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Hound Mounds are naturally spawning objects formed in both Sandbox Mode and Adventure Mode, though it is more likely to be found in the latter. They house up to 3 Hounds which spawn in 5 second intervals until the mound is empty. Hounds that are killed will gradually regenerate at a rate of 1 every 30 seconds.

As stated by Maxwell, the mound itself acts as an entrance to a tunnel leading to the subterranean Hound nest. Conceivably, destroying this entrance blocks the tunnel and traps the Hounds underground. 

Usually a Hound Mound is surrounded by lots of Bones and other mounds; this makes the place dangerous as players may be killed easily by numerous Hounds in a short time.

They have 300 Health and drop 3 Hound's Teeth with a 1% chance each of dropping a Blue or Red Gem when destroyed.

When hit, all hounds that are housed in the mound, but have not yet spawned, will spawn and attack the player. Each of these "guard hounds" has a chance to be a Red Hound (if in Summer) or a Blue Hound (if in Winter). The chance for each guard hound to be a special hound grows larger as the days pass and caps out at 50% on day 75. The chance for each day is listed in the table below.

Day Special Hound Spawn Chance
1-14 0%
15-29 10%
30-49 20%
50-74 33%
75+ 50%

Hound Mounds can be found commonly in the Desert Biome, often in a cluster. When destroyed, the mounds will drop 2 Bone Shards in addition to their regular loot.

The mounds now house between 2-3 hounds and have a 20% chance to spawn a Red Hound instead of a regular hound during Summer. When attacked, the mound has the same behaviour as the base game, but the chance to spawn Blue Hounds now extends into Spring, and the chance to spawn Red Hounds extends into Autumn.

Hounds now spawn from mounds in 30 second intervals, and hounds that are killed regenerate at a rate of 1 every 2 minutes.

Hound Mounds regenerate killed Hounds at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Hounds spawned from Hound Mound will not continue to chase players if they are far away from the mound. Instead, they will bark for a moment and then return to the nest.
  • Players should be careful when trying to lure a Deerclops or a Spider Queen to a Hound Mound, as the Hounds may kill the player before attacking the giants.
  • Players can use Hound Mounds to farm Red Gems from the Red Hounds that have a 20% chance of spawning from the mounds during Summer. Blue Gems; however, only spawn from Blue Hounds, which will only have a chance of spawning when the mound is attacked.
  • Hound Mounds can be destroyed by the fires spawned by Red Hounds.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Hound Mounds were added in A Little Rain Must Fall update.
  • Hound Mounds will continue to spawn Hounds even if the player is playing on a world with Hounds set to the 'none' amount, as that only controls Hound waves. To avoid encountering Hounds from mounds, the mounds themselves have to be set to 'none'.

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