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Webber Portrait.png
It's in our way.

Webber, when examining a raised Sanity Obelisk.

Winona Portrait.png
I can't begin to imagine how it works.

Winona, when examining a raised Insanity Obelisk.

Obelisks are indestructible Structures usually found surrounding the Pig King in Survival Mode, but also act as an indicator of the Sanity level of a player. When the Sanity level is 15% and below, the Obelisks around the Pig King change their states: the lowered ones raise, and the raised ones become lowered. The Shadow Creature Mr. Skitts briefly appears to raise and lower the Obelisks.

In Adventure Mode, Obelisks act as road barriers, and can be great for many defensive ideas. However, it will be hard to deal with, as one might have to eat a load of raw Green Caps to lower their Sanity and Cooked Green Caps to raise their Sanity, and it would take a while to defend against something, like Hounds.

If two players are nearby an Obelisk with varying sanity, the Obelisk will prioritize the player with unfit conditions. For example, if there lay a barrier of Insanity Obelisks and there's a player with 0% Sanity and another with >15% Sanity, the Obelisk will continue to block both players until the player with >15% Sanity has either lowered their Sanity or left the vicinity.

In A New Reign, the Atrium Biome was added to the Ruins. Insanity Obelisks block the main paths that lead from the Tentapillar all the way to the Ancient Gateway. There also lay Ornate Chests, all of which are blocked behind Sanity Obelisks - barriers that open only for the sane. Players must be careful around the previously mentioned Obelisks since they can act as impenetrable barriers if they do not have items to raise their Sanity.

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WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining a lowered Sanity Obelisk.

Walani Portrait.png
That's one dark tower.

Walani, when examining a lowered Insanity Obelisk.

Obelisks may be found in one of two states, depending on the Sanity level of the player: raised and lowered. Obelisks in the lowered state will not act as obstacles in the player's path. Obelisks in the raised state will act as obstacles and the player will need to adjust their Sanity level accordingly in order to lower them again. The player cannot use the Nightmare Amulet's insanity effect to raise or lower the Obelisk.

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