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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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This pig society appears to have built a healthy political system.


Mayor Truffleston is a Pig Trader Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. He is the Mayor of Swinesbury, and thus he can be found in the Swinesbury City Hall. Only one spawns per village.

The player can give him a Gold Nugget and receive 5 Oincs in exchange or buy a Security Contract (10 Oincs) or a Deed of home ownership (50 Oincs) from him. There is no limit to the amount of Gold Nugget trades done in a day, however, as Gold Nuggets are especially rare and hard to obtain in the Hamlet DLC and cost 10 Oincs to obtain from Swinesbury Mineral Exchange, selling them to the Mayor is not recommended, buying them instead from the Mineral exchange is the better option.

After obtaining the Key to the City from the Pig Queen in the Palace, the player can build their own City Hall and become Mayor themselves. This position grants them the right to collect Oincs from the villagers who own houses built by the player every 10 days.

While as a mob he is known as Mayor Truffleston, he still spawns with randomly generated names like with all other Pig Traders.

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