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Regular Filter
Filter Always Available
Without Station Filter.png
Tier 1
Science Machine.png
Tier 2
Alchemy Engine.png Bookcase.png
Tier 1
Tier 2
Shadow Manipulator.png
Other Blueprint
Blueprint (rare).png
Tools Filter.png
Axe.png Pickaxe.png Hammer.png Trap.png Compass.png Flare.png Hostile Flare.png Shovel.png Garden Hoe.png Pitchfork.png Bird Trap.png Bug Net.png Razor.png Watering Can.png Fishing Rod.png Sea Fishing Rod.png Pocket Scale.png Beefalo Bell.png Feather Pencil.png Luxury Axe.png Regal Shovel.png Opulent Pickaxe.png Snazzy Pitchfork.png Splendid Garden Hoe.png Walking Cane.png Sewing Kit.png Waterfowl Can.png Saddlehorn.png Brush.png Clean Sweeper.png Ocuvigil.png Astral Detector.png Turf-Raiser Helm.png
Light Sources Filter.png
Light Sources
Campfire.png Fire Pit.png Torch.png Willow's Lighter.png Endothermic Fire.png Pumpkin Lantern.png Endothermic Fire Pit.png Miner Hat.png Moggles.png Lantern.png Morning Star.png Night Light.png Mushlight.png Glowcap.png Scaled Furnace.png Astral Detector.png Humble Lamb Idol.png
Prototypers & Stations Filter.png
Prototypers & Stations
Science Machine.png Mad Scientist Lab.png Masonry Oven.png Gobbler Shrine.png Varg Shrine.png Pig Shrine.png Carrat Shrine.png Alchemy Engine.png Think Tank.png Tackle Receptacle.png Cartographer's Desk.png Potter's Wheel.png Prestihatitator.png Shadow Manipulator.png Sawhorse.png
Refined Materials Filter.png
Refined Materials
Rope.png Boards.png Cut Stone.png Papyrus.png Electrical Doodad.png Beeswax.png Wax Paper.png Marble Bean.png Thick Fur.png Cratered Moonrock.png Feathery Canvas.png Nightmare Fuel.png Purple Gem.png
Weapons Filter.png
Battle Spear.png Trusty Slingshot.png Spear.png Waterballoon.png Boomerang.png Ham Bat.png Tail o' Three Cats.png Morning Star.png Blow Dart.png Fire Dart.png Sleep Dart.png Electric Dart.png Weather Pain.png Gunpowder.png Tooth Trap.png Bee Mine.png Fencing Sword.png Ice Staff.png Pan Flute.png Alarming Clock.png Bat Bat.png Dark Sword.png Fire Staff.png Napsack.png Strident Trident.png Cannonball.png Cannon Kit.png Elding Spear.pngBattle Rönd.png
Armour Filter.png
Grass Suit.png Bramble Husk.png Battle Helm.png Log Suit.png Scalemail.pngMarble Suit.png Football Helmet.png Cookie Cutter Cap.png Beekeeper Hat.png Night Armor.png Dreadstone Armor.pngDreadstone Helm.pngW.A.R.B.I.S. Armor.pngW.A.R.B.I.S. Head Gear.png Hardwood Hat.pngCommander's Helm.pngBattle Rönd.png
Clothing Filter.png
Clever Disguise.png Pinetree Pioneer Hat.png Whirly Fan.png Pretty Parasol.png Garland.png Seawreath.png Straw Hat.png Rabbit Earmuffs.png Backpack.png Umbrella.png Fashion Goggles.png Top Hat.png Beefalo Hat.png Fashion Melon.png Rain Coat.png Summer Frest.png Sewing Kit.png Seed Pack-It.png Piggyback.png Insulated Pack.png Luxury Fan.png Rain Hat.png Beekeeper Hat.png Cat Cap.png Winter Hat.png Ice Cube.png Feather Hat.png Bush Hat.png Dapper Vest.png Breezy Vest.png Puffy Vest.png Floral Shirt.png Walking Cane.png Hibearnation Vest.png Eyebrella.png One-man Band.png Belt of Hunger.png Blue Funcap.png Green Funcap.png Red Funcap.png Astroggles.png Polly Roger's Hat.png Turf-Raiser Helm.png
Healing Filter.png
Ageless Watch.png Second Chance Watch.png Healing Glop.png Compost Wrap.png Telltale Heart.png Healing Salve.png Straw Roll.png Honey Poultice.png Tillweed Salve.png Booster Shot.png Fur Roll.png Tent.png Siesta Lean-to.png Life Giving Amulet.png Meat Effigy.png
