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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Usher is a Pig Trader Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. He will give the player four Oincs for various sweets, but only once per day.

A player can exploit the gaining of oincs by buying berries from the grocery store for one oinc each, then trading the berries with the Usher for four more oincs, leaving a net gain of 3 oincs from each Usher per day. Assuming the grocery store has berries in stock, this makes berry bushes much less useful for oinc farming. Likewise, he will pay 4 oincs for Pumpkin Cookies, which cost 3 oincs at the Deli

Brain.png Behavior

One Usher may spawn from a Town House, and will wander randomly around their house and eat any edible items left on the ground, including Pig Skin. Every so often they will drop one Manure where they are standing, and if the player picks up that manure the Usher will approach them and give them one Oinc, along with an accompanying Quote.

Whenever there is a hostile mob nearby, or a player targets them or another Pig Trader or Royal Guard near them, they will enter a panicked state. They will begin to move around semi-randomly in a direction away from the aggressor.

They will attempt to return to their house in the evening, and if they cannot reach their house or their house is destroyed they will seek the nearest light source and stand next to it until night, when they will sleep on the ground.