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For sculptures that can be crafted by players on a Potter's Wheel, see Chess Pieces.
For decorative sculptures dropping Sketches when mined, see Marble Statues.

Wendy Portrait.png
Perhaps it wanted to hide the shame of its monstrous form?

Wendy, when examining an incomplete Rook Sculpture.

Wigfrid Portrait.png
We've freed the figure slumbering in the stöne.

Wigfrid, when examining an incomplete Bishop Sculpture.

Waxwell Portrait.png
My creations! How rude.

Maxwell, when examining an incomplete Knight Sculpture.

Marble Sculptures are naturally spawning structures in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. They spawn in some Set Pieces that can be found anywhere in the world, alongside several Marble Statues.

The player can mine the statues with a Pickaxe, causing them to drop marble and become deformed (Missing pieces, broken, etc.) and begin to look like Clockwork Monsters. Suspicious Marbles can be found anywhere in the world and be placed on the sculptures, repairing them.

When a Full Moon occurs, each repaired Sculpture can be mined with a Pickaxe to drop a Sketch, Marble, and spawn its corresponding Clockwork Bishop, Clockwork Knight, or Clockwork Rook. If Full Moon ends, mining the sculpture will simply return the Suspicious Marble.

Alternatively, when a New Moon occurs, each repaired sculpture can be mined with a Pickaxe to drop a Sketch, Marble and spawn its corresponding Shadow Piece. Since the Sculptures are not renewable, players must turn to Chess Pieces to spawn more Shadow Pieces.

Reanimating the sculpture during either moon phase will unlock the respective Trinkets to drop in Tumbleweeds.

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