Shadow Magic Filter.png
Abigail's Flower.png Kitschy Goose Idol.png Kitschy Beaver Idol.png Kitschy Moose Idol.png Codex Umbra.png Prestihatitator.png Shadow Manipulator.png Meat Effigy.png Pan Flute.png One-man Band.png Night Light.png Purple Gem.png Life Giving Amulet.png Chilled Amulet.png Ice Staff.png Ocuvigil.png Moon Dial.png Nightmare Fuel.png Shadow Boxer.png Bright Boxer.png Alarming Clock.png Night Armor.png Dark Sword.png Bat Bat.png Belt of Hunger.png Nightmare Amulet.png Fire Staff.png Telelocator Staff.png Telelocator Focus.png The Lazy Deserter.png Turf-Raiser Helm.png Dreadstone Armor.pngDreadstone Helm.png
Decorations Filter.png
Festive Tree Planter.png Potter's Wheel.png Feather Pencil.png Sign.png Directional Sign.png Mini Sign.png Clean Sweeper.png Potted Fern.png Potted Succulent.png Wardrobe.png Beefalo Grooming Station.png Fish Scale-O-Matic.png Produce Scale.png Cobblestones.png Wooden Flooring.png Checkerboard Flooring.png Carpeted Flooring.png Scaled Flooring.png Gramophone.png Record Classic.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Anchor Figure Sketch.png
Terra Firma Tamper.png
Terra Firma Tamper:
Rocky Beach Turf.png Forest Turf.png Grass Turf.png Savanna Turf.png Deciduous Turf.png Sandy Turf.png Rocky Turf.png Grass Turf.png Guano Turf.png Cave Rock Turf.png Slimy Turf.png Marsh Turf.png Mud Turf.png Fungal Turf.png Fungus Turf Red.png Fungus Turf Green.png
Art?.pngTable Lamp.pngTable Vase.pngEmpty Frame.pngPleasant Portrait.pngWooden Chair.pngWooden Stool.pngSquare Wooden Table.pngRound Wooden Table.png
Terra Firma Tamper.png End Table.png Shell Beach Turf.png Replica Relic Plate.png Replica Relic Dish.png Replica Relic Bowl.png Replica Relic Vase.png Replica Relic Chair.png Replica Relic Table.png Dock Piling Kit.png Dock Kit.png Moon Quay Beach Turf.png
Structures Filter.png
Masonry Oven.png Festive Tree Planter.png Mad Scientist Lab.png Winter's Feast Table.png Gobbler Shrine.png Varg Shrine.png Pig Shrine.png Carrat Shrine.png Beefalo Shrine.png Catcoon Shrine.png Spider Eggs.png Sisturn.png Science Machine.png Alchemy Engine.png Think Tank.png Tackle Receptacle.png Cartographer's Desk.png Prestihatitator.png Potter's Wheel.png Crock Pot.png Drying Rack.png Chest.png Thermal Measurer.png Rainometer.png Lightning Rod.png Friendly Scarecrow.png Wood Fence.png Hay Wall.png Wood Wall.png Sign.png Directional Sign.png Mini Sign.png Mannequin.png Punching Bag.png Scaled Chest.png Ice Box.png Salt Box.png Ice Flingomatic.png Tent.png Siesta Lean-to.png Pig House.png Rabbit Hutch.png Salt Lick.png Wood Gate.png Stone Wall.png Moon Rock Wall.png Shadow Manipulator.png Night Light.png Moon Dial.png Meat Effigy.png Shadow Boxer.png Bright Boxer.png Telelocator Focus.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Ocean Trawler Kit.png
Terra Firma Tamper.png Scaled Furnace.png Mushlight.png Glowcap.png Astral Detector.png The Lazy Deserter.png End Table.png Incomplete Experiment.png Dock Kit.png Pillar Scaffold.png Dreadstone Pillar Scaffold.png
Storage Solutions Filter.png
Storage Solutions
Gift Wrap.png Candy Bag.png Chef Pouch.png Backpack.png Chest.png Piggyback.png Insulated Pack.png Seed Pack-It.png Scaled Chest.png Ice Box.png Salt Box.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Tin Fishin' Bin.png
