam
Grows trees up one stage. Can also restore 8 Growth Formula, 32 Compost and 8 Manure to Farm Soil.
Used on Wormwood will heal 2 Health and 1 Health a second for 32 seconds.
Trusty Tape.png
Trusty Tape
Used to add 5 days of durability on an item that can be sewn. Can also plug a leak on a boat.
Cobblestones.pngWooden Flooring.pngCheckerboard Flooring.pngCarpeted Flooring.pngLush Carpet.pngRed Mosaic Flooring.pngBlue Mosaic Flooring.pngGrey Mosaic Flooring.pngScaled Flooring.pngAncient Flooring.pngImitation Ancient Flooring.pngAncient Tilework.pngImitation Ancient Tilework.pngAncient Brickwork.pngImitation Ancient Brickwork.pngAncient Stonework.pngRocky Beach Turf.pngShell Beach Turf.pngMoon Quay Beach Turf.pngForest Turf.pngGrass Turf.pngSavanna Turf.pngDeciduous Turf.pngSandy Turf.pngRocky Turf.pngGuano Turf.pngCave Rock Turf.pngSlimy Turf.pngMarsh Turf.pngMud Turf.pngFungal Turf Blue.pngFungal Turf Red.pngFungal Turf Green.pngBeard Hair Rug.pngMoon Crater Turf.pngMutated Fungal Turf.png
Can be placed on dirt ground to change the type of ground.
While on the ground, it can be activated to create a barrier that protects survivors from rain and rain like effects.
Hardy Circuit.png
Hardy Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 1 socket and raises Maximum Health +50.
Processing Circuit.png
Processing Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 1 socket and raises Maximum Sanity +40.
Super-Processing Circuit.png
Super-Processing Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 1 socket and raises Maximum Sanity +100.
Acceleration Circuit.png
Acceleration Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 6 sockets and raises movment speed by 25%.
Super-Acceleration Circuit.png
Super-Acceleration Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 2 sockets.
The first raises movement speed by 25%.
The second raises movement speed by 15%.
The third raises movement speed by 10%.
So the maxmimum speed boost can be 50%.
Thermal Circuit.png
Thermal Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 3 sockets and raises body temperature 20 degrees, increases spoil rate of inventory by 25% and increases drying rate by 10%. Will also warm nearby survivors.
Optoelectronic Circuit.png
Optoelectronic Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 4 sockets and lets the user see in the dark. Turns on at night and when entering the Caves.
Refrigerant Circuit.png
Refrigerant Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 3 sockets and lowers body temperature 20 degrees and decreases spoil rate of inventory by 25%. Will also cool nearby survivors.

If WX78's wetness reaches 95%, it will drop to 0% and 2 Ice will be spawned.
Electrification Circuit.png
Electrification Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 2 sockets and deals 20 electrical damage to WX78's attackers.

This module also makes WX78 immune to electrical damage.
Illumination Circuit.png
Illumination Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 3 sockets and creates light.
Super-Gastrogain Circuit.png
Super-Gastrogain Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 2 sockets, increases Maximum Hunger by 100 points and reduces Hunger drain by 20%.
Gastrogain Circuit.png
Gastrogain Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 1 socket and increases Maximum Hunger by 40 points.
Chorusbox Circuit.png
Chorusbox Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 3 sockets, raises Sanity of nearby survivors 5 points a minute and raises garden plant happiness one step.
Beanbooster Circuit.png
Beanbooster Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 3 sockets, heals 5 Health every 30 seconds, gains 2 Sanity every minute and increases Maximum Sanity by 100 points.
Super-Hardy Circuit.png
Super-Hardy Circuit
Plugs into WX78's circuit board.

Requires 2 sockets and increases Maximum Health by 150 points.
Reticulating Buffer.pngWidget Deflubber.pngGrommet Scriber.pngConceptual Scrubber.pngCalibrated Perceiver.png
Wagstaff Tools
An item used by a mysterious character to restrain static.
Bat Bat.png
Bat Bat
Each attack drains 6.8 Health from living targets.

If the user is not at full health, it also drains 3.4 Sanity.
Oar.pngDriftwood Oar.pngMalbatross Bill.png
Oar | Malbatross Bill
Can Row in water to move a boat in a desired direction.
You have to catch it once you throw it.
Can be used on Beefalo to collect Beefalo Wool.

Increases Beefalo Obedience 40% and increases Beefalo domestication by 1.6% once per day.
Bug Net.png
Bug Net
Catch small flying things and put them or their loot in your inventory.
Will reveal users location on the map to other survivors also holding a Compass.
Knocks items out of targets inventory.
Watering Can.pngWaterfowl Can.png
Watering Can
Adds 25 points of moisture to Garden Soil per use.

Can also put out fires and stop smouldering.
Garden Hoe.pngSplendid Garden Hoe.png
Garden Hoe
Use on Garden Soil to create dirt piles where survivors can plant seeds.
Removes saddles from a Beefalo without reducing saddle durability.
When equipped Wolfgang can Lift to raise his Mightiness.

nWhen thrown it creates fire where it lands.
When equipped Wolfgang can Lift to raise his Mightiness.

