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The Ancient Sentrypede is a Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It can be found in the Ancient Archive, it appears when a Sentrypede Husk absorbs a Security Pulse emitted by an active Ancient Guard Post.

Brain.png Behavior

An Ancient Sentrypede is aggressive towards players. It has three type of attacks:

  • It can attack one target doing 40 damage.
  • It can slam the ground, doing 20 AoE damage in a radius of 5 units.
  • It can roll and charge straight over a distance of 20 units, doing 40 damage to all players and damaging all structures on the path.

When it is out of combat, it returns to the place where it was reanimated from a Sentrypede Husk. Ancient sentrypedes stay active even after the Archive Switch has been deactivated.

Sentrypede Husk

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It's dead.


Sentrypede Husks are commonly found in the Ancient Archive. They can be activated into Ancient Sentrypedes by Security Pulses. The Sentrypede Husk reappears when the Ancient Sentrypede is defeated.

The Sentrypede Husk has 300 Health and it regenerates 1 health per second. It can be damaged down to 45 health but it cannot be destroyed.

  • From 300 to 198 health, the Sentrypede Husk can be activated by a Security Pulse.
  • From 197 to 99 health, it appears more degraded and cannot be activated.
  • From 98 to 45 health, it has an even more degraded appearance and cannot be activated.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Ancient Sentrypede was introduced in the Forgotten Knowledge update.
  • The name "Sentrypede" is a portmanteau of "Sentry" and "Centipede".