Bundling Wrap.png Battle Call Canister.png
Cooking Filter.png
Masonry Oven.png Willow's Lighter.png Chef Pouch.png Portable Crock Pot.png Portable Grinding Mill.png Portable Seasoning Station.png Campfire.png Fire Pit.png Cookbook.png Drying Rack.png Crock Pot.png Ice Box.png Salt Box.png Insulated Pack.png Scaled Furnace.png
Food & Gardening Filter.png
Food & Gardening
Compost Wrap.png Trap.png Garden Digamajig.png Garden Hoe.png Watering Can.png Bird Trap.png Splendid Garden Hoe.png Waterfowl Can.png Bucket-o-poop.png Growth Formula Starter.png Tree Jam.png Composting Bin.png Gardeneer Hat.png Seed Pack-It.png Mushroom Planter.png Bee Box.png Birdcage.png Produce Scale.png One-man Band.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Ocean Trawler Kit.png
Fishing Filter.png
Tackle Receptacle.png Fishing Rod.png Sea Fishing Rod.png Pocket Scale.png Fish Scale-O-Matic.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Tin Fishin' Bin.png
Tackle Receptacle.png
Tackle Receptacle:
Wooden Ball Bobber.png Hardened Slip Bobber.png Jet Quill Float.png Crimson Quill Float.png Azure Quill Float.png Saffron Quill Float.png Down Quill Float.png Malbatross Quill Float.png Sunrise Spoon.png Dusky Spoon.png Nightflyer Spoon.png Sunrise Spinnerbait.png Dusky Spinnerbait.png Nightflyer Spinnerbait.png
Rainy Day Lure.png Snow Day Lure.png Stupefying Lure.png Heavy Weighted Lure.png
Seafaring Filter.png
Boat Patch.png Oar.png Driftwood Oar.png Grass Raft Kit.png Kelp Bumper Kit.png Think Tank.png Think Tank.png
Think Tank:
Boat Kit.png Anchor Kit.png Mast.png Winged Sail.png Steering Wheel Kit.png Tin Fishin' Bin.png Deck Illuminator.png Lightning Conductor.png Fire Pump.png Rudder Kit.png Shell Bumper Kit.png Nautopilot Kit.png Nautopilot Beacon.png Ocean Trawler Kit.png Anchor Figure Sketch.png
Pinchin' Winch.png Cannonball.png Cannon Kit.png Dock Piling Kit.png Dock Kit.png
Beefalo Riding Filter.png
Beefalo Riding
Beefalo Bell.png Salt Lick.png Brush.png Saddlehorn.png Saddle.png War Saddle.png Glossamer Saddle.png Beefalo Grooming Station.png
Winter Items Filter.png
Winter Items
Campfire.png Fire Pit.png Rabbit Earmuffs.png Rain Coat.png Beefalo Hat.png Thermal Measurer.png Thermal Stone.png Dapper Vest.png Breezy Vest.png Puffy Vest.png Hibearnation Vest.png Cat Cap.png Winter Hat.png Tent.png Scaled Furnace.png Humble Lamb Idol.png
Summer Items Filter.png
Summer Items
Whirly Fan.png Pretty Parasol.png Straw Hat.png Endothermic Fire.png Umbrella.png Summer Frest.png Fashion Melon.png Waterballoon.png Watering Can.png Thermal Measurer.png Rainometer.png Endothermic Fire Pit.png Thermal Stone.png Luxury Fan.png Floral Shirt.png Gardeneer Hat.png Ice Cube.png Eyebrella.png Ice Flingomatic.png Scaled Flooring.png Siesta Lean-to.png Waterfowl Can.png Chilled Amulet.png Blue Funcap.png Green Funcap.png Red Funcap.png Desert Goggles.png
Rain Gear Filter.png
Rain Gear
Pretty Parasol.png Straw Hat.png Umbrella.png Rain Coat.png Top Hat.png Lightning Rod.png Rainometer.png Beekeeper Hat.png Miner Hat.png Cookie Cutter Cap.png Rain Hat.png Eyebrella.png
Special Event Filter.png
Special Event
Masonry Oven.pngWinter's Feast Table.pngFestive Tree Planter.pngGift Wrap.pngMad Scientist Lab.pngCandy Bag.pngGobbler Shrine.pngVarg Shrine.pngPig Shrine.pngCarrat Shrine.pngBeefalo Shrine.pngCatcoon Shrine.png

