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A new species of irritation.


Splumonkeys are neutral Mobs found in the Ruins. They live in Splumonkey Pods. They will follow players, stealing items on the ground and looting containers. When killed, they drop any stolen items, 1 Morsel, 1 Cave Banana, and possibly 1 Nightmare Fuel.

When the Nightmare Cycle reaches the Nightmare Phase, Splumonkeys turn into Shadow Splumonkeys and become hostile to the player, all humanoids (Merms, Pigs, Bunnyman etc.), any Monster and follower in the vicinity. When killed, they drop Beard Hair in addition to their usual drops. When the Nightmare Cycle resumes the Calm Phase, Splumonkeys revert to their normal form and lose their aggression.

Brain.png Behavior

Splumonkeys pick Bananas from Cave Banana TreesBerries from Berry Bushes, and any Mushrooms in sight. They will harvest crops from Farm plots, steal items from Chests, Ice Boxes, Backpacks, Chester, Hutch, and Woby, plus take Food from Crock Pots. If they pick up a Hat, they will wear it. The hat will give the same benefits to the Splumonkey as a player (a Miner Hat will provide light, a Football Helmet defense, etc.), and will lose durability at the same rate a player would.

Like many other neutral mobs, if one Splumonkey is attacked, all nearby Splumonkeys will become aggressive toward the attacker. Splumonkeys defend themselves by throwing Manure at a distance or biting enemies that come within melee range. Being hit by Manure causes damage (0 health will be lost however) and lowers Sanity by 10 points. Splumonkeys can hold a maximum of three Manure, and eating Food items will replenish this count. They prefer to run from any attacker and throw any Manure they have from a distance, so the player may need to corner a Splumonkey in order to get close enough to hurt it with melee weapons.

If any non-player creature attacks a Splumonkey while the player is fighting them, all other nearby Splumonkeys will attack the non-player creature instead of the player. When fighting non-player creatures, Splumonkeys will use melee instead of their manure attacks and will not run at a distance to avoid damage. For example, if Wendy attacks a Splumonkey with Abigail nearby, and Abigail attacks one, all other Splumonkeys will attack Abigail.

At the onset of an Earthquake, all Splumonkeys return to their Splumonkey Pods. Once there, they will drop all the items they have (excluding worn headgear). Similarly, when a player kills one Splumonkey, all other Splumonkeys will immediately drop their carried items (again, excluding worn headgear) and run back to the Splumonkey Pods. Splumonkeys will not do this if their comrade is killed by a follower or other mob. Shadow Splumonkeys are not affected by any of these events.

On occasion, Splumonkeys will follow the player, especially if the player has a Cave Banana in their inventory. Unlike other followers, Splumonkeys do not assist but only harass.

Similar to Prime Apes, Splumonkeys can be distracted with Silly Monkey Ball.

If Splumonkeys are on the surface and homeless or too far away from their pod, they will sleep at daytime and wake up at dusk or upon being attacked.

Splumonkeys spawned with console up the surface will aid Powder Monkeys in war .

Aggravated Shadow Splumonkeys will chase the player until death, until they transform back into normal ones, or until the player gets far enough away from them. Because they move faster than the player, this will require some kind of movement speed boost.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill a Splumonkey. Splumonkeys take 2 blasts from the Ice Staff to be frozen and 1 Sleep Dart to be put to sleep.

Weapon Fishing Rod.pngBug Net.png Lucy the Axe.png Shovel.png Pitchfork.png

Hammer.png Torch.png Umbrella.png

Walking Cane.png Willow's Lighter.png

Axe.png Pickaxe.png

Luxury Axe.png Opulent Pickaxe.png

Boomerang.png PickSlashAxe.png

Spear.png Ham Bat.png Morning Star.png Bat Bat.png Tentacle Spike.png Battle Spear.png

Thulecite Club.png Tooth Trap.png

Slurtle Slime.png Fire Dart.png Fire Staff.png

Blow Dart.pngDark Sword.png Gunpowder.png
No. of hits for
Splumonkey.pngShadow Splumonkey.png
30 10 8 5 4 3-5 2 or 3 3 2 1

Prototype.png Tips

  • If a Splumonkey and a player remain idle with an item between them, the Splumonkey will forget the player and attempt to pick up the item. The window of them stealing the item can be used to kill the Splumonkey. If the player is right next to a Splumonkey while they are stealing an item, the player can get two-three free hits before they run off if not attacked by any other Splumonkeys. Attacked Splumonkeys near players will forget about stealing the item and run from all players.
  • Splumonkeys do not recognize Wilbur as their king and will not be friendly to him; Splumonkeys are different from Prime Apes.
  • Despite having low stats, their numbers, projectile attacks, and relentlessness make these creatures extremely dangerous as they are capable of stunlocking the player for an indefinite amount of time.
  • A quick way to get rid of them is to burn their pods with a Fire Staff or Torch. One can then kill them one by one or let them die to any nearby mobs.
  • Characters with abilities than can attack multiple enemies can find themselves greatly overpowering Splumonkeys. Wendy and Abigail, and Wormwood's Bramble Husk are notable examples, however, some options are greater than others.
  • If being chased by a very large group of Shadow Splumonkeys, it may make sense to find a Damaged Rook as the rook's charge will be usually be able to easily kill almost all of them. This can be a very efficient way of killing large groups of monkeys, especially when considering how consistent it is.
  • A magiluminescence and a walking cane or lazy explorer will allow you to be fast enough to outrun them. While being extremely risky, this can be used to kite a potentially infinite amount of Shadow Splumonkeys.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name "Splumonkey" is a portmanteau of the words "Spelunk" and "Monkey."
  • Their inclusion is a possible reference to the term "Underground Monkey", which is the practice of reusing mob sprites in role-playing games by placing them in different areas (placing animals in strange biomes) with the common example being a subterranean monkey enemy.
  • Before the The Stuff of Nightmares update, Splumonkeys used to spawn in Caves. They also used to spawn from Barrels, likely a reference to the phrase "more fun than a barrel of monkeys". Barrels were changed to Splumonkey Pods in A Moderately Friendly Update.
  • Splumonkeys were added in response to a fan suggestion.
  • Splumonkeys were revealed during the early Beta, leading people to believe they would be implemented sooner than they were. They were not actually implemented until seven months later. The reason for the delay is unknown.
  • Splumonkeys may also be a reference to the novel Congo, in which the ruins of an ancient civilization are guarded by apes who were trained to guard the civilization while it was alive.
  • In older versions of the game, Splumonkeys tried to steal items by knocking them out of the player's inventory.
  • Being hit by thrown Manure can cause armor effects to trigger at the cost of zero durability, such as the Thulecite Crown's shielding.

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