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These pigs have questionable taste in architecture.


Pig Houses are natural and craftable structures where Pigs spawn and live. A Pig is spawned once a Pig House is constructed and respawns after 4 days if killed. Pig Houses are naturally occurring in Pig Villages, with the possibility of the village containing the Pig King. Occasionally, an individual Pig House can be found in the wilderness.

A Pig House requires 4 Boards, 3 Cut Stones, and 4 Pig Skins to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

At Dusk and Night, Pig Houses with Pigs in them will have a light on. However, as soon as the player approaches the house, the light is switched off. The Pig will relight the light only when the player moves away.

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, unlike in the vanilla game, Pig Houses can catch on fire. If the resident Pig is inside the House they will immediately come out to avoid the fire. If the Pig is dead instead, a new one will spawn inside the House and leave, making it possible to bypass the 4 days respawn time.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Since resources required to build a Pig House are quite demanding, a good idea is to find and hammer down naturally generated houses found on the map and rebuild them in a preferred place. Each hammered down house gives back half of the resources required to build a new one( 2 Cut Stone, 2 Boards and 2 Pig Skins). If a Deconstruction Staff were used on them, they will give all the resources back.
  • It's not recommended to build Pig Houses too close to one's base since they eat Food items on the ground. Eating Monster Foods accidentally left on the ground could turn them into a Werepig. Likewise, if for whatever reason a Pig is outside their House during a Full Moon they'll turn into a Werepig anyway.
  • Building one or two Pig Houses next to a Spider Den can make a beneficial farm. The player can provoke the spiders to come out, which will cause the pigs to attack them. The player can watch over them kill each other and loot the items they drop. This can be an easy supply of Silk, (Monster) Meat, Pig Skin, and Spider Glands.
  • As Caves have a Day and Night Cycle, the Pigs will come out of their houses in the caves during daytime, however, if the Pighouse is located in complete darkness the Pig will run to closest light source, such as a Sinkhole light.
    • This doesn't apply to the Ruins, as it is always considered night there.
  • Building a boxed area and placing Rot, Powdercake or Pig Skin will keep the pigs outside for an indefinite amount of time as the Pig Houses must be near the bait for maximum efficiency.
  • If you build a Pig House in a cave under a Sinkhole Light the Pigmen will not be scared because they will be under a constant light source.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • According to WX-78, Pigs decorate the insides of their homes with pig-shaped furniture.
  • Characters have different examination quotes for an occupied Pig House at dusk and night.
    • They also have different quotes when examining an occupied Pig House during the day before its resident has exited the structure.
  • Warly's quote on the Pig House is a clear reference to The Three Little Pigs.

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A Pig that has spawned in the middle of the ocean.
  • Setting a Pig House on fire will spawn a pig even if the owner was recently killed.
  • If a Pig House is placed along a shore, there is a chance the Pig will spawn in the Ocean rather than on land, preventing it from getting back on the island. Theoretically, if trapped Pigs become Werepigs, they will also be trapped in the ocean.
  • After leaving a Cave, it's possible for the light to be left on during the day.
  • At night, Pigs in their houses may talk as if they were outside. For instance, they will talk about how much they dislike darkness, and when hostile mobs wander near, they'll make hostile chatter.
  • During the day, it is possible for a Pig to not come outside and act as though it were night by turning the light on/off depending on the character's proximity.

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