Crafting Station Filter
Filter Station Items
Ancient Pseudoscience Filter.png
Ancient Pseudoscience
Broken Pseudoscience Station.png
Broken Ancient Pseudoscience Station
Ancient Tier1
Ancient Pseudoscience Station
Ancient Tier2
Thulecite.png Thulecite Wall.png Thulecite Medallion.png Magiluminescence.png Construction Amulet.png Star Caller's Staff.png Deconstruction Staff.png Premier Gardeneer Hat.png Cursed Rounds.png Ruins Turf Blueprints.png Imitation Ruins Turf Blueprints.png

The Lazy Forager.png The Lazy Explorer.png PickSlashAxe.png Thulecite Club.png Thulecite Suit.png Thulecite Crown.png Houndius Shootius.png Shadowcraft Plinth Kit.png

Critters Filter.png
Rock Den.png
Rock Den
Kittykit.png Vargling.png Ewelet.png Broodling.png Glomglom.png Giblet.png Mothling.png Friendly Peeper.png
Sculptures Filter.png
Potter's Wheel.png
Potter's Wheel
Carved Hornucopia (Marble).png Bubble Pipe Carving (Marble).png Anchor Figure (Marble).png Pawn Figure (Marble).png Rook Figure (Marble).png Knight Figure (Marble).png Bishop Figure (Marble).png Queenly Figure (Marble).png Kingly Figure (Marble).png Deerclops Figure (Marble).png Bearger Figure (Marble).png Moose Figure (Marble).png Dragonfly Figure (Marble).png Ancient Guardian Figure (Marble).png Toadstool Figure (Marble).png Bee Queen Figure (Marble).png Klaus Figure (Marble).png Antlion Figure (Marble).png Ancient Fuelweaver Figure (Marble).png Malbatross Figure (Marble).png Crab King Figure (Marble).png Moon Moth Figure (Marble).png "Moon" Figure (Marble).png Hound Figure (Marble).png Varg Figure (Marble).png Carrat Figure (Marble).png
Cartography Filter.png
Cartographer's Desk.png
Cartographer's Desk
Map Scroll.png
Celestial Filter.png
Celestial Orb.png
Celestial Orb
Celestial Tier1
Celestial Altar.pngCelestial Tribute.pngCelestial Sanctum.pngCelestial Orb.png
Lunar Altar or Celestial Orb after Celestial Champion
Celestial Tier2
Moon Rock Idol.png Portal Paraphernalia.png