When thrown it increases the coldness of creatures near where it lands.
When equipped Wolfgang can Lift to raise his Mightiness.

Gains heat when near something hot, and cools near something cold.

It will warm or cool the holder depending on its temperature.
Dumbbell.pngGolden Dumbbell.pngMarbell.pngGembell.png
When equipped Wolfgang can Lift to raise his Mightiness.
Weather Pain.png
Weather Pain
Launches a tornado that moves around randomly damaging creatures and breaking structures.
Morning Star.png
Morning Star
Creates light when held.

Does electrical damage which does more damage to wet targets.
Shield of Terror.png
Shield of Terror
Can be repaired by feeding it food.
Fish Food.png
Fish Food
Attracts a school of fish when thrown into the ocean.
When thrown, creates a cloud that will put creatures to sleep.
Creates a light when held.

Can light targets on fire.
Strident Trident.png
Strident Trident
Can be Played to cause small geysers to shoot up from the ocean, doing damage to creatures and structures.
Water Balloon.png
Water Balloon
When thrown it puts out fires in a small area where it lands.

It will also cool targets 5 degrees and adds 20 wetness.
Willow's Lighter.png
Willow's Lighter
Can create light. Willow, Walter and Warly can use it to cook food.

Will lose durability faster in the rain.
Webby Whistle.png
Webby Whistle
Webber can use the whistle to wake up nearby spiders and spider dens.

Nearby spiders will stop attacking their targets and will also temporarily ignore food on the ground.
Wooden Walking Stick.png
Wooden Walking Stick
Increases movement speed by 15% when held.
Walking Cane.png
Walking Cane
Increases movement speed by 25% when held.
Hardwood Hat.png
Hardwood Hat
Protects wearer from falling debris during earthquakes.
Whirly Fan.png
Whirly Fan
Cools the holder while they run.
Fishing Rod.png
Fishing Rod
Catch fish in ponds.
Sea Fishing Rod.png
Sea Fishing Rod
Catch fish in the ocean.

Use bobbers and lures to increase your chanes.
Sunrise Spinnerbait.pngSunrise Spoon.png
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Most effective during the day time.
Dusky Spinnerbait.pngDusky Spoon.png
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Most effective during dusk.
Nightflyer Spinnerbait.pngNightflyer Spoon.png
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Most effective during the night.
Heavy Weighted Lure.png
Heavy Weighted Lure
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Attracts only heavy fish of their species.
Stupefying Lure.png
Stupefying Lure
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Tires fish out faster.
Snow Day Lure.png
Snow Day Lure
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Only effective while it's snowing.
Rainy Day Lure.png
Rainy Day Lure
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.

Only effective while it's raining.
Wooden Ball Bobber.pngHardened Slip Bobber.pngJet Quill Float.pngCrimson Quill Float.pngAzure Quill Float.pngSaffron Quill Float.pngDown Quill Float.pngMalbatross Quill Float.png
Used with a Sea Fishing Rod.
Bundle of Thanks.pngBundled Supplies 4 Slot.png
Bundle of Thanks | Bundled Supplies
Can be unwrapped to release items inside.
Bundling Wrap.png
Bundling Wrap
Can package up to 4 stacks of items into one item that can be unpacked later.
Garlic Powder.png
Garlic Powder
Can be added to Crock Pot food using a Portable Seasoning Station.

Eating a dish spiced with Garlic reduces the damage they take to their health by 33%.

Duration 4 minutes.
Honey Crystals.png
Honey Crystals
Can be added to Crock Pot food using a Portable Seasoning Station.

Eating a dish spiced with Honey Crystals doubles their rate of Minign Chopping and Hammering.

Duration 4 minutes.
Chili Flakes.png
Chili Flakes
Can be added to Crock Pot food using a Portable Seasoning Station.

Eating a dish spiced with Chili Flakes adds 20% damage to their attacks.

Duration 4 minutes.

Also raises temperature 15 degrees for 15 seconds.
Seasoning Salt.png
Seasoning Salt
Can be added to Crock Pot food using a Portable Seasoning Station.

Eating a dish spiced with Seasoning Salt grants 25% more healing for healing effects.

Duration 4 minutes.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Scrapbooking was introduced in the Terrors Below update.
  • The game file shows that Scrapbook also has an unused "Biomes", "Seasons", "Things" and "POI" (Point of interest) category, which may be something that will be added in the future.
  • The game file shows that Scrapbook also has an unused dividing food into "GENERIC", "INSECT", "BERRY", "RAW", "BURNT", "WOOD", "MONSTER".
  • The game file shows that Scrapbook also has an unused sanity aura into "A LITTLE SCARY", "A LITTLE CALMING", "QUITE CALMING", "VERY CALMING".

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