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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
The Celestial Champion is a Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, and introduced in the Return of Them update.

It is spawned from a meteor that crashes down after the player finishes assembling the Lunar Siphonator built over the Mysterious Energy summoned from having all three Lunar Altars completed near each other on the Lunar Island. It will initially be inert before absorbing the three Altars along with the Celestial Orb and becoming active.

Upon the destruction of its first form, the Celestial Champion will drop 5-7 Moon Rocks. Its second form will drop 2-4 Moon Rocks and 4-6 Moon Shards. Its final form will drop 8-14 Moon Rocks, 13-26 Moon Shards, and 6-12 Infused Moon Shards, as well as its remains which can be mined to obtain an Enlightened Crown, the pieces of the Celestial Altar, Sanctum, and Tribute, and an upgraded Celestial Orb that emits light when a player is nearby and has access to all Celestial Tab recipes.

Phase 1

Walter Portrait.png
Woah, is that a space creature?!

Walter, when examining the Celestial Champion at the first phase.

In its first form the Celestial Champion will roll towards nearby players, destroying structures and damaging players who are caught in its path. It will change direction suddenly while rolling to target nearby players. After colliding with a player it will come to a stop and slam the ground multiple times, dealing damage in an area around it.

Below 8,000 HP the Celestial Champion will occasionally plant its feet into the ground and emit light, summoning multiple Gestalts that attack in random directions. This can cause nearby players to quickly fall asleep. While in this state the Celestial Champion gains 80% Damage Reduction.

Upon reaching 0 HP the Celestial Champion will collapse. It will then reawaken in its second form a few seconds later.

Phase 2

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Interesting, it seems to utilize aspects of the altars for combat.

Wickerbottom, when examining the Celestial Champion at the second phase.

It is the second form of the Celestial Champion. It primarily attacks by spinning its legs outward while chasing nearby players, destroying any structures in its path and dealing heavy damage to anything caught in its range. When starting this attack the Celestial Champion will match the speed of its target, and walking cane and/or magiluminesce are most effective when equipped after the spin attack has started.

Between spin attacks it will stop to chop the ground 3 times spawning waves of five Greater Gestalts that launch toward the player with each slam.

If there is a player close to the Celestial Champion it will chop at them using a leg.

It will occasionally stab the ground with a leg, causing Moonglass Spikes to thrust up from the ground around it. Moonglass Spikes can be mined with one swing of a Pickaxe.

Reaching 0 HP in this form will cause the Celestial Champion to collapse again. It will then change into its final form after a few seconds.

Phase 3

Waxwell Portrait.png
At last you reveal your true self.

Maxwell, when examining the Celestial Champion at the third phase.

In its third and final form, the Celestial Champion gains the ability to fly, and it will now move away from the player if approached. Its primary attack in this stage takes the form of three blue lasers that it will shoot out, either sweeping in concentric semi-circles around itself in a wi-fi pattern or in straight lines that extend outward in a spoke pattern. The radius of the semi-circles and length of the lasers corresponds with the distance of the target it is trying to hit and will destroy any structures caught in their path. These lasers will also create small leaks in boats, often creating tens of leaks in a matter of seconds. Additionally, each time the laser hits the player, it will also increases their lunacy Enlightenment Meter.png by 10.

If the player is close by, it will plunge into the ground, whipping the prisms above its head wildly to inflict damage multiple times.

It will occasionally plunge into the ground, creating a circular perimeter and summoning many Gestalts and Greater Gestalts to attack every players within range. This attack will continue for thirty seconds, or until the players leave the perimeter or are put to sleep by the Gestalts.

Wanda Portrait.png
I can't let myself fall asleep at a time like this!

Wanda, when examining a Enlightening Snare.

The Celestial Champion will occasionally send out vertical beams of light, which come down as ten Enlightening Snares. These snares will pulse, creating a glowing area around them that deal rapid hits that will quickly put nearby players and mobs to sleep. Each hit from an Enlightening Snare also increases lunacy Enlightenment Meter.png by 10 but does not deal damage to health, similar to an attack from a Gestalt. This pulse will last a few seconds, after which the Snare will be safe to stand near until it turns on again. Enlightening Snares can be mined with a Pickaxe, taking seven hits to break and dropping 2-3 Moon Shards. Enlightening Snares will also shatter on their own after one minute. The Celestial Champion will not spawn more Enlightening Snares until three or fewer remain.