Moon Glass Axe.png Glass Cutter.png Moon Crater Turf.png Mutated Fungal Turf.png Bath Bomb.png Moon Moth Figure Sketch.png "Moon" Figure Sketch.pngBrightsmithy Kit.png

Bottle Exchange Filter.png
Bottle Exchange
Crabby Hermit.png
Crabby Hermit
Bundle of Thanks.pngBlueprint (rare).pngBlueprint (rare).pngJet Quill Float.pngCrimson Quill Float.pngAzure Quill Float.pngSaffron Quill Float.pngTackle Box.pngRainy Day Lure.pngSnow Day Lure.pngStupefying Lure.pngHeavy Weighted Lure.pngDown Quill Float.pngMalbatross Quill Float.pngFish Food.pngSpectackler Box.png
Seasonings Filter.png
Portable Grinding Mill.png
Portable Grinding Mill
Garlic Powder.pngHoney Crystals.pngChili Flakes.pngSeasoning Salt.png
Brightsmithy Filter.png
Brightshade Armor.pngBrightshade Helm.pngBrightshade Bomb.pngBrightshade Staff.pngBrightshade Sword.pngBrightshade Smasher.pngBrightshade Shoevel.pngBrightshade Repair Kit.pngPolar Bearger Bin.pngIce Crystaleyezer Kit.pngHowlitzer.png
Shadowcrafting Filter.png
Shadowcraft Plinth.png
Shadowcraft Plinth
Void Robe.pngVoid Cowl.pngUmbralla.pngShadow Reaper.pngVoid Repair Kit.png
Offerings Filter.png
Gobbler Shrine.png
Gobbler Shrine

Varg Shrine.png
Varg Shrine

Pig Shrine.png
Pig Shrine

Carrat Shrine.png
Carrat Shrine

Beefalo Shrine.png
Beefalo Shrine

Catcoon Shrine.png
Catcoon Shrine

Bunnyman Shrine.png
Bunnyman Shrine

Dragonfly Shrine.png
Dragonfly Shrine

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngLucky Fan.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngLucky Whistle.pngHound Sketch.pngVarg Sketch.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngTribute Roast.pngEight Treasure Mud Pie.pngFish Heads on a Stick.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngStarting Point Kit.pngFinish Line Kit.pngCheckpoint Kit.pngCarrat Item.pngNavigation Gym Kit.pngReflex Gym Kit.pngSpeed Gym Kit.pngEndurance Gym Kit.pngCarrat Scale Kit.pngPacket of Seeds.pngPremium Seed Packet.pngCarrat Figure Sketch.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngBeefalo Bell.pngJudge's Booth Item.pngBeefalo Stage Item.pngSewing Machine Kit.pngFearsome Pattern Scrap.pngFormal Pattern Scrap.pngFestive Pattern Scrap.pngBeefalo Figure Sketch.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngTicoon (item).pngKitcoon Nursery Kit.pngKit Collar.pngWind-up Mouse Toy.pngGobbler Wobbler Kit.pngKit Teaser Kit.pngCatcoon Figure Sketch.pngKitcoon Figure Sketch.png

Red Firecrackers.pngRed Lantern.pngFloating Lantern.pngLucky Beast Head.pngLucky Beast Body.pngLucky Beast Tail.pngPillow Fight Pit Kit.pngGlove of Challenge.pngFlowery Pillow.pngKelp-Stuffed Pillow.pngBeefalo Wool Pillow.pngSteel Wool Pillow.pngFlowery Pillow Armor.pngKelpy Pillow Armor.pngBeefalo Pillow Armor.pngSteel Wool Pillow Armor.pngBunny Roll.pngMoon Cake.pngMoon Jelly.pngSkewered Puffs.pngShort Rabbit Lamp Kit.pngTall Rabbit Lamp Kit.pngNightcap.pngBunnyman Figure Sketch.png

