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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Cave Holes are naturally spawning objects exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign.

Cave Holes appear in the Ruins. There is a treasure in each Cave Hole. The items inside cannot be picked up directly; using The Lazy Forager, Polly Roger's Hat, Wortox's teleport ability and the lazy explorer are the only ways to pick them up. The Ruins can be regenerated by killing the Ancient Fuelweaver, so by defeating the boss repeatedly the player is able to farm the Cave Holes for loot.

As The Lazy Forager is refuellable, this allows the player to collect a sizable amount of Thulecite and rare Gems each time the Ruins are reset.

Prototype.png Tips

  • One can make The Lazy Forager in a repaired Ancient Psuedoscience Station, then collect the treasure in the Cave Holes. As The Lazy Forager is refuellable, one can potentially amass a fair amount of Thulecite and Rare Gems.
  • Wortox can Soul Hop into the Cave Hole to obtain its loot then Soul Hop back out, if done quickly, this will only cost 1 Soul.
  • Maxwell can spawn a Shadow Servant in the Cave Hole to pick up the item from it and give it to its owner.
Cave Hole Treasures
Item(s) Chance Quantity
Thulecite.png 29% 1-3
Thulecite Fragments.png 29% 5-8
Yellow Gem.png 12% 1
Orange Gem.png 12% 1
Purple Gem.png 12% 1
Green Gem.png 3% 1
Thulecite Medallion.png 3% 1