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Ride the lightning, you big egg.


The Moose/Goose Egg is an object in the Reign of Giants DLC. During Spring, Moose/Goose will wander off to lay an egg. The egg radiates electricity and can be struck with a Hammer 4 times to cause it to hatch, otherwise if the Moose/Goose is left alone, it will hatch on its own. Each strike with the Hammer deals 10 damage to the player. A Weather Pain can be used to hatch the egg from a distance without taking damage. 5 Moslings will hatch from the egg and attack if the player gets too close.

Once the Egg hatches, the small nest will remain behind, giving Moose/Goose the possibility to lay another Egg. At the end of Spring, both the egg and the nest will despawn.

In Don't Starve Together, there will be a set amount of nesting sites during World Generation. In Spring, up to 50% (or 0%, 25%, 75%, and 100% of them respectively) will have an egg in them. When the Moslings are attacked, the Moose/Goose will spawn to defend the Moslings. The Set Piece they spawn in will usually have Berry Bushes, Birchnut Trees, and a circle of sticks. Base building should be avoided near the area, as the Moose Goose will break walls and the moslings will eat food from crockpots, drying racks, bushes, etc.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The egg will randomly alternate between being called a "Moose Egg" and a "Goose Egg".

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Occasionally, the Moose/Goose will spawn, and no egg will spawn, even if left alone for days.
  • Spawning in this item spawns an empty nest. To fix this, you need to add the 'InitEgg()' variable to the end. Eg: 'c_spawn("mooseegg"):InitEgg()'
  • Occasionally a Moose/Goose egg that did not hatch while the Moose/Goose was still alive will remain in place, unhatched through all the seasons. Using wormholes, moving many screens away or relogging will not cause the egg to hatch or despawn.
  • Dying by hammering the egg will result in the morgue listing the death as "Shenanigans".

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