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The Pick/Axe is a craftable Item found in the Ancient Tab. It requires 1 Luxury Axe, 1 Opulent Pickaxe and 2 Thulecite, and an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft. It also has a 5% or 50% chance to be found inside an Ornate Chest or a Large Ornate Chest respectively. Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Pick/Axes cannot be prototyped and Characters always need to be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft them again.

The Pick/Axe can be used as both a Pickaxe and an Axe, but takes 20% fewer swings to accomplish the same work. A Large Evergreen will take 12 swings instead of 15. A standard Boulder, 5 hits instead of 6. You can't save a fraction of a swing, so without other bonuses, only individual items that take 5 swings or more will benefit from this work reduction. Antlion's cave-in boulders take 3 swings, and stone fruits take one, so neither is affected by this.

It has at least double the durability of either the Luxury Axe or Opulent Pickaxe: each chop reduces durability by 0.125% (half of the 0.23% for the Luxury Axe), each picking by 0.33% (less than half of the 0.75% for the Opulent Pickaxe). This is per-swing durability without accounting for the reduction to the number of swings required to perform the same work with lesser tools.

One of only 2 tools that can mine the pillars to free the Nightmare Werepig in Don't Starve Together, the other being the Brightshade Smasher.

Higgsbury Red T-Shirt Icon.png Skins

  • The Woven - Elegant Pickaxe Axe skin was introduced in the An Eye for An Eye update in 2021, as a crossover collaboration with Re-Logic's Terraria. Its rarity was Inspired - Elegant initially, but received change in August 19, 2022.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The Luxury Axe and Opulent Pickaxe used in the recipe can be in any condition without affecting the durability of the resulting Pick/Axe.
  • In Don't Starve icon.png, Thulecite is not renewable. Even though they take a second inventory slot and mine 20% slower, Opulent Pickaxes and Luxury Axes may be a better bargain because Gold Nuggets and Twigs are so much easier to acquire.
  • When a Pick/Axe is low on durability, players can use a Deconstruction Staff to get both the Luxury Axe and Opulent Pickaxe back each at 100% durability, plus one thulecite.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Pick/Axe used to be called "Multitool" and had a different look before being implemented with the Stuff of Nightmares update.

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