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It makes me hungry just to look at it.

Wilson, examining an empty crock pot.

For Warly's unique cooking recipes, see Portable Crock Pot.

The Crock Pot is a Structure used to cook a variety of belly-filling dishes from basic Foods. Found on the Food Tab, it requires a Science Machine to prototype, and costs 3 Cut Stone, 6 Charcoal, and 6 Twigs to build.

While enhancing Food's value and efficiency; it can even make use of otherwise inedible items like Twigs.

Icon Tools.png Usage

With 4 slots for ingredients, each must be filled with a piece of Food to start cooking. Most recipes take 10–20 seconds to cook (Exact times for each recipe are listed below). Completed Crock Pot dishes can be stacked to 40; none of them can be used in the Crock Pot again

Cooking basics

A cooking attempt's ingredients have to match a recipe. There are 58 recipes available for the Crock Pot, including those from the DLCs. If an attempt fails to match any recipe at all, Wet Goop ends up as the product.

When a recipe is attempted (i.e. the pot starts cooking), the food groups the ingredients fit into are considered; almost all recipes require some amount of Food from certain food groups, but there are many recipes with specific Food requirements (like Froggle Bunwich).

Lots of ingredients fulfill recipe requirements more readily than others (e.g. 1 Drumstick has the same effect on a dish as 2 Morsels). More filling ingredients tend to have greater food values.

Each recipe has weight, called recipe priorities, so a result can be decided when a set of ingredients fits more than one valid recipe. These weights are.

When spoiled ingredients are used, the completed dish's spoil percentage becomes half the average spoil percentage of the ingredients (e.g. if 1 monster meat and 3 berries, all 90% spoiled (10% fresh), are placed in the Crock Pot, the resulting meatball will be 45% spoiled (55% fresh)). Non-spoilable ingredients are ignored when calculating average spoil percentage. In the vanilla game, a meal doesn't begin to spoil until a player removes it from the Crock Pot. Meals remain in the Crock Pot until either a player removes it, a Lureplant "eats" it, or the pot is destroyed.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content

In DLCs, Crock Pot dishes start to spoil (even quicker in rain) before being collected. Some existing recipes gain the ability to warm or cool the player and new recipes have been added which can lower or raise the player's temperature. The Crock Pot itself also generates heat when cooking, which may Overheat the player during Summer and Dry Season.

If a regular or RoG save file has been set to be compatible with SW, any recipes added by SW will also be available in such a file. Consequently, recipes such as Surf 'n' Turf can be created to easily restore large amounts of Health and Sanity in the Ruins by combining 2 Monster Meats with 2 Eels.

The Hamlet DLC introduces the first Crock Pot recipe that turns into a different recipe when it has spoiled. Tea will spoil after one day, but instead of becoming Rot it will become Iced Tea. Even though this transformation likely represents the cooling of the hot drink, putting Tea in an Ice Box will slow its spoilage like any other food item. Foliage can be used in the Crock Pot in this DLC.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The light emitted by an active Crock Pot is enough to keep Charlie away.
  • Warly has his own Portable Crock Pot.
  • Some Crock Pot dishes give fewer Hunger / Health points than the sum of their components.
    • For instance, it's better to eat four Roasted Carrots (+12 Health Meter.png / +50 Hunger Meter.png), versus using them to make Ratatouille (+3 Health Meter.png / +25 Hunger Meter.png); however, most Crock Pot recipes restore 5 Sanity Meter.png, which may be desirable.
    • Putting any 4 edible items in the pot will result in something.
  • If the player has enough resources to create a 5-6 fit Crock Pot setting, the player can position them in a quintet or hexagonal style and place a Fridge or two in the center. This will allow both the fridge and crock pot to be open simultaneously, increasing cooking efficiency.
  • It's a good idea to cook any stale or spoiled food on fire before putting them in the Crock Pot, if the recipe allows cooked food to be used. Doing so raises the overall freshness of the ingredients, making the end result last longer.

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