After the final form is defeated the Celestial Champion will hover inert, unable to attack. Wagstaff will appear and announce his experiment was a "rousing success." Wagstaff will then remove the Mysterious Energy that powers the Celestial Champion. It will take 2 minutes for him to completely take the Mysterious Energy, or almost immediately after giving him the Enlightened Crown Shard, which will additionally cause Rifts to appear on the mainland. Afterwards, Wagstaff will disappear. If the Enlightened Crown Shard wasn't given to Wagstaff the first time, he will randomly appear on the mainland to give it to him there. The Champion's remains can then be mined with a Pickaxe.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill a Celestial Champion when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Number of Hits
Item Celestial Champion Phase 1.png Celestial Champion Phase 2.png Celestial Champion Phase 3.png
Old Bell.png Reign of Giants icon.png 10 13 14
Obsidian Coconade.png Shipwrecked icon.png 30 39 42
Coconade.png Shipwrecked icon.png Hamlet icon.png 40 52 56
Spear Gun Obsidian.png Shipwrecked icon.png 50 - 66 Charged.png 64 - 85 Charged.png 69 - 92 Charged.png
50 65 70
Bee Mine.png ≥63 ≥82 ≥88
Spear Gun Battle.png Shipwrecked icon.png 63 as Wigfrid Portrait.png 82 as Wigfrid Portrait.png 88 as Wigfrid Portrait.png
Spear Gun Spear.png Spear Gun Poison.png Shipwrecked icon.png 99 128 138
Obsidian Spear.png Shipwrecked icon.png 99 - 197 128 - 255 138 - 275
Blow Dart.png 100 130 140
Electric Dart.png Don't Starve Together icon.png 112 (67 Wettargetdamage.png) 145 (87 Wettargetdamage.png) 156 (94 Wettargetdamage.png)
Dark Sword.png
Glass Cutter.png Don't Starve Together icon.png
148 192 206
Cutlass Supreme.png Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png 148 192 206
Tooth Trap.png 167 217 234
Pew-matic Horn.png Hamlet icon.png 295, 223 or 167 383, 289 or 217 412, 312 or 234
Thulecite Club.png 169 219 236
Ham Bat.png 169 - 337 219 - 437 236 - 471
Obsidian Axe.png Shipwrecked icon.png 184 - 368 - Charged.png 239 - 478 - Charged.png 258 - 515 - Charged.png
Tentacle Spike.png

Cursed Rounds.png Marbles.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png

197 255 275
Slurtle Slime.png 200 260 280
Halberd.png Hamlet icon.png 227 295 317
Morning Star.png Reign of Giants icon.png 231 (139 Wettargetdamage.png) 300 (180 Wettargetdamage.png) 323 (194 Wettargetdamage.png)
Bat Bat.png
Battle Spear.png Reign of Giants icon.png
236 306 330
Bramble Trap.png Don't Starve Together icon.png 250 325 350

Moon Glass Axe.png Gold Rounds.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

295 383 412
Trident.png Shipwrecked icon.png 295 (99 Toy Boat.png) 383 (128 Toy Boat.png) 412 (138 Toy Boat.png)
PickSlashAxe.png 327 425 458
Machete.png Shipwrecked icon.png Hamlet icon.png 335 435 468
Boomerang.png Axe.png Pickaxe.png Brush.png

Tail o' Three Cats.png Malbatross Bill.png Bull Kelp Stalk.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

368 478 515
Stalking Stick.png Hamlet icon.png 491 638 687
Eyeshot.png Shipwrecked icon.png 500 650 700
Saddlehorn.png Hammer.png Pitchfork.png Shovel.png Walking Cane.png Willow's Lighter.png Torch.png

Whirly Fan.png Driftwood Oar.png Oar.png Slow-Down Rounds.png Pebbles.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

589 765 824
Lucy the Axe.png 736 956 1030
Bug Net.png Fishing Rod.png
2353 3059 3295

It takes 8 blasts to freeze a Celestial Champion with an Ice Staff

Defeated Celestial Champion

Wilson Portrait.png
Maybe someone should go poke it... just to be sure.


After Wagstaff removes the energy from the Champion the current Day's clock will be completely replaced by Night, as well as setting the moon's phase to a New Moon. This effectively resets the Lunar Cycle, potentially causing New Moons and Full Moons to occur on a different cycle than previous. Additionally, one should be prepared with a light source after the Champion is defeated as to not have their hard work go to waste from Charlie.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Because the Celestial Champion will absorb the altars and Celestial Orb on completion of the Lunar Siphonator, crafting Moon Rock Idols or any other Celestial Tab recipe will be impossible so long as the Champion is alive. Crafting items and switching characters should be done before summoning the boss if one wishes to do so.
  • It is impossible to teleport the Celestial Champion off of the Lunar Island, even if the player has built a Telelocator Focus.
  • Because its third form will run from the player it is possible to chase it back to where it was originally summoned. This will cut down the distance the player has to carry the Celestial Altar pieces to reassemble the altars after its defeat.
  • A good way to prevent other gestalts besides the ones that the Celestial Champion spawns it's by using the Nightmare Amulet or the Bone Helm to lower one's Enlightenment to zero.
  • Using the Telelocator Focus and Telelocator Staff to teleport Klaus on the Lunar Island and letting them fight each other can easily defeat Celestial Champion.
  • Using Glommer's Goop can be a good way to heal yourself during this specific fight. It lowers your Enlightenment, does not spoil unlike healing food, and heals you for a good amount of health. Plus, it's easy to obtain and gather in large quantities, assuming you found Glommer early and kept its goop up until fighting the Celestial Champion.
  • The easiest known way to defeat the third phase is to freeze the champion with an ice staff, place 40 Gunpowder under it, and light it with a fire staff. Doing so twice will easily defeat the third phase.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Celestial Champion was introduced in the Eye of the Storm update.
  • It is the first boss to have 3 themes and phases, each one having similarities to the three Celestial Tab crafting stations that are used to create it, in order of Celestial Sanctum, Celestial Altar, and Celestial Tribute. In the concept art released in RWP280, they are also referred to as "shield alter", "sword alter", and "crown alter".
    • Its third phase also bears a resemblance to a Gestalt.
  • It spawn code "alterguardian_phase1" suggest the real name of the "moon" is Alter.
  • Wanda's quote for the first phase suggests that she's seen the Celestial Champion before.