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The Gramophone is a craftable Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced within the From Beyond updates and based on the Gramophone from Don't Starve. It can be crafted in the Decorations Filter with 3 Gold Nugget, 2 Electrical Doodad and 1 Gears and require an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

The Gramophone can be placed on a Wooden Table or on the floor. It will play a music track for 62 seconds, if a Record is inserted. The music is heard within a range of 8 tiles, becoming much quieter the further the Gramophone is away and can also be turned on and of at the Gramophone. The played record will remain in the Gramophone unless it gets replaced by another record or gets destroyed. The Gramophone can also be be used to tend Farm Plants within a range of 2 tiles.

Even though the Gramophone is an item, it can be destroyed with a Hammer. The music the Gramophone is playing doesn't replace other ingame music, so 2 different music tracks can be heard at the same time.

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