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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

For the blue variant, see Blue Whale.

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A White Whale is a hostile Animal that has a chance to spawn after the player has tracked it down by examining Suspicious Bubbles, during Hurricane Season or Dry Season. This chance starts at 5% on day 1 and increases as days go by to a maximum of 33% on day 100. In Mild Season and Monsoon Season, the White Whale will not be encountered regardless of the day counter. They are considered innocent creatures despite being hostile, and killing one adds 6 points to the player's naughtiness level.

When killed, White Whale Carcass is dropped, which will take 3–5 days to fully bloat (only if it has been loaded once during that play session). When bloated, it can be popped with a Machete and will explode, dropping 4 Raw Fish, 4 Blubber, 1 Harpoon, 1 Bone Shards and 9 other random items.

Brain.png Behavior

The White Whale will attack the player if the player gets too close. Each attack is performed as melee, spawning two Big Waves. A player can safely kite one with an attack pattern of 3-4 swings, depending on movement speed. If more than one White Whale are close together they will attack each other.

Spear.png Hunting

By investigating some Suspicious Bubbles, the player can find a White Whale. These can be found randomly in the deep ocean biome and will change locations if ignored for a period of time. Once investigating Suspicious Bubbles three will pop in the same direction, if followed it will lead to another Suspicious Bubbles or the White Whale approximately two screens away. Upon uncovering the final bubble (there can be between 6 and 12 per hunt), the character will alert the player that the creature is close and a White whale will be spawned rather than another bubble. Note there is a 2/3 chance that a Blue Whale will spawn instead. 

Once killed, the White Whale will drop a White Whale Carcass. The behavior of a White Whale Carcass is similar as a Blue Whale's, see Blue Whale for more advice on how to harvest the loots.

Possible Random Items

High quality items (low drop chance, rolls 2 items):

Coconade.png Top Hat.png Thatch Sail.png Particulate Purifier.png Sleep Dart.png Poison Dart.png Fire Dart.png Cutlass Supreme.png

Medium quality items (medium drop chance, rolls 3 items):

Cloth Sail.png Dead Wobster.png Spear Gun.png Coconut.png Boat Lantern.png Bottle Lantern.png Spyglass.png Captain Hat.png
Pirate Hat.png Spear.png Sea Trap.png Machete.png Empty Bottle.png

Low quality items (high drop chance, rolls 4 items):

Blubber.png Raw Fish.png Bone Shards.png Seaweed.png Jellyfish.png Coral.png Vine.png Bamboo.png

Prototype.png Tips

  • The White Whale cannot be set on fire.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The White Whale is a direct reference to Moby-Dick, an 1851 novel about a hostile albino sperm whale. This is further supported by the Harpoon embedded in the whale's head.
    • Although Moby Dick is a sperm whale, the White Whale appears to be a rorqual.
    • The Harpoon in the whale's head may have been shot in there by Maxwell, as indicated by his quote "We meet again". This may also be another reference to Moby-Dick, with Maxwell's animosity towards the whale paralleling that of Ahab.
    • Upon examination, Wickerbottom states "A white whale! If only there were a book about such a thing!", which is a probable reference to the existing book Moby Dick.
      • Nonetheless, this might not be accurate, since the events of Don't Starve have started in around 1906, and the book already exists by that date.
  • The White Whale is the Shipwrecked equivalent of the Varg from Reign of Giants.

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