Decked-Out Dragonfly Boat Kit.pngStart Tower Kit.pngRace Checkpoint Kit.pngGolden Buoy Kit.pngDragonfly Boat Kit.pngDragonfly Boat Wheel Kit.pngClaw Oar.pngClaw Anchor Kit.pngDragonfly Wing Mast Kit.pngFanged Bumper Kit.pngDragonfly Light Kit.pngBoat Patch.pngStart Tower Figure Sketch.png

Cawnival Creation Filter.png
Cawnival Creation
Corvus Goodfeather.png
Corvus Goodfeather
Cawnival Sapling.pngPrize Booth Kit.pngCawnival Token.pngCawnival Tokens.pngEggs in a Basket Kit.pngHubbub for Grub Kit.pngEgg Scramble Kit.pngNest Defender Kit.pngCuckoo Spinwheel Kit.pngBirdhouse Ball Drop Kit.png
Trinket Trove Filter.png
Trinket Trove
Prize Booth Build.png
Prize Booth
Popcorn.pngSeed Clusters.pngCorny Slush.pngChirpy Scarf.pngChirpy Cloak.pngChirpy Capelet.pngGreen Mystery Box.pngGold Mystery Box.pngConfetti Cannon Kit.pngGlitter Cannon Kit.pngStreamer Cannon Kit.pngMiniature Tree Kit.pngLight Catcher Kit.pngMini Ferris Wheel Kit.pngMini Swing Carousel Kit.pngMini Pendulum Ride Kit.pngMini Tower Drop Kit.pngMidsummer Night Light Kit.png
Mad Science Filter.png
Mad Science
Mad Scientist Lab.png
Mad Scientist Lab
Phobic Experiment.pngSanguine Experiment.pngPsychosis Experiment.pngSulfuric Experiment.pngArboretum Experiment.pngLunar Experiment.png
Winter's Feast Cooking Filter.png
Winter's Feast Cooking
Masonry Oven.png
Masonry Oven
Merry Berrysauce.pngBibingka.pngCabbage Rolls.pngFestive Fish Dish.pngGood Gravy.pngLatkes.pngLutefisk.pngMulled Punch.pngPanettone.pngPavlova.pngPickled Herring.pngPumpkin Pie.pngRoasted Turkey.pngStuffing.pngSweet Potato Casserole.pngTamales.pngTourtiere.png
Survivor Items Filter
Character Always Available
Without Station Filter.png
Tier 1
Science Machine.png
Tier 2
Alchemy Engine.png Bookcase.png
Tier 1
Tier 2
Shadow Manipulator.png
Other Skills
Wilson Filter.png
Log.pngTwigs.pngFlint.pngRocks.pngBlue Gem.pngRed Gem.pngPurple Gem.pngOrange Gem.pngYellow Gem.pngGreen Gem.pngIridescent Gem.pngMeat.pngMorsel.pngGold Nugget.pngNitre.pngMarble.pngCut Stone.pngMoon Rock.pngBeard Hair.pngBeefalo Wool.pngBone Shards.pngHound's Tooth.pngManure.pngPure Horror.pngDreadstone.pngNightmare Fuel.pngInfused Moon Shard.pngPure Brilliance.png
Willow Filter.png
Willow's Lighter.pngBernie.png
Wolfgang Filter.png
Dumbbell.pngGolden Dumbbell.pngMarbell.pngGembell.png Mighty Gym.png Thermbell.pngFirebell.pngIcebell.pngCoaching Whistle.png
Wendy Filter.png
Abigail's Flower.png Sisturn.png Revenant Restorative.png Spectral Cure-All.png Unyielding Draught.png Distilled Vengeance.png Nightshade Nostrum.png Vigor Mortis.png
WX-78 Filter.png
Hardy Circuit.pngSuper-Hardy Circuit.png Bio Scanalyzer.png
Processing Circuit.pngSuper-Processing Circuit.pngBeanbooster Circuit.pngChorusbox Circuit.pngGastrogain Circuit.pngSuper-Gastrogain Circuit.pngAcceleration Circuit.pngSuper-Acceleration Circuit.pngThermal Circuit.pngRefrigerant Circuit.pngElectrification Circuit.pngOptoelectronic Circuit.pngIllumination Circuit.pngCircuit Extractor.pngBio Scanalyzer.png
Wickerbottom Filter.png
Bookcase.png Birds of the World.png Horticulture, Abridged.png The Angler's Survival Guide.png Lux Aeterna.png Practical Rain Rituals.png The Everything Encyclopedia.png Applied Silviculture.png On Tentacles.png Sleepytime Stories.png The End is Nigh.png Bookcase.png
Pyrokinetics Explained.png Overcoming Arachnophobia.png Tempering Temperatures.png Lunar Grimoire.png Apicultural Notes.png Horticulture, Expanded.png Lux Aeterna Redux.png
Woodie Filter.png
Kitschy Goose Idol.pngKitschy Beaver Idol.pngKitschy Moose Idol.png Treeguard Idol.pngBoards.pngHardwood Hat.pngWooden Walking Stick.png
Wes Filter.png
Pile o' Balloons.pngBalloon Icon.pngSpeedy Balloon.pngParty Balloon.pngInflatable Vest.pngBalloon Hat.png
Maxwell Filter.png
Codex Umbra.pngMagician's Chest.pngTop Hat.png
Wigfrid Filter.png
Battle Spear.pngBattle Helm.pngCommander's Helm.pngWeaponized Warble.pngHeartrending Ballad.pngClear Minded Cadenza.pngBel Canto of Courage.pngFireproof Falsetto.pngRude Interlude.pngStartling Soliloquy.png Elding Spear.pngCommander's Helm.pngWarrior's Reprise.pngEnlightened Lullaby.pngDark Lament.pngBattle Call Canister.pngBattle Saddle.pngBattle Rönd.png
Webber Filter.png
Spider Eggs.pngDen Decorating Set.pngWebby Whistle.pngShoo Box.pngHealing Glop.png Spider Warrior.png Dangling Depth Dweller.png Cave Spider.png Spitter.png Shattered Spider.png Nurse Spider.png Sea Strider.png
Befriend Spiders:
Warrior Switcherdoodle.pngDangler Switcherdoodle.pngCave Switcherdoodle.pngSpitter Switcherdoodle.pngShatter Switcherdoodle.pngNurse Switcherdoodle.pngStrider Switcherdoodle.png
Winona Filter.png
Trusty Tape.pngWinona's Catapult.pngWinona's Generator.pngWinona's G.E.M.erator.pngWinona's Spotlight.png
Warly Filter.png
Portable Crock Pot.pngPortable Seasoning Station.pngPortable Grinding Mill.pngChef Pouch.png
Wortox Filter.png
Wormwood Filter.png
Compost Wrap.pngLiving Log.pngBramble Husk.pngBramble Trap.png Sapling (Moon).pngBerry Bush Item.pngBerry Bush 2.pngDug Juicy Berry Bush.pngMonkeytails Tuft Dug.pngFleshy Bulb.pngSyrup of Ipecaca.pngCarrat Item.pngBulbous Lightbug Item.pngSaladmander Item.png
Wurt Filter.png
Marsh Turf.pngClever Disguise.png Craftsmerm House.pngDIY Royalty Kit.pngMerm Flort-ifications.png
Walter Filter.png
Trusty Slingshot.pngPinetree Pioneer Hat.pngPebbles.png Tent Roll.png Gold Rounds.png Poop Pellets.png Marbles.png Freeze Rounds.png Slow-Down Rounds.png Ancient Pseudoscience Filter.png
Ancient Pseudoscience Station :
Cursed Rounds.png
Wanda Filter.png
Clockmaker's Tools.png Time Pieces.png Ageless Watch.png Second Chance Watch.png Backstep Watch.png Backtrek Watch.png Rift Watch.png Alarming